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    Louisville, Kentucky
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    Sailing, bee keeping, making wine (Meade mostly), moonshine and cheese, my family, history and science. I'd like to learn to cure country ham.

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    Much more interesting is this Old Character Bio Star War Galaxies, enjoy:

    The smell of petrochemical was overwhelming…noxious. The drumbeat of ice-cold rain rolled on the shattered cockpit glasplex then trickled on my bleeding face. What had happened? Where was I? Who was I? Two days later wildcat surveyors pulled my broken body from the spacecraft wreckage. Helix Inc. branded on their gear. I was sure they would cruelly harvest me for stem-cells. That was not the case. My broken and bleeding body was restored by the gentle hands of their Master Surgeon. Yet, despite their kind efforts, my memory evades restoration. Sometimes at night I hear screams, blasters & the acrid smell of burning flesh. Other times its the hum of machinery & the sadistic ministrations of a surgical droid. A dark figure looms in the shadows behind. And when that dark figure speaks, beckoning questioning, I know that those screams are my own. I have found peace with Helix. A haunted peace, but a sort of peace. Yet, beneath my calm surface, I feel the currents of a darker rage stirring…

    A trickle of sweat fell into the corner of my eye. Its salty sting making blink hard. Darkness enveloped me, excepting the gentle blue glow of my riflescope. My heart pounded in my ears. It wouldn’t be long before my pursuers overcame me. I lay still while nervously running my thumb over the remote command detonator for the array of thermal mines. I was unsure whether to hold fast or run. The faint rattle of body armor brought my thumb down on the detonator. I was immediately deafened and blinded by a blast of heat as concussion wave hit my face. It would take some time for any survivors to continue pursuit. Without firing a shot I made fast for the coordinates where the blockade-runner would be, if I hadn’t been sold out. I approached the area with as much caution as time allowed. Time was something I was short. It was there as promised. Well not exactly as promised. It was at best an antique, or perhaps that is too kind, it was just plain old. But, if it worked, aesthetics were of no consequence.

    The engine powered up without hesitation and I was soon pressed back hard in my seat as the mech droid fired for orbit and calculated for hyperspace jump. The horizon rounded and the sky took on that blue-black darkness peculiar to low orbit. The mech chirped its readiness to launch for hyperspace as I pulled the stim trigger and felt the warm radiance of muon gold smooth the frayed edges of my mind. The stars distorted and began to warp as the hyperdrive engaged. Just before it entered hyperspace, the craft lurched hard and shuddered from an impact or explosion. Darkness, pain searing heat…The smell of petrochemicals was overwhelming and nauseating. That was as much as I could remember before I awoke in the shattered ship on Dathomire. At least it felt like a memory not some contrivance of my mind over the intervening year. Yet, I felt no closer to discovering the truth of my past. It was a past I wanted to uncover and understand, yet feared learning at the same time. After all I had a promising future working with Helix Inc.

    Of all the possible things, it seemed I had a natural talent for dancing. One night, after one too many vesarian brandies at the Helfire Cantina, I decided to do some dancing and my performance got me my first job assignment. At first it seemed a bit demeaning but it grew on me and I honed my already natural balance and precision. In a very short time the entertainment guild recognized my talent bestowing on me the title Master Dancer. It was an immediate way to contribute to those who had saved my life. And as it turned out it was very profitable and I soon owned the Helfire Cantina in that unglamorous oasis in the dusty dry badlands of Lok. But dancing was peaceful and a balm for my vexatious turmoil. Dancing is a fine and expressive art with the power to soothe a weary mind and lift spirits. It is this healing property that makes the art so valuable and dangerous at the same time. The chaos of the Galactic Civil War and the downward spiral into lawlessness brought many to my performances.

    Some patrons were appreciative of the art and other less cultured but no less appreciative smugglers, soldiers, thugs and hoodlums. At times a drunken patron would not be satisfied with just looking. It was one of these patrons that revealed another of my latent skills.I had gotten into the habit of concealing a pistol in my dancing clothes. I’thoth, the local musician, gave me a Republic Blaster to keep around the cantina in the event that anything ever got out of control. Its gleaming chromatic surface was pleasing if not a bit flashy, but its weight and balance in my hand was precise and satisfying. I wondered at myself as I became compulsive about having it near me at all times. It was late one evening when a band of three local thugs came in and demanded I perform for them. They were already drunk and some apparently coming down from spice. They didn’t want to watch as much as they wanted to be a part of some erotic performance.

    I stopped the performance and asked them to leave. They refused and looked at me laughing with an unspoken question “what are you going to do about it Baz nitch?” hovering in the air. One slid his carbine on its harness into a more ready position. Then as he began to lift the muzzle in my direction I heard the report of a blaster and the right side of his head was gone. It was only then that I was shocked to feel the blaster in my hand and even more shocked as I dodged a stun baton from another while at the same time shooting him point blank in the head while the third fled out the door. The smell of ozone, burnt flesh and singed hair hung in the air. My heart beat was steady. I felt rage but also warm, calm and satisfied…very satisfied.
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  1. I'm not sure I'll make it this Sunday. I have to go to my Birthday party which my parents have combined with my other 2 brothers since they happen to be in town.
  2. call me when you get a chance.  I'm having some computer issues and would like your insight.  Jaret 502-224-1341

  3. Fried CPU with a failed water pump. Boy do they fail quietly. I am back up and Running. I am still playing on Harbinger under the guild name Helix Syndicate. Many of the former regular players have toons in the guild and can invite you. The expansion is about the best I've seen. I highly recommend that you try it out. It's pretty darn cool. The new level cap is 70. I will be leaving for Christmas on Dec. 16 and will not return until Jan.5. Obviously this is not a Madcast front line game. I sure would love to have some of you guys to play with. message me here if you want in. I expect some opportunity to recruit with the release of Rogue One.
  4. I have created a New guild to try and recapture those "orphaned" MadCast members who are still playing or would like to play SWTOR. I've also been recruiting new player. The guild name is Helix Syndicate. I'd like you to park some toons there even if you don't intend to play right now.
  5. I'd like to pull together those who still have an interest in playing SWTOR. Please contact me here or in game on Strix-Anna or StrixVaria.
  6. Strix

    Intro - Dabe

    Welcome Dabe. You'll find MadCast is active in many different games. I look forward to meeting you. Join us in TS3 (discord currently) if you haven't already.
  7. Congratulations! You've made it past the first big hurdle. I look forward to seeing you as an active member of our community.
  8. Welcome Lurama. Make sure you channel hop a bit in TS3 (or Discord currently) and get to know people outside your usual game(s).
  9. Welcome, Though we've know each other for some time. I'm glad to see your candidacy.
  10. I have a business meeting with a corporate client tonight. Please find a replacement healer.
  11. Best of luck to you I think you've done pretty well hope to see you on this side