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  1. Hey All! I just found out AMAZING NEWS TODAY! X-Files will be returning! FOX announced that they will be doing at least another 6 intense episodes! The creator said "with the long passage of time things have gotten stranger and more advance yet still - THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE" I'm very excited for this. How's about you? Thoughts? Comments?
  2. what is wrong in this video? her face is scary
  3. Voljonny

    Star Wars 1313

    I am actually so excited for this game!
  4. Hello all! I am Voljonny (Robin in rl) and i am very happy to be a part of the Madcast gaming family. (big thanks to Clone for the Invite) I primarily play SWTOR and WoW on my PC whenever possible. I also host a Star wars: AGE OF REBELLION campaign and Dungeons & Dragons campaigns at my home here in Calgary, Alberta Canada. You need hobbies like these to keep you from going insane with cabin fever from the weather. I am an Electrician/Bouncer so I am not rich money wise BUT I am rich in character. I hope that as time goes on i can continue grow and get to know everyone in the Madcast community and hopefully become a full member. My goal in SWTOR is to get to 60 and experience all aspects of the game with an open mind and a ready blaster. If anyone wants to form a HUTTBALL TEAM let me know...my huttball kicks are on point Jobo is Amazing for the record! May the force be with you...always. - Voljonny