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  1. Hey people, Long time no post for me, I know, but I have an extra early access beta key if anyone would like it! I thought a friend of mine would want it but he's not interested sadly. I know a day's already gone but if anyone wants in a day early, just let me know, or I can send it to a member if you know someone to whom you can give it.
  2. I've been playing pretty sporadically at best (had a best friend discover Diablo III and have been playing a ton of that with him lately) but Johanna has been really fun to play and had me playing the most games tonight that I've played in ages. A lot of it tonight was bad matchmaking I'm afraid, of which I was on the good side, but she's just so much fun and damn near unkillable, or so it seems at times. Nothing like hauling a fleeing foe back and stunning / slowing them for your teammates to kill, or finishing them off with a swing of the flail yourself.
  3. Awesome games guys, very fun to watch! Looking forward to more HotS-y goodness in the future!
  4. Hey all! Just a quick note to let people know I'm still around, I've just been buried in work (and a few social obligations the last few weekends, but mostly work sadly). The next few months are going to be just as busy or worse, too, but I'm hoping to get a little gaming in now and then. I'm hoping it's ok if I remain an associate and can still play with y'all, even if it won't be as much as I'd like. Things should get better as the summer continues and maybe after another few months or so I'll attempt membership again - I probably should've realized I wouldn't have been around before starting my last attempt, but it got busier faster than anticipated. Anyway, I just wanted to check in and let everyone know I still want to be around as an associate, if you'll have me, and we'll see what happens in the future I guess.
  5. They talked about it on @Midnight a few nights ago, the episode that had Kevin Pollack and Eddie Izzard on it.
  6. It really was a lot of fun! Thanks again Shadow for setting it up, and as a reminder if you enjoyed playing with me I politely ask you to add a comment to my recruitment thread, please and thank you.
  7. Looks like that may be a fan made compilation, but the movie is listed on IMDB as being the real deal which is awesome. Can't wait, love the games (reminds me I haven't finished Unity yet though, whoops).
  8. What's your favourite Hero to play with and against? For me it's the same one, I think: Stitches. There's nothing more awesome when your Stitches yanks an opponent from across the screen right into his allies, muahaha. It's also completely demoralizing to have that happen to you by the enemy Stitches, ugh. I'm lookin' at you, Butters. ^^
  9. Probably a silly question, but did y'all preorder for PS4 or PC?
  10. Made a Sith Marauder named Realis on our server, only level 18 but enjoying it so far!
  11. I'd love to give this a shot if there's still room.