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  1. Wow I forgot that Fusion Frenzy even existed, it was one of the first X-Box games I had and the cause of sibling grudges.
  2. I have been really into the whole album, this is one of my favourites.
  3. Sometimes your favourite sauce contains the most evil of all condiments, ketchup.
  4. Ketchup is horribly overrated, don't put that on anything other than fries, it's an assault on the taste buds. Mustard is where it is at, burgers, hotdogs, and schnitzel all need mustard. Mayo is also acceptable on fries and burgers.
  5. After entering the docks Ryoshi has sensed something terrible. He was expecting something to be off but the evil presence was intense. While his intention was to perform the ritual of Harai, a greater urgency has been realized. He began to explore and survey the area, trying to deal with any immediate threats from the physical or spirit worlds. For the time being everything seemed to be safe, so he started to prepare for the ritual. OPEN
  6. When you enter a duel with a wound, do I add a future wound at the start or does it just act like a future wound during the strike?
  7. After going sword to sword @MadCast: Support Welfareand I injured each other, resulting in a tie.
  8. Quanta - Ryoshi Hageshi Clan - Hokuten Eyes - Determined Look - Traveller Sword - Odachi Style - Strong
  9. Everywhere people are hating while I am enjoying the fun. It is supposed to be a disaster that disappoints everyone, that is what GRRM has been doing the whole time. It truly is a place where no character is safe and the unexpected can happen. Next week is going to be glorious, I might even win my pool because I bet against the popular people.
  10. @MadCast: Shattered I checked last night, its down to you and @MadCast: Sotarkadin.
  11. I am out, I have the maximum points that my bracket can get. I can still beat @MadCast: Shatteredif the Blue's and San Jose lose in round two.
  12. @MadCast: Shattered I had to, I couldn't stay silent forever.
  13. I had the Islander's down to win against Pittsburgh, but had Tampa down to make it the finals. So mine is pretty screwed on the east.
  14. Welcome, it's great to see that you applied.