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  1. Team Comps and You!

    This is true.
  2. Team Comps and You!

    I don't know. The bastion, Reinhardt, and mercy train combo is pretty beastly on offensive payload. Cooperation is key.
  3. Team Comps and You!

    Team composition is extremely important. Something I would add tho, is to not just look at what the game is suggesting, but understanding the characters as well. For your example posted, while it says support is needed, I would not necessarily suggest a symettra. I would more likely lean to a Lucio or mercy. Also knowing the maps is extremely helpful to team comp. Some heroes fill a role better on certain maps.
  4. Your most played Overwatch hero?

    Mei - 6 hours Reinhardt - 4 hours Reaper - 2 hours
  5. Black Desert Online - Uno Server

    Downloading now.
  6. Black Desert Online - Uno Server

    does look awesome, very tempted by it.
  7. MadCast ARK Server

    I had tried a couple times, but server seemed to be down
  8. MadCast ARK Server

    Might have to drop in myself
  9. What are you reading 2016

    I've been listening to The dresden files audiobooks narrated by James Marsters. Love them, the writing and narration are both great.
  10. Black Desert Online

    Never got a key, but I'll probably be giving it a shot at some point
  11. Private Ark PVE Server

    Where's the server located?
  12. Imagining 10 Dimensions

    Very well explained.
  13. Overwatch Matchmaking News

    I really wish we could have player owned servers.

    Very nice bud.... wait a minute... she entirely forgot my birthday