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  1. Lol, it's not a final good bye I'll still be playing. Take care!
  2. No problem, I saw it on Reddit.
  3. Just came out today. Here are his stats from the game files. The data is taken from this site: general info:name : Leorictitle : The Skeleton Kingdescription : A slow moving front-line warrior that never truly dies haunting the battlefield as a ghost before reforming on the field.role : Warriortype : Meleegender : Malefranchise : Diablodifficulty : Easyratings:damage: 4utility: 5survivability: 8complexity: 6releaseDate : 2015-07-21 stats: Leoric : hp : 1020hpPerLevel : 220hpRegen : 2.125hpRegenPerLevel : 0.457mana : 500manaPerLevel : 10manaRegen : 3manaRegenPerLevel : 0.0976 abilities : name : Skeletal Swingdescription : Swing in front of you to deal 100 (+10 per level) damage and slow enemies by 40% for 2.5 seconds. Deals double damage to all non-Heroic sources.cooldown : 8manaCost : 50shortcut : Q name : Drain Hopedescription : Grab an enemy Hero's soul dealing up to 25% of their maximum Health as damage and healing you for up to 25% of your maximum Health while you are nearby over 4 seconds. You are slowed by 20% while this is active.cooldown : 12manaCost : 60shortcut : W name : Wraith Walkdescription : Separate from your body becoming Unstoppable and gaining Movement Speed accelerating up to 50% over 2.5 seconds. When Wraith Walk ends or is canceled your body jumps to your wraith.cooldown : 14manaCost : 60shortcut : E heroics:name : Entombdescription : Create an unpathable tomb in front of you for 4 seconds.cooldown : 50manaCost : 75shortcut : R name : March of the Black Kingdescription : Become Unstoppable and swing your mace three times healing yourself for 7.03% of your maximum Health for each enemy Hero hit and dealing 200 (+10 per level) damage.cooldown : 80manaCost : 100shortcut : R trait:name : Undyingdescription : Become a ghost when you die and resurrect upon reaching full health. Your Abilities don't do damage while dead but can still heal causing you to cheat death. EDIT: Added Abilities and Traits
  4. Better get those Spell Shields ready for quickmatch, lol.
  5. I watched this video last night and I liked how his early game laning with Kael'thas was crisp. Such as, he was getting as many auto-attacks he could get. Also, I noticed that ganks in early game of HoTS don't amount to much. Of course, in moderation not everyone on the team getting killed multiple times. I'm thinking this behaviour is from other MOBA's like DoTA or LoL, where an advantage in the laning phase means a significant advantage into mid-game due to the gold and experience advantage.
  6. I saw this video posted on So those playing hero league watch out. I dislike spreading paranoia though. @.@ Oh yeah on a lighter note, also from hotsguides, Azmodan 3pnts:
  7. Hi! Nice to meet ya. I'm also a candidate and I play HoTS too! See ya in-game.
  8. Yay, Johanna. Time to play as a tank with a cotton candy gun.
  9. Lol Epic. Yeah, happy Fourth of July to everyone. I'm not doing anything special today though. Maybe, I'll get the Stars and Stripes Raynor and rock with it in HoTS. I wish I could do more to celebrate. >.<
  10. Haha, thanks guys. I'll do my best! :3 EDIT: Hi everyone, I'm going to withdraw my candidacy. I do so with all the good will I can muster. Please stay well everyone, and hope you have a ton of fun! Game on!
  11. Thank you so much for this, I'll definitely try this to mitigate injuries. I've actually done something with the way I hold the mouse to mitigate wrist injuries. I attached velcro to the mouse and reveresed the axis on which the game operates. So down and up is left and right, I did it this way because in FPS games one usually moves right to left more than left to down. I also wear wrist braces on both wrists to keep them straight. And he's right about those extensors, if I got that right, I slightly injured my arm and my entire hand would shake went I tried to bend my wrist down for even the slightest amount.
  12. I was wondering why I was getting bonus yesterday, lol. Here's the official post:
  13. Okey dokey Kit, will do!