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  1. The Ultimate GM / DM Workshop

    This is today at 3 PM EST! Don't forget! I added links to this thread. I encourage you all to add your own links there. Please hyperlink or post a link if you can. I also made a voice and text channel on Discord for the event. They are in the "Other Games" section.
  2. Stan's GM Tips

    More Links! Most of these have several links with them, and will easily have useful info for anybody putting together a game at any level of experience. D&D Resource List More D&D Resources Massive Mapping file (5 gigs) Fatasy Grounds links GM Toolkit Roll20 Mapping links
  3. The Ultimate GM / DM Workshop

    Whoops forgot to mention what time I'm starting it. It's going to be at 3pm EST. I'll make a temporary discord chat channel that can stay up for a day or two. This way people can grab the info as needed and ask questions even if they can't communicate through voice comms.
  4. Warhammer 40k, What army should I run?

    Tau xeno scum!
  5. The Ultimate GM / DM Workshop

    Yes. The discussion part of it will be. I will link sites and other info through both discord and this thread for future refrence.
  6. Still Horde, Still Dark Iron

    I can garauntee that if you join the guild I'm in, you will get to TRIAL for a raiding spot for my raid team. I'm one of the raid team leaders for the guild I'm in. It's <Toast> on Area-52 Horde. If you want to trial, let me know, and I'll get it set up when the new raid content drops. This is NOT a MadCast affiliated guild. There isn't much language other than usual cursing, but there is also no favoritism. This guild mythic raids and is a mega guild. There are 16 active raid teams, so if my time slot doesn't work for you, others should. All of that being said, the only MadCast link to this guild is the fact that I (a Full Member here) can get you in. If you can't hold your own in raids, then you'll be removed from the raid team, but not the guild. You are free to apply for any and all of the other raid teams. You can PM me here or send me a message on Discord to get info to their website.
  7. Warhammer 40k, What army should I run?

    You should build what you think you'd have FUN building, painting, and playing. The hobby isn't just about putting an optimal army on the board and fighting. It's about finding a play style that you think you'd enjoy and building around that. Do you like zerg type armies with many units? do you like long ranged stationary units that can punish? Do you want to get up into people's faces and deliver the hurt? Do you want to do a mix of all 3? There are so many armies you can run, or even mixtures of different armies that can let you satisfy your play with an aesthetic that you like as well. Build your army around home games or random game stores, and not around tournament builds. Those builds can be expensive, but they also have every single point accounted for. You are just entering the hobby. Build an army you like to look at, and that can be fun to play. I have an Adeptus Mechanicus army of around 5500 points that is built soley for tournament play. I also have a Thousand Sons army of around 2000 points that is for just general tom-foolery. I have to say that I love the Thousand Sons army so much more. It's fun to play, semi-competative, and I love the way I built and painted them. I have fun with them. The AdMech army is a lot of work to organize, point spread, and think over. Don't make your hobby feel like work. As for what's strong, I'd say that you can look at tournaments like the Las Vegas Open, The Nova Open, or the Warhammer Grand Tournament. All of those will have the most competative armies in the world going at it. If you are worried about cost, check out E-bay, Amazon, and the Warhammer Buy / Sell / Trade group on Facebook. Just remember that you need to account for the cost of tools, paints, brushes, and supplies. I spent about $200 on brushes and tools alone. I have about $600 worth of paints. I'm barely even registering on the ammount paid into the hobby indicator compared to many other people who play Warhammer. The Start Collecting! boxes are great values. Get those cheap if you can, and start your armies there. Did I mention you need a Core Rule Book and a book for your army? If you are around a Warhammer store, Games Workshop store, or even a local game store, check out the play there, ask people a million questions, look at their models, and for goodness sake, watch as many games as you can. If you want to see some of the different armies in action, I would suggest watching videos from this group: They have a subscription for extra content, but it's worth it. They also have many free videos that you should watch. Also, I would heavly suggest you go ahead and jump into 8th edition, regardless of what your friends play. It's really, really good stuff. Budget and plan for this hobby. That's the last thing I'd suggest. Don't worry about having a 2000 point army ready to play this second. Just plan on building and painting whatever you buy before you buy something else. Plan the points ahead of time so you know what to buy, and how many of them. Then take your time buying one bunch every month or whatever you are comfortable with and play smaller army sizes til you have your full army together. I know it seems like I'm stressing the cost a lot, and it's because I've seen a couple of other people think about getting into the hobby, getting in before they could really afford to, and burning out on it. It's a seriously expensive time sink.
  8. The Ultimate GM / DM Workshop

    As long as they follow the community discord rules, I have no problem with it.
  9. The Ultimate GM / DM Workshop

    On August 4th at 3 PM EST, I'll be hosting a Dungeon Master and Game Master workshop to help encourage folks to start and run their own Table Top RPG games. I plan on running this event for about an hour or so to introduce new ideas, resources, places to play, and more to the community to help support our large table top gaming members in their own games. I'll also answer questions and help develop whatever world you think you want to run a game in. I'm most familiar with D&D 2nd edition, 3.5, 5th edition, Pathfinder, Dungeon World, Edge of the Empire, and the old school Star Wars RPG. That being said, I'd be happy to go over rules for whatever system you are using if you have trouble with your own game system. I have thousands of hours of Table Top Gaming experience, and would love to share it with you all. If you can't make it, that's alright. Post a question here and I'll answer it. It would be best to come to the workshop, though, as I'll be introducing online resources to help you run your game!
  10. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    Yeah, for those that don't know. You have to shake trees. You have to call out names at random until somebody lets something slip. Unfortunately, nobody was talking other than a couple of us. You can't wait. You have to collect information the only way possible in this game...throw crap against the wall until something sticks.
  11. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    There are votes active. There are plenty of posts from me. You all know where I stand. I don't trust Icarus or Mike. Hang them.
  12. Team for Ranked Matches

    @MadCast: rife170 would be a good person to check with.
  13. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    Well, since nobody has said anything, I have to fling crap against the wall to see what sticks. 4 or 5 people posting in a game with 13 people means that I have to ruffle feathers and shake trees. You folks don't like my style? Too bad. Inactivity is killing everybody. Not a single person hung yet. It's shamefully innocent of you all to think there won't be wrong choices.
  14. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    @MadCast: Edge Queen, @MadCast: Lunalesk, @MadCast: Caster, @MadCast: Daddy Where are you guys at? Get in the game. Votes need to be cast. You are wasting valuable time letting werewolves run around unchecked by simply being inactive. I look forward to this game every year, and it's being ruined by pure inactivity and apathy. I do not lose well, and I really don't like losing when people just don't care enough to try. Especially when they signed up knowing the rules of the game.