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  1. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    I have been following closely the whole game. I was going with Luna, Icarus and Mike being wolves, it was easier to pick out this time because they were always active and I can't believe Icarus was not a wolf. I was the doctor. While I do commend the vigilante for getting the game going, the wolves always win if we don't start hanging people by day 2, but you killed the doctor dooming the village. Stan is a Hero among men, I always believed in you.
  2. Dawn of War Club for Gentlepersons

    I have DoW2 and both expansions and DoW1 with some expansions but I am not sure where my DoW1 DVDs are.
  3. Dawn of War Club for Gentlepersons

    I am interested. I haven't played in years, would nice to play some games.
  4. Does anyone else play on Primal Data Center

    I play most nights. I am down for Eureka, Roulettes, Omegascape normal, Palace of the Dead, 24 man raids, and most other content.
  5. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    Stan, I would be most suspect of Icarus who deflects when the real townsfolk want to kill one of his kind. But if you feel Lurama is the second most suspicious I would agree. VOTE Lurama
  6. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    As the new sun arises Quanta leaves his house for the day, while at the bakery he learns of the night's tragedies. He decides to hurry to the Inn to rally the townsfolk to stop this evil that has come upon to the town...
  7. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    At the end of the day Quanta sat down for some mead at the local tavern, he tried to gather together some of the townspeople to rid the town of one of the beast that will surely kill one of us tonight. I agree with Stan that something must be done, We need to start a campaign tonight. VOTE Mike
  8. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    *My RP text will be in italics, I will try to keep it going as long as I can. It can get Hectic at times. As Quanta awoke this morning, he noticed something strange was in the cold spring air. He felt a sense of dread but couldn't figure out why. Anyways this was not going to affect his normal activities.
  9. Werewolf Vol. 12 Signup Thread

    Sign me up.
  10. NVIDIA 2080 Rumors

    That's ridiculous. RAM manufacturers need to really up production and bring the prices down.
  11. Any Garbage SC2 Players Want to Play?

    I just started to get back into Starcraft, I am a gold player, which isn't very high up. Just add me QuantaMentat#1376. I am down for 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 ladder with people of any skill level. Its never too late to learn.
  12. Show us your fur-babies!

    This is Lily, the Queen of my house.
  13. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic) on Steam

    Are there Disney run servers and private servers?
  14. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic) on Steam

    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic) is on sale on steam for $3.39 (CDN$ 3.73). Does anyone know if there are any multiplayer servers?
  15. Cities Skylines: Share Your City

    This is my latest city I created, it was done without the most recent expansion. Population around 180k with 100+ non vanilla assets. Main mods: WG realistic population, Traffic Manager: PE, Ploppable Rico, and 81 Tiles. The skyscrapers are from the Toronto Financial District. The map was created with CLS map view. Album of images