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  1. i greatly appreciate this thread. and will be revisiting with more character information later. in the meantime, and off topic question! forgive me if we already had this discussion at some time in the past, but do you happen to be a programmer newt?( (the bracket thing) and (use of the word "nesting") feels like a very programmery thing to say.)
  2. too many words. did not read. but good luck tho!
  3. books that come to mind as must reads: Shogun / taipan / noblehouse (the asain saga) by James Cavell. the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adams. 1984 by George Orwell. the call of the wild. by jack London the art of war by sun tzu. the bourne books by robert ludlum i also really enjoy the warcraft lorebooks. honestly even if you dont play the games, warcraft has a rich and fleshed out universe that is still very enjoyable. if you play the games i would recommend starting out with the warcraft chronicle. if not twilight of the dragon aspects is a great place to start. if you are reading warcraft books activly seek out the ones written by christie golden, easily the best auther they have licenced recently i finished the rangers apprentice books, there are many of them and they are fantastic. read them finally i have to plug aurora knights loyalties. i enjoyed it quite a bit, but full disclosure im a friend of the author so i may be a bit biased
  4. depending on my work schedule (i am given a schedule on a weekly basis) i should be able to attend. in the event that i cannot attend i will supply @MadCast: Mastodon with some speaking points on my behalf, as i have alot to say about the state of the community and how to grow it.
  5. work schedule pending i will try to be there.
  6. aesop rock is truly the greatest wordsmith hip hop has to offer
  7. dope
  8. anyone else think God King Skovald would make an awesome tank or bruiser in hots? think about it. he could have the aegis as an ability which blocks all damage but only from the front, he could summon his voidwalker lookin adds, he could use those big green fel missles as an ultimate. i feel like he could lead to lots of cool positional gameplay, mainly in the form of aegis. also GIVE ME THE AEGIS NAOW, I AM GOD KING SKOVALD GRRRRRRRRR.
  9. god damn, that is a beautiful hardline cooling job! Very Nice!
  10. lt morales won
  11. my old planetside 2 clan used to do this back in the day. one of us used to stream a netflix window over twitch and that stream would become #1 planetside stream... we got alot of twitch accounts banned. i remember sitting in teamspeak watching red vs blue season 1 with 20 other people everyone drinking and talking shit. great times. its unfortunate that i missed this, i will be sure to come around next time.
  12. You may be able to necro a thread, but can you necro your heroes of the storm after I make you uninstall?
  13. You know it
  14. this game is dope, just last weekend i had 10 people on lan overnight trying to push the 8 hour completion. did not succeed, took 9.5 hours.