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  1. I've backed this project at the Pioneer level.....excited to see what they do with it.
  2. Ill be playing for sure....just kinda watching and waiting right now. Watching a few streams every now and again when time permits, but Ill be around when 3.0 hits.
  3. Rankings site.... Compiled data for your account. Dont look if you do not wanna see you stats..... Im ranked 642 for Junkrat...........all else I suck!
  4. Welcome and good luck in your candidacy.
  5. Shadianna

    new keyboard

    Im a Corsair fan...I own 2 different mechanical boards....both great in their own right
  6. I love how the Officers know their stuff. Thanks again to the MC Staff for watching out for us! This thread amused me!
  7. I look forward to some beta posts about your recent experiences!!! DO EEETTTT!
  8. Welcome and Good Luck on your candidacy! Loved your Intro....Thanks for taking the time to tell us about yourself!
  9. Thank you for a detailed application, I enjoyed it. Welcome and Good Luck on your candidacy!
  10. Shadianna

    Intro - Cris

    Welcome and Good Luck on your candidacy!
  11. Welcome and Good Luck on your candidacy!