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    Hello, I'm Vesper or Vespy :). I love playing games, but I am a filthy casual. :P The main two I play are LoL and Minecraft. I have multiple sclerosis so I'm home most of the time. I <3 birds, I have a lovebird named Rascal and he is my baby. I hope to move back to Australia someday and maybe even learn to surf!
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  1. I don't even like playing Draven and I want that skin!
  2. Welcome! We don't serve blue milk here though, got sick of it ~
  3. Welcome and good luck on your candidacy! And I am always up for some ARAM
  4. They killed off one of my favorite characters, I actually cried at Han Solo's death... On the other hand, BB-8 IS WAY TOO CUTE AND I NEED THE LITTLE DROID!
  5. Welcome and good luck with candidacy!
  6. !!!!! Oh wow! I can't wait for this!