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  1. Great post Jobotoo! I just closed my browser while I had an unfinished post, so I will do my best to sum up my thoughts on CPUs. You make very solid points, Intel is the preferred CPU for gaming. Yet, there is a gradient... or trade off depending on the purpose/work load of you personal rig. Before I start my rant, I must let the community know that I have built several rigs for myself, family and friends. I have used many different brands over the years. I am not a code monkey, I am not super aware of html... but I know my hardware like the back of my hand... that being said, here we go! The obvious trade off is price, AMD is slightly cheaper than the Intel counterpart. Yet AMD and Intel chips are not built the same way and do not work the same way. To that, Intel will always score better than AMD when bench marking a single process or game... always. The more multi-tasking you are doing will actually start making AMD look like the stronger choice. Many websites... like Tom's Hardware provide scores and tests. One must be very aware of how these tests are set up to understand what these results really mean. Furthermore, many game developers also use language (for lack of more accurate term) that leans toward a certain CPU brand. For example, when Sony Online Entertainment released Planet Side 2, the forums were filled with upset AMD users. Why might you ask? Because the game was originally produced with Intel chips in mind, kind of like their platform. Until SOE optimized the game for AMD chips, I can only imagine the amount of money Intel made off of that specific gaming community. (and I stop myself from going into a conspiracy mindset) My point is, if you are rendering graphics or streaming and multi tasking while you play, then AMD might be a better choice... but then again... the most important question you should ask yourself before you pick out parts is the PURPOSE of your personal rig. I have used intel on the last 2 builds for my personal rig... but I knew exactly what I wanted at the time. I hope this is clear enough for everyone. If not, feel free to message me or ask me in team speak! Thanks again Jobotoo, great read!
  2. Since there are no themes for names... does that mean we can't have themes for drinks???
  3. Candidate TizzyFresco will be joining the party
  4. Hey guys, love the conversation that followed the original post! All of these are great points, yet I would like to emphasize great importance about using your mini map. As said above, this is something any good player does a lot. It helps you formulate predictions and anticipate what the other team is doing. To that, anticipation is the most important skill in any competitive play (games or sports). To sum it all up, I firmly believe in spending more time watching my mini map compared to any other information on the screen (as a blanket statement).
  5. Glad to see the welcome party! And Kit.. yes I am interested in applying for full membership! ps sorry for delayed response, just started new job and it keeps me super busy
  6. My name TizzyFresco. MadCast was brought to my attention by my close friend Shattered who is still in his trial phase. I am 25 years old and work full time, which usually lets me start gaming by 10pm central time at the latest. Hobbies other than gaming include jamming out some tunes, building computers and drinking beer. Over the years I have avidly played many games such as Starcraft, Diablo, Counter Strike, Tibia, Planetside, WoW and LoL. Nowadays you will likely find me on Heroes of the Storm (Fresco#1284). Looking forward to meeting members of the community and enhancing what is our gaming experience! ~TizzyFresco