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    Video games, guns, Beer, lifting and hockey (GO BLUES).

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    My real name is Mason. In games I generally go by Shattered or if on Xbox Live then Trova. I play and have played just about everything note worthy. Love all blizzard games and have an extensive library on steam.
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  1. Still Horde, Still Dark Iron

    I'd like to do some of that, we'll see how recruiting for my guild does. but if you dont want to take a chance on it failing, i know that @MadCast: Stan has a functional guild that he might be able to get you in. I dont think he can promise raiding spots though.
  2. Still Horde, Still Dark Iron

    For those of us that are still on Dark Iron, there are a few of us that are becoming active again. I've started another unaffiliated guild since at the time no one from the MadCast one was active. I believe it is @MadCast Maday or @MadCast: LTTelamon that hold the GM and Officer spots on the previous guild if that is something we would like to reactivate. If not, come join me in the mean time and smash alliance. Respectfully, DK Nation

    Lots of us are around to play this if you want to give it a shot.

    We can do whatever you people want to do. Ya feel me? @Parmejon Cheese
  5. Report for Booty

    Wow! Wow! Wow!
  6. ROCKET LEAGUE (7/1/2018)

  7. Parmejon Cheese (again)

    One mow gan
  8. Report for Booty

    as soon as coach stops letting TJ pour stuff into his computer
  9. ROCKET LEAGUE (7/1/2018)

    Sunday (7/1/2018) 3pm EST (unless otherwise posted) I will be hosting the next Rocket League tournament (2v2) open to the public. As it sits, we will be doing a 2v2 double elimination. You are welcome to pick your team before hand or find someone at the event. I am the point of contact for any information regarding this tournament. Let me know if you have questions or opinions. Prize will be determined before the event. Prizes can include Rocket League keys , steam games, ect. Past prizes have been 5 keys to 10$ steam gift cards to each person on winning team. LAST Tournament: Supreme Champion: Accelerator/Agundam Worthy Adversary: Shattered/Akisuke Maybe Next Time: Timmy_B/Aspect 2v2's week 7 (7/1/2018) This week you will be REQUIRED to sign up your team or yourself before 10:00 AM EST the day of the tournament. Solo/Duo players can also sign up and plan on picking up someone in discord before the start time. If you sign up I will msg (on steam or discord) one of the members of your team to confirm your attendance. On top of that all members of the team MUST be in the MadCast Discord server for the start of the tournament. ask any questions you may have here or find me on discord or steam. To sign up your team all you need to do is have a member of your team post your steam names as a reply here. Once signed up. the day of I will try to msg you to confirm your team. Teams must be finalized at least 1 hour prior to start time (3 pm EST). If you come as not a full team you can ask the others on the post or elsewhere and one of you post the full team. example: Shattered89 / BigDommer
  10. Intro - Krokaine

    ... and Rocket League grows...
  11. Conan Exiles

    i think i saw you on the other day. jump into discord or add me on steam and i'll let you know where we all are.
  12. Conan Exiles

    A few of us are playing on offical 1527 if anyone would like to join us.
  13. Report for Booty 5/30 @7:30 Eastern

  14. Fortnite anyone?

    you misspelled PUBG. but totally down for some pochinki
  15. Just a heads up!

    Sorry for your loss