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  1. For all you 7 Days fans, we just got a dedicated server. Not a whole lot of slots, but a few still open for those that want to join. Either PM me or let me know here if you are interested. Cheers
  2. Great game. Thx epically to 2clueless for abandoning his initial suspicion so we could get the last wolf. Awesome game!
  3. So here is where I am: You're right, I did give my vote to Sanjo, and then Khaos because they were really the only trust worthy villagers in the group. I knew for a fact that they wouldnt be leading the group astray on purpose. However, I did voice my opinions, I didnt just say "Yes" Without giving my views on who was guilty or not. You found the posts, and it swayed your vote so that's good. Honestly though, if I haven't cleared your suspicious list and you're set on hanging me if Jobo is innocent, then you MUST hang me tonight. You hang me tomorrow and the wolves win. I understand a wolf may say that, but I mean it. I could care less about dying. I really want to win and I dont need to live to win. So if you really plan on hanging me no matter what, do it now. This isnt a Kajyu wanting to die thing, I really want to make it, but if my death leads to us winning then sweet. So, do what you must. Outside of that here is my list Sotar: Mostly because he has been nothing but negative and non-productive. Very wolfish, but admittedly an insane play for a wolf. I dont know what to think. Jobo: No real evidence, just a gut feeling honestly 2Clueless, Stan: No real idea between the 2 of you. If one of you are a wolf, I think the village is screwed. Although admittedly I am a bit suspicious of those who throw shade on me, I think my play has been pretty solidly in the Towns favor if you go back and look through all my posts. I even explain why I'm doing the things I'm doing. I will be happy to fully explain anything I've done this game to take suspicion away from me. Once again, I dont need to survive to win. So if you plan on hanging me tomorrow, hang me tonight instead. Vote: Jobotoo
  4. You hang me your hanging a villager. I'm at work so I can't really go back and quote all my posts, but if you go through my posts you will see not only did I vote for Bookworm before the Sanjo reveal, but immediately after whenever I posted who I thought was suspicious, Razorback was in those posts. Not a whole lot of people were talking about Razor being suspicious with the exception of I think lister. Lister actually quoted me before we decided to hang Razorback
  5. OOC: I just want to make sure I have the rules right, since we have 1 wolf left, and 5 total players, we basically have 2 shots at this right? Say we vote and we're wrong tonight were down to 3 so we should have 1 day phase after this as well right?
  6. So my personal list is basically down to Kajyu. This is based pretty much off the bookworm vote. After Kajyu things get a bit sticky. That means either our presumed doctor has been a puppy in human clothes the entire time or Stan has played this game brilliantly. If all 3 of them are innocent, then that means our last wolf voted BEFORE the Sanjo reveal, which will make things damned difficult. Seeing as we have to make some kind of move though, Im going to go with my original list and Vote Kajyu Im not as sold as Khaos was that Kajyu Isn't a wolf. This is my best guess though, I dont have any real evidence other then the Sanjo reveal, and the weird way Kajyu voted for Khaos(That is still suspicious to me). If Kajyu proves to be innocent, then I will provide my thoughts on everyone else. Or if we can't come to consensus
  7. We got this guys. Just gotta be smart with our choices.
  8. We absolutely must hang someone. Attrition is eating us up so we need to do something.
  9. If you and lister agree I will follow your lead
  10. OOC: I promise I knoe the difference between your and you're but I was typing fast from my phone lol
  11. Either you are a wolf. Or you really didn't think about this post before making it. Khaos is about the only one I truly trust (no offense lister, you are right there behind him) Here is why: Our Psychic( who was verified by not only revealing a wolf, but then getting smoked himself by the wolves, thus proving he wasn't a wolf trying to hide himself through revealing one of his own) came out and said that Khaos is a villager. So either your a wolf who knows they are going down and making a last ditch effort to stay in the game, or you really didn't think about this post beforehand. Either, I'm fairly sure your getting hung buddy. And I hope we got it right