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  1. I am totally down. I will join the roll20 invite sometime today.
  2. They get exclusive releases before anyone else on Liquid Metal and I am going to assume Octane because these are from Octane.
  3. I have a Surface Pro 4 and you can play a lot more than you think on it with creative use of graphic settings AND have it on a flat surface with room to breath. The fan will be running at full speed and the passive cooling parts will get pretty hot. There is a list of touch friendly games somewhere out there, I will link if I can find it again. I play civilization on it and hearthstone, before they added all the expensive expansions. Check out the Microsoft Store (I know lol) core games on there are more likely to be surface friendly.
  4. Thank you everyone, I also want to give a shout out to @MadCast: Shattered and @MadCast: CoachRiversfor assisting me.
  5. If you don't know 2.0 was recently release, they are still working on the bugs, patching the PC almost daily, but it is still a huge change. I am involved in the NMS community and can hook anyone up if they message me.
  6. I just picked up the game and am going to try to get some people to play together. It's usually going to be late night, after 11PM MadCast time.
  7. I play actively, my code is 3598 0559 0460. My display name is ThaliakSCH. Besides Kitty, Prince ,and MadCast: Mike, I can't match anyone's name to their Pokemon Go names.
  8. Welcome to the community, It's great to see that you applied.
  9. Wow I forgot that Fusion Frenzy even existed, it was one of the first X-Box games I had and the cause of sibling grudges.
  10. I have been really into the whole album, this is one of my favourites.
  11. Sometimes your favourite sauce contains the most evil of all condiments, ketchup.
  12. Ketchup is horribly overrated, don't put that on anything other than fries, it's an assault on the taste buds. Mustard is where it is at, burgers, hotdogs, and schnitzel all need mustard. Mayo is also acceptable on fries and burgers.