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  1. sffb is absolute flames, tylers best release yet IMO
  2. sounds fucking dope
  3. this album is so cool. i really feel like mastodon have figured out where they are going with their new more progressive direction. it feels like the hunter and once more round the sun have been experimenting and honing in, and this is what it was leading up to.
  4. Sorry about that, just see this now, posted this at the airport just before i boarded. should be fixed now
  5. Happy Birthday!
  6. the madman confirmed it, risk of rain 2 is in production as we speak and chris christodoulou is on the soundtrack again. if his past announcement dates are anything to go by, he wouldnt have shown us anything without knowing that it was going to hit the shelf within a year or so. i for one will be picking this up instantly and i hope to see some of the guys who i enjoyed the first game with in for round 2!
  7. Came across an obscure little indie band this weekend. they have got an interesting name, but im really digging the surfy garageband sound. i feel like their vocalist is really killing it. they just dropped their debut album last year and honestly i love every song on it. i tried to narrow it down to a few of my highlights.
  8. sounds to me like powerline adapters are perfect for you. i would recomend netgear, my friend swears by these ones
  9. this sounds like a really cool event, definitly the type of thing i would be interested in being a part of or voulenteering for. it doesnt look like there is one in my area however. makes me wonder if we could ever organize some kind of madcast coding competition. I would be happy to organize such an event if we have enough programmers or students who would be interested in some kind of friendly competition, we could do something like a game jam or problem-solving challenge with a time element, I have a few ideas on the subject. perhaps i will put up an interest thread later tonight.
  10. the powerline adapters in my experience are very hit and miss. really its just a question of your house. i know i bought a pair of them a while ago because i was getting sick of using wireless and they actually performed worse than my wireless connection. that said, i live in a big old house. the distance traveled by the data was very large, and the wiring in my house is not great. it is possible that my desk is on a different breaker than my router. when i gave the adapters to a friend of mine, he found a great increase in his transfer speeds. powerline adapters have potentially great performance but rely on a number of factors. before buying them, think about your personal situation. important factors are: -age of your home -size of your home (not just distance from router to desk as data will likely have to take some detours) -quality of electrical work -how much stuff you have runing off power in your house (more devices means more noise, focus on areas near your router and your desk.) another thing to think about is if your router is near an external wall of your house. if it is, you can often avoid the uglyness and difficulty of running a cable in your house (and hopefully wife-agro) by running one outside. I have done it a few times and honestly, you can get it totally unnoticeable and proffesional, and do it very easily and for very little (under 50$ for a fairly short run). if Powerline adapters dont work out, and if your living space allows for it you may have good luck with something like this. this recomends using an exterior cable, but you can save a lot by buying a regular cable and hitting it with some UV protective clearcoat and trying to keep it out of the sun where possible.
  11. so im going to make a few assumptions. im going to assume this is a new issue that has arisen lately. and im going to assume that you have a fairly standard home wireless router solution. finally im going to assume that you are unable to route a wired connection to wherever your PC is. the absolute best thing you can do is aquire a wired connection. if you cant run it inside, you can always run it outside fairly easily. but if we assume thats not an option there are some troubleshooting steps to take.: the first thing to do is find the point of failure. it is most likely your wireless access point. the best way to find this out is to wait until the issues arise and try plugging a laptop or something directly into your modem and see if the issue persists. if it does not then that confirms that it is your wireless router that is failing. unfortunatly this probably means you will need to replace it. i recommend netgear. to truly verify the cause of the issue you can try running a traceroute on your network to find where the ping jumps up. if it is your default gateway, then your router is certainly what is failing. honestly ive been in this situation many times, my network works perfectly forever and then suddenly it just goes to shit, replacing the router is almost always the solution. if the issue still persists from a wired connection, then things may look a bit more grim, but there is still a few things you can try. try discharging the static in your coaxial lines. (you can find a tutorial online), try running your modem on someone elses network to confirm your modem isnt failing and in need of replacement. be sure to document all information you gather carefully and try to log connection speeds and issues, because if all this fails you will be at the mercy of your ISP and being able to provide lots of information and evidence is in your best interest. if none of the above solve your problems then its almost certainly an ISP issue and unfortunatly, its unlikely they will be very helpful, ive been caught on the phone for several hours with obviously preventable issues and easy solutions and gotten nowhere. if you have other isp options in your area, consider switching. anyways, i hope that helps, and i wish you the best of luck in resolving your situation.
  12. nifty
  13. well i think it may be time to buy 4 of these and resell em.