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  1. Would it make it easier if a member made a post and then just shot you a link to announce it?
  2. Optimizations: Optimized rendering optics on first use Fixed freeze on first magazine change Fixed freeze which occurs before opening/switching traders, the character tab Fixed freeze when grenades explode next to the glass and other freezes related to glass breaking Fixed freeze on the first bullet hit / damage Other ongoing fixes of noticeable freezes Various bug fixes leading to small freezes Shader optimization (warming up) Optimization of interfaces with a large number of displayed items Small optimization of the sunlight Physics optimization of small objects Optimization of volumetric light Locations optimization Fixed freezes caused by bundles loading Reduced freezes caused by AI spawn AI improvements: Fixed AI behavior on peeking via ALT+Q/E player Improved AI interaction with doors Balanced AI difficulty Improved AI behavior when reloading a weapon Fixed bug with AI choosing weapons Modified AI spawn system in "Horde" mode Fixed lack of AI reaction to getting shot Added a new scav taunts Modified raiders spawn on the Lab Improved the AI “search for cover” system Improved priority system for scav taunts Improved AI behavior when taking damage AI no longer see through elevators AI no longer fall through the floor after death Fixed a bug with damage to the bot, which is being treated AI will no longer attack if you kill the player-scav who attacked you while playing a scav character Fixed a bug that caused AI to be inactive offline Fixed various places where AI could get stuck Fixed delay of the activity of the AI during combat Fixed other bugs in AI behavior when changing body positions Fixes: Fixed a bug where the player could drop an object through the floor Fixed a bug with the de-synchronization of ammo type, which, in some cases could lead to 0 damage to the scav Fixed a bug of treatment animation loop without effect Fixed a bug in which the player who re-joined the raid could throw unlimited grenades Fixed a bug where the same animations were played on all types of gestures Fixed a bug where bots could run through doors Fixed a bug where the Scav spawned with conflicting items Fixed a bug where the helmet remained in perfect condition after killing the player in the head Fixed glitch allowing to dupe melee weapons through insurance Fixed bug when spawned scavs were invisible Fixed a bug that caused tracer round pass through impenetrable obstacles Fixed a bug with no contusion when the helmet got hit by another player Fixed bug in ammo unloading from SKS mags Fixed a visual distortion that caused the sight to shift when the visor was lowered Fixed artifacts at the edges of the screen when the visor is lowered Reduced the impact of post-processes on the glass visor, the view became clearer and better Fixed bug with infinite looting sound when killing a looting player Fixed weapon filter in merchants menu Fixed the bug that didn't allow to reset the range of the prices search in the pop-up filter when you change the currency to any other in the Flea market Fixed a bug where it was impossible to drag a weapon from a killed bot Fixed a bug when the character was being pulled aside Fixed a bug where you could sprint a little on broken, blacked legs and not take any damage Fixed the Pilad P1X reticle zeroing Fixed a bug that causes the inability to switch to voice 2 USEC Fixed wrong exit timer value for certain extraction types Fixed a bug when confirming the purchase of an offer without the necessary items for exchange Fixed penetration of metal fence and glasses in different locations Fixed an error when other players were interacting with doors Fixed an error that occurs when opening boxes (loot containers) Various fixes in the logic of the quests Fixed overlapping of interfaces Fixed categories display without offers in the wish-list Fixed a bug that allowed to walk through the busts in the lab Fixed bug with calculating the cost of the item after repair Fixed display of quests text in Tasks while in the raid Fixed time of active buffs when using stimulants Fixed bug causing error 228 at the flea market, when studying the object placed in the container Fixed "flicker" when scrolling offers at a flea market Other fixes for client and server errors leading to de-syncs Fixes of various errors and problems that lead to the game crash Various localization bug fixes Various fixes of the LOD (culling) at the locations Fixed several problematic loot spawn locations Various minor interface fixes Fixed post-match statistics not appearing in offline-mode Fixed glitch which allowed to use items from a chest-rig which was put in a secured container Fixed bug with insurance reset which occured in some cases after matching cancel Fixed volume and sound distance of glass breaking Fixed bug with periodic non return of insured items Centered item icons when dragging Fixed the “sticking” of the selected state of item/weapon in quick access bar Fixed a bug which caused melee attacks without stamina burn Fixed inability to change screen resolution during raid Fixed incorrect display of the approximate difficulty of the location Corrected display and fixed visual bugs in night vision sights Fixed 3d object preview in the handbook Fixed a visual bug causing black stripes in the optics Fixed glowing of the ballistic glasses Fixed a bug related to the meds binding and the inability to use them in the raid Various fixes in post-match statistics Fixed bug which caused “bulletsponge” kills related to bloodlosses Fixed bug related to outdoor sound setting when you spawned inside buildings Fixed several bugs related to smoke grenade Fixed bad loot spawns (fallen through items etc) Added: New PMC spawns in the Laboratory Ability to delete messages in chat Added icons for all missing context menu items Added new item filtration system in merchants menu Added the ability to examine items in interfaces with middle mouse button Added “save selected filters” checkbox in flea market filter settings Added new loot spawns on locations Changed: Added the ability to quickly cancel the offer after placing it Shifted pop-up menu when opening the door in ADS mode The rain sound is now quieter Corrections in the head damage system when there is an equipped helmet with various components Reduced the amount of health loss from exhaustion and dehydration Completed alignment of mechanical sights Gestures with equipped hand grenade now display correctly Sprint with the ready-up grenade is now displayed correctly Upgraded animations with RDG smoke grenade Improved visibility of EOTech reticles Improved vertical overlap and positioning of the sound (first iteration) Fixed the container tag that could be shown behind the icon of the object Added the ability to tag a pistol container Added the ability to expand the item inspector window Added loading of merchant's portraits indicator Reduced accuracy of hipfire due to the weaker weapon grip Fixed the display of interface elements in the trading menu in 4:3 image format Now you can not require the same item as the offered one at the flea market (except for items with durability and HP) The improvements of the in raid stamina system The sound of a raid completion was moved from the music to the interface sounds Increased LOD distance for armbands Changes aimed at localization and reducing the problem with late spawns Other minor changes Reduced distance of looting and unlocking doors sounds REMOVED: Antique axe added as a melee weapon (will be added in 11.7 patch)
  3. If we can get some interest from newer players to have a pro-ame style game or even tournament I would be happy to host it.
  4. We play all the time. if you just jump into channel or come find me when i'm on if i'm not already in it.
  5. yes they can we can call an alliance until then and just build up and prepare. its going to be rough
  6. Saturday (1/26/2019) at 4:00 PM EST myself along with the "Men Down Unda" will be attempting the first of 9 power stones (very difficult PvE). Anyone already on the server or new people wanting to join we will need all the help we can get. If you need help finding the server just jump into discord and ask any of us, or you can try to find it through the search as "Pirates Gone Mad". Got questions? Contact me on this post or for a faster response, shoot me a message in discord. See you in the trenches.
  7. Saturday (01/19/2019) 2 PM EST This will be a strictly "for fun" tournament open to everyone. Teams will be Balanced and mutators added by me for a hand full of matches. tell your friends to come hang out with us and show off your skills or lack there of. Any further questions should be directed to me or posted here. If anyone would like to cast this, the position to stream is open discord: Shattered#8924 Edited for time
  8. Atlas has been, without a doubt the worst launch experience I've personally ever had and I'm sure more than just me feel this way. The server crashes, crazy high amounts of lag, resource respond, being run off of island that are all already taken by massive clans or Chinese groups. That being said, the dust has seem to settle to where I felt it should have been on launch. With how things are now. The game has some serious potential. Its like a rougher version of ark with more options such as ship building. As the game sits in its current state, for the 25$ it cost on launch, it is only worth it if you're a fan of games like ARK, conan, ect. If those kind of games are not your thing I'd advise to save your money. However the leaps and bounds forward this game has made in the few days its been playable, I have high hopes for the future to see more of what was shown to us in the trailers. The development team has stated that the game will remain at 30$ or less until launch which will be 18-24 months which would be a steal as long as they keep going in the right direction. If its not your thing, keep an eye on it.
  9. If you're interested in less-hectic mealtimes, saving time in the kitchen or making healthier food choices—you need to try meal prepping. It ranges from simply preparing freezer smoothie packs for breakfast to cooking complete dinners for the upcoming week. Keep in mind, there is no one right way or method to meal prep—it's about what works best for you. And you don't need to spend your entire Sunday in the kitchen to get it done. Even spending as little as 30 minutes planning and prepping meals will make it easier to eat well during the week.
  10. delayed until friday... again
  11. 40 min warn-o. be there or be square