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    Work in Northern Minnesota for a Tribal Casino. Love my job.
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  1. Stellaris Apocolypse

    I do own this expansion, I just haven't found the time to play yet. But from a lot of videos and Let's Plays that I have seen it seems like a good edition. Although you do receive some of the benefits to Stellaris just on the patch to 2.0 alone. But you wouldn't get the planet killers (Colossi, or Titans) I'm hoping to get a game in this weekend to see how everything plays out.
  2. Planning on buying a car in a few weeks.

    RWD, FWD, and AWD - depends where you live. I live in Northern Minnesota, and I wouldn't recommend a RWD vehicle, unless you like spinning your tires. No weight in the back makes winter driving a little hectic. If you don't get icy roads, any of those options are good. 2 door or 4 door - Some insurance companies consider 2 door sports cars and your insurance may go up due to this designation. Import vs. domestic - How much do you want to pay for parts? Import parts are usually higher priced than domestic. And also newer imports sometimes require specialists within that manufacturer. If the car matches what you are looking for though, and you maintain it well. It should last you a long time. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Any tabletop games that are first timer friendly?

    Please meet with me whenever you see me online in Discord. I'll get you the links to read the Player's Handbook. And when you feel like you have something you would like to play, hit me up again and we can roll you up a character. See you soon!
  4. Any tabletop games that are first timer friendly?

    I'd be willing to take one more if you want to join my group. Level 6 right now, and I can get you PDF's of the various handbooks. Let me know if you are interested. We play on Sunday at 7 PM EST.
  5. Soap Girl's Soaps!

    Very cool!! Do you sell these? Or is it more of a hobby? Very creative and neat either way. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Looking for tabletop group

    It's done through Roll20
  7. Looking for tabletop group

    I do have room. Sorry this took me awhile to get back to you. If you can meet me today on Discord that would be great we can go over character creation and I will try my best to get you injected into the story. Let me know, Castertant. Game is at 7 PM EST on Roll 20.

    I used to play a bit, but not so much anymore. The newest expansion seems interesting, but as far as I see it it's mostly pay to win which doesn't really interest me a whole lot. I did spend a little bit when the Un'goro release was on sale. I haven't played that much at all since the Lich King expansion though.
  9. Looking for tabletop group

    I have responded, sorry was busy yesterday with work and then again this morning with some remote work. I currently have a warrior, priest, ranger, and a warlock 5th level and we use AD & D 5th edition.
  10. Looking for tabletop group

    I am currently running one on Sundays 7 PM EST. I have a group of 4 level 5 people. You are welcome to join us in channel, I do have room for 1 or 2 more, and I am willing to let you join in. But I would like to sit down and go over characters etc that you would wish to play, that is if this day and time slot work for you. Let me know. Thank you.
  11. Intro-TheKillerGuitar

    Welcome back! Great to see you again.
  12. ARK: Day one full retail release.

    I like the settings that you have so far. Will this server be public or private? And if private are people going their own way or are we clanning up?
  13. Custom PC build help

    Do you by chance have another CPU for your socket? CPUs rarely are doa, so I would surmise a Mobo doa, since your fans won't spin up
  14. Custom PC build help

    I would install 1 stick of RAM initially, if you don't have onboard graphics, have your graphics card installed so you can possibly see a BIOS splash screen. Although this will work without RAM, but you won't get past the BIOS splash screen.
  15. Careers

    Presently I am an IT Technician for a multi-site native American casino. Day to day operations which entail maintaining uptime and monitoring network traffic between 4 other sites, backups and hardware maintenance. I am also on a volunteer fire department as a training officer. I have my Firefighter 1 and 2, along with Fire Apparatus Operator. I am also an Emergency Medical Responder (First Responder).