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  1. Would I need a windows disk?
  2. I am not the tech savy kind of guy, but anyway my newer laptop got destroyed and I have my old one. Just doesn't work as well since it is older (Very Slow). Anyone know a way that doesn't cost a thing to restore it, so it runs like new again? It is an ASUS G73J. Thanks.
  3. God bless you Stanley! I always wanted to go to Iraq, but all 7 times to Afghanistan.
  4. I teach Marines and Sailors in high risk courses to get them ready for their deployments. For example, sniper training, reconnaissance and surveillance, amphibious assault, close quarter tactics, coxswian, tactical evacuation, mass casualty drills, rappeling, assault combat climbers, jump out of helicopters, and much more. I do all this while coordinate safety and healthcare to all these courses and exercises.