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  1. I still have it installed and grind on it from time to time, let me know if ya need me to jump on to help out with something, I run as a tank.
  2. Looks like a hella fun game, would love to play but the price tag is WAY to high for what it is imo. If it was $20 I would snap it up for sure.
  3. I quit back at the start of the year, really haven't seen much of Quanta of late where you been! Would consider coming back if we wanted to start raiding once I got through the latest Xpac.

    Intro - kyroo1

    Welcome, look forward to seeing you around
  5. 💀Ready to be carried?💀 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  6. I think for the first time in 7-8 years I am going to keep my wallet in my pocket, I look through the 300+ games I have bought over the years and think I need to chug through some before I start investing in others. Already have it bud, hit me and Shogii up we both love the game
  7. Hey Balls! Wish you the very best on your candidacy bud! Look forward to seeing you online! 💀
  8. PvE? no fun in that! how can I kill all the a-holes who take my stuff!
  9. If I didn't just buy every other shooter styled game in the universe I would but I have no time now! Just got Battlefront for $10, BF1 & Titanfall 2 along with other things. I'm good till Destiny 2! Love watching streams of PUB looks super fun to play in a 4 man but I think I would prob rage if I was 2nd last alive on the map ....
  10. Use to be nocturne & Jax for years, now its Renekton / Trundle and I guess Hecarim but been outa the meta too long
  11. Guild Wars 2 is an unusual beast, I originally joined Madcast because of a recruitment post on the GW2 forums, enough said by the time I got here and became FM to join the guild boom! everyone was gone, that all aside people are bored with other games and constantly flock to GW2 every once in a while sad thing though I dont see this picking up for longer than a month with most as the grind does get real lol trust me. I just finished burning myself out on it for the last few months now a few going again? FML, well enjoy all the same