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  1. Lucky for you i have 11100 forewarded at all times.
  2. BUMP Risk of rain is on daily deal 75% off. its $2.50 anyone who doesnt own it should buy it right now.
  3. As of right now Greymane is kicking so much ass. Honorable mentions include: Arthas, KealThas, and muradin.
  4. this game is just killer. excellent reccomendation. everyone buy it now
  5. Supreme victory in war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.
  6. mfw mr epic thinks he is on the dream team.
  7. People Play overwatch? i had no idea. well if the """""""overwatch players""""""""" arent going to come out of there holes and talk shit, then i guess someone has to, and im feeling charitable today. Scooba: please go back to team fortress two, old men and old games go hand in hand. Munsa: based on your hots hero pool i would say you lack versitility, so i suggest you stick to one game at a time, specialize. rife: those are some very clever insightful posts above. your ability to google overwatch memes is uncanny. prince:
  8. do not purchase acer. i bought a 144hz display from acer fairly recently (attractive price) and it sucks. it has wicked ghosting and a flimsy stand, and upon furthur investigation none of that was item specific, everyone else had the same issues.
  9. when i was 2 i fell down some stairs and landed on a glass that was left on the floor for some reason. 8 stitches in the back of my head. still got a bit of a bald strip up there. i was staying with grandparents at the time, and ended up being wheeled past the room where my mom was giving birth to my sister at the time... just a bit of extra stress for her day i guess.
  10. remove the tentative. i am around.
  11. my work schedule is clear. your fate is sealed.
  12. FTFY
  13. I wouldnt trust you to surgically remove anything. You would probably give me tetanis from all that rust.