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  1. Whats your PC setup like?

    I just switched my monitors onto an arm today. this is an updated image
  2. Any Garbage SC2 Players Want to Play?

    I am pretty deep into the SC2 scene, probably not the dumpster trash you are looking for. however myself and @MadCast: Sanjo were discussing a while back the prospects of a madcast sc2 event (now that the game is f2p) one of the events proposed was to get together all brand new bottom level players, pit them up against eachother in a single or double elim bracket, and have it casted by some well versed players. i was a regular caster in SC2 back in the day, so im sure i could get ahold of a solid co-caster and we could make a ball of it. judging by the content of this thread, im guessing that an event of that nature might just hit the ball on the head. thoughts?
  3. PUBG Looking for people

    many of us play pubg. if you are looking for a squad just pop a message in discord and you are likely to get atleast 1 reply right away.
  4. Whats your PC setup like?

    the imge is not great quality and its a tad out of date in terms of a parts list: gpu: 980ti twinfrost cpu: athalon a40x @4.8ghz mem: 32gb hyperx 2666mhz storage: 240gb sandisk zseries ssd + 2tb seagate barracuda 7200rpm display: acer 27" 144hz 1080p tn led panel secondary display *very cheap 24 inch lenovo display mic: audiotechica at202 xlr audiointerface: scarlette 2i2 headphones: senheiser hd598 Deluxe edition keyboard: razer blackwidow 2014 mouse: naga epic 2013 mousepad: Corepad XXXXXXL
  5. 2018

    Happy new year to you all
  6. Chill Games

    casually my list is as follows. risk of rain counterstrike: source (surf / bhop) gauntlet 2015 ark: se PvE
  7. New HoTS player here.

    @MadCast: Stan pretty much hit the nail on the head here. the biggest trick to heroes of the storm vs other moba's is the objective based gameplay and map variety. the most important thing you can do is usually to focus on the map objectives. try to play in groups as much as possible and listen to shot callers for rotations. keeping a hold on where you need to be is ha70% of the battle alone. the actual positioning and intuition will come into play.
  8. What are you guy's favourite guns and exotic armour pieces?

    sunshot is pretty awesome.
  9. RFM Application: Stan

    I look forward to seeing yet another exceedingly successful adminship from you. I too would love to see Hots prosper once again. best of luck
  10. Karaoke Party?

    oh boy. its been some time since the last karaoke night. i will never forget @MadCast: Stan 's lovely rendition of sweet child of mine. i would certainly attend such an event.
  11. Recommend me some shows

    Mr. Robot is awesome.
  12. Performance Based Ranking

    the problem with systems like this is that in my experience they incentivize players to just killhunt instead of playing for the team. even if it doesnt actually work, people will assume it does and i am worried that as a result we will see especially at the lower ranks some even worse solo play, an influx of assassin instalocks, and general "K/D"fuckery which they have been fighting against from the very start. in theory this is a great idea, but in practice i think that atleast in the begining its going to have some concequences. hopefully its well balanced, and people catch on quick.
  13. Free Starcraft II Coaching and Lessons

    StarCraft 2 will be going free to play on November 14th. in light of this development, I will be offering free coaching, and lessons to anyone who wishes to use this opportunity to get into the game. I am a low diamond zerg player, with some experience on protoss. anyone who is interested feel free to reply to this topic, or contact me as you wish.
  14. Prince + Destiny AMA!

    I have been utterly bored with videogames for most of this year. i have had no luck in becoming passionate or invested in any games since like march. im pretty good at first person shooters (once upon a time DMG in csgo), pretty ok at mmos (i've done some light mythic raiding in wow during a few expansions.), and one of the games i have the best memories in was the OG mmo-fps hybrid, Planetside. as a result destiny 2 sounds pretty fantastic to me. however i am certainly weary after destiny 1 was a total dissapointment in my book. what are the odds that this game is good enough to reignite my interest in gaming?