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  1. man, that copper loop looks awesome. well done my friend
  2. i've been jumping around a number of servers lately, if we can get some madcasters interested id be happy to start anew on a new server.
  3. finally for perhapse the first time in history, an ambitios early access project actually hits full release. you can find more information HERE
  4. low on cash ATM, it will be an almost certain pick up for me in a paycheck or two though
  5. Bump: this is today! hope to see you all on the island or not.... i could not see you on the island.
  6. but its balanced because he has no utility ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
  7. im no expert on overwatch, but i am rather seasoned in precision first person shooters. in CounterStrike, i play at 800 dpi with a sensitivity of 0.8. i was stuck in the silver leagues for many many games, the thing that helped me escape was to reduce my sensitivity drasticly, i went from a sense of 3 to a sense of 1 and in only two weeks my HSR quadrupled and i shot up in the ranks significantly eventually settling in the LE range after around 2 months. if anyone is having trouble with aim in any fps, i always say the same thing, halve your sensitivity, if you are only using your wrist, then your sensitivity is too high, your whole arm, or atleast your elbow should be used. i find that the general rule is, you should reduce your sensitivity as low as you can get it, while still being able to do a 180 degree turn without running out of mousepad any lower and you will be unable to flick to certain directions without lifting your mousepad. the lower your sensitivity is, the more accurate your shots will be, so it is in your best interest to reduce it as much as your mouse space allows. it will feel slow and clunky, your reaction time will be terrible, but if you practice, and make sure you never lift your mouse then after playing for a day or two you should feel comfortable, and after a week or so, your reaction time should become more or less equal to whatever it was. perhaps the pace and field of play that overwatch provides would require a higher sensitivity, thats a question for the proffesionals to answer, but the same basic principles apply: a lower sensitivity will always be more precise, so you should lower it as much as you can until it makes you incapable of performing neccessary maneuvers.
  8. grats
  9. as much fun as this may sound, unfortunately there is a lot of precedent for people getting banned for doing exactly this. they put it on the same pedestal as hacking.
  10. we got a pretty solid group of people playing this game, if you keep an eye on teamspeak almost every night there is atleast a few people playing.
  11. Well, if you are primarily on the creative design side of the project to be honest you shouldnt have to interact with unity much at all, i assume by creative design you mean things like graphic design modeling sound design writing etc? because most of that can be done in its own respective applications and just imported at any time to be referenced in code. I havent used unity in many years but i am sure i could help you out here and there if you need it. shoot me a poke in teamspeak and il do what i can.
  12. Return to the sauce is the best drop since army of the mushrooms in 2012. shit bangs
  13. sffb is absolute flames, tylers best release yet IMO
  14. sounds fucking dope
  15. this album is so cool. i really feel like mastodon have figured out where they are going with their new more progressive direction. it feels like the hunter and once more round the sun have been experimenting and honing in, and this is what it was leading up to.