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  1. hey buddy good luck on your candidacy!!!!
  2. So i've got a twitch account and been trying to get a tutorial video or even a full game play video up and going for SWTOR. I however can not seem to find any capture device that seems to work properly. So with that being said the twitch tutorials might be on hold unless anyone has an suggestions. I been trying to use OBS (open broadcast system). I have not been able to get it working and have no idea what else i can do. So for those who are totally new to the game please be patient and i will try to get something up and running.
  3. it looks alright. will be nice to get more chapters maybe even a lvl up
  4. AngelusFallen


    Hey guys so i just wanted to say that i am sorry i have been away from swtor. Many of you know i started to play second life again. with that being said i pretty much have went on a hiatus from SWTOR not because i haven't found it interesting but because i mostly started doing some rp in second life that's been taking up a lot of time time. Besides Sl (second life) i've been dealing with rl i recently switched stores in my company but i should be making a better appearance from now on. again I am sorry that i have not been around but i will be from now on.
  5. Welcome, good luck, and a bit of a friendly note you will fit right in
  6. So let me guess we can't automatically make a new character that is togruta we gotta buy the unlock
  7. Agreed strix it was fun minus the harassment. The thing is though is that i dont mind pvp long as its appropriate and limits and boundries are respected. jobo harbinger is easy to figure out. Strix sadly i haven't seen anything nore heard anything on the ticket i created.
  8. Ok so tell me what these are just random before and after picks of me. One is with me with long hair the other is with my hair buzzed
  9. I totally agree i reported him for it too. I dont mind pvp but the harassment is bull. I just wanted to thank y'all for helping out even though it was next to impossible without even more help. On the plus side haven't had any more issues.
  10. I have three lvl 60 imps time for three lvl 60 pubs lol I had two ppl join the pub guild but then they left not sure why. Probably cuz i told em we had an imp guild as well. Anyways yeah haven't had any more issues since ☺
  11. Yeah i get that its a pvp server and what not but to be honest only reason why i moved some characters over was cuz of the guild if it wasnt for the guild i would have gone elsewhere
  12. I wonder if they did anything with expanding the companion affection points. Like upped the cap from 10 to something bigger so we can react with them more.
  13. So a couple of you know that i was in a serious bind lastnight while on my pub on voss. I just want to give a shout out and thank you to those who came to my rescue or tried to come to my rescue. I also want to say thank you for the advice that was given to me about guy who was trying to get me to give him creds to leave me alone. Its good to know that i got peeps watching my back