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    Video games, guns, Beer, lifting and hockey (GO BLUES).

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    I generally go by Shattered or a random mix of old names. I play and have played just about everything note worthy. Love all blizzard games and have an extensive library on steam.
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    Ticket Puncher
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  1. thats 2, bumping to get some attention
  2. if i can get 4 people saying they want to play, i'll start a league or if you have one you dont mind a few of us crashing post it here.
  4. Come find myself, or any other MadCast member you see hanging around in rocket league discord and start up a conversation on how to get better
  5. a "MadCast Developer" award would be fitting for this.
  6. I would like to nominate @MadCast: CoachRivers Sensei: Any member or non member that has played rocket league at a lower level knows this guys is always there to try and help out the newer players. He has additionally helped many new players to our first rotational game runescape by giving advice, easy access to tools, and even running with people to help them quest. Event Engineer 2: He is the founder of our mafia games and runs some additional rocket league tournaments on the side along with helping me in whatever I'm running at the time. Ready Player One: hes been playing Rocket League since the beginning and now its become one of our top games and best ways to bring new people to MadCast. Recruitment Commendation: Coach has been the reason a lot of our newer members have applied for full membership and a big reason most have made it through with his guidance. Community Glue: helps in many forums, even before an admin. Main guy behind the RL bot and the LoL bot, bringing members together, making events, even jumping into new events such as "shattered first rotational game" and giving out a few memberships. Jack of All Trades: Much like i stated in the community glue nomination, this guy does it all. Coach has brought many new faces to us and given us a lot of new events and even bots to run them. He doesnt only do this for a single game like rocket league but for league of legends and other more shorter term games. I would like to nominate @MadCast: QuantaMentat Server Idler: This guy is always around just "hanging out". He may not even be playing your game but he'll come and hang out. Community Glue: Just recently Quanta has donated A LOT of his personal time to develop a sophisticated bot to help give not only discord stats but also website stats on only a simple command in discord. this is huge and in practice will save a lot of time for admins and overall helps MadCast.
  7. A stroll down memory lane. we have a few resources for quest and such to help people level quicker or however you decide to play. i'm still pretty new but i can help anyone brand new starting out. Quest: credit goes to coach for that one.
  8. The first game will be OSRS. come join us (its free). feel free to start with any other members or grab someone that knows how to play this game and have them help you out.
  9. I'm putting this up for any last second inputs. I will make my decision Sunday evening or Monday. If you don't like the three that are up, write in what you think would be good. Feel free to argue for or against whatever game. If you don't like what gets chosen, well its a rotational game and it will change.
  10. safe clip:
  11. Another year, I've been let down with EA not putting NHL on PC. FIFA is there though. Any FIFA players that would want to play on PC?
  12. he doesnt have friends until he starts popin' off