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  1. JUST got it, would like some other peeps to start a group. Game would be amazing with friends in TS3
  2. MoreMadCow


    Hey guys. Just a shot in the dark, but was wondering if anybody felt like starting up the vanilla server and explore the 1.9.2 update. Felt like crafting again with familiar faces (or some new ones ^_^)
  3. SWEET! RA2 Was my favorite RTS ever . Been thinking about it since i started playing RA1.
  4. Would love to jump into another campaign again.
  5. We do this in my Boffer Larp alot. Finding a group will definitely give you some insight on how to build them as well as maybe turn you on to some additional things, eh? Video for reference: Page I made on it:
  6. A recently orphaned girl is taken in by a foreigner involved in a unorthodox line of work in which the girl becomes eager to learn.
  7. Okay, 1. Found this thread and i think it's AWESOME. Especially since i love movies. Tried to solve all previous ones and only got 4 correct. 2. I've been coming back to this one for the past two and 1/2 hours until i was watching a youtube channel that made a Sean Connery joke. A: Medicine Man