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  1. 100% xp Boost starting Today (July 2nd) at 1300PDT. Good time to level up those heroes!!.
  2. Hi Val, hope to game with you in HOTS! :-)
  3. For those of you that don't check the website. Here is some info. http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/blog/19802336 Kit, more LiLi love for ya!
  4. Wow, this was a great read. I just recently jumped into HL solo que and wish i had read this earlier. Most of the points here are spot on.
  5. Hi everyone. I am Bulldog and I have been looking for a Heroes of the Storm group to play with. I am a former competitive FPS player, but due to aging, I can no longer game at that level. I was drawn to Heroes due to the Blizzard involvement as I have also been involved in D3. I have played Smite as far as MOBA's are concerned but cannot grasp LOL or DOTA. Professionally I am a defib operator in the field and am a Vet, which is why I am dysfunctional and rely on humor way too much. :-) Looking forward to gaming with you all. Bulldog