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  1. tuesdays and thursdays would make great days to raid in my opinion although i can be available 2 nights mon-thurs i prefer dps merc thanks to dom and dan for stepping up and getting this together
  2. i was filling in as heals until we had someone to fill the slot, abundance of dps and no heals at the time
  3. i was trying to be the optimist.....thanks for the thunder cloud jobo
  4. dont need the gauranteed drop when we have the awesome luck to get the drop on random lol
  5. this is usually a fun time and breaks the daily grind of doing same stuff every day
  6. awww thanks zigs, your the greatest!!! show me again the power of the darkness,and i'll let nothing stand in our me grandfather zigs, and i will finish what you started
  7. the set pictured is called galac-tac armor. ive been watching it for about a year now lol
  8. i would like to join as an alt unless a position opens up merc dps
  9. im usually on ts when i get a chance to play. unfortunetly my play time is sporatic at best. work sucks i may quit so i can play swtor all the time lol
  10. i couldnt get it to work last time i was able to run in an ops, i reinstalled it so hopefully it will work again next time. its a great tool to use and helped me get another 1000 dps once i started using it
  11. im definetly up for a casual group but if it gets too serious then it stops being fun in my opinion and of course id bring a dps merc lol