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  1. I can make it if there is still a spot, any setting is good with me! Though for posterity my three favourite settings are: 1. Gothic Fantasy/Low Fantasy 2. Sci-Fi 3. Superheroes
  2. I'll throw my hat in as an occultist why not
  3. Do you know of an inexpensive way to scrub out a (potentially very old) oven? I've heard vinegar solutions work alright but I'm unsure of potentially more powerful alternatives, the inside is very dark and the racks are in pretty bad shape cleanliness wise, the walls and floors are too.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that man, but real life comes first! Have fun with the family
  5. Mondays are still open for me so my interest remains unfazed.
  6. Welcome back to the fold sir! Best of luck in your application!
  7. I'd certainly be interested if you'll have me! Tuesdays are usually a totally empty day for me and it would seem my current housing situation will be remaining in limbo for several months thus my schedule is highly unlikely to change. Plus that time slot is usually a perfect time for me. I'm familiar with a lot of different RPG systems as both a player and as a GM. If you will allow me to jump in just send me a confirmation via PM or here and I'll download the system materials to read up on them.
  8. Best of luck with the little one, the anticipation will only enhance the show for next week!
  9. Your call Khaos! I'll stand by for further updates should events turn towards one side or the other. Hang in there man
  10. I'd be alright to postpone until then, that way we'd have a full crew.
  11. Agreed! It'll help flesh out the roster a bit until we can get more people interested.
  12. Name: Roy Landry From: Grand Isle, Louisiana Entrance: Deliberate & Eerie Alignment: Heel Appearance: Roy is on the lighter side of a medium build being about 6'1 and 225 lbs. His hair is dark brown, cut short and slicked back with an unkempt full beard. He has grey-blue eyes and several tattoos most prominently featured being a skull tattoo on his back ( https://s-media-cache ) To the ring during his entrance he wears a brick style black cowboy hat and a ragged brown leather jacket with the sleeves torn off. On the back of which is featured his brand of sorts, the confederate naval jack with an alligator skull at its' center. Ring Attire Style: Matte black trunks with branded black finger-less gloves and black wrestling boots Character "Feel"/ Inspiration: Promo Style: Cold and calculated, fairly low energy (See Jake The Snake Roberts in his prime) As a person Roy entered wrestling relatively late in life having his official mainstream debut at the age of 34, he started training at 29 and spent his years honing his technical ability on the indie circuits. He was never much of a showman to say the least, though he grew up watching wrestling and had an amateur background from highschool through college which he leaned on heavily for his in ring training and style, this combined with his training taking place in the wrestling territories of the Southern US made him kind of a purist of sorts, just as prime time die-hards may look down on him as an indie act so too is Roy leery of hardcore wrestlers and high flyers whom he largely views as glorified stuntmen ("Spot monkeys"). If he has a vice as a person it would have to be painkillers, prior to being a wrestler he worked commercial fishing, that combined with his drive to prove himself as an older guy stepping into wrestling has taken its' toll. Professional Goals: Roy doesn't aim to be the top guy necessarily, he hopes to have an iconic run with the companies designated "Workhorse" title (Like WWE Intercontinental Title in the days of Bret Hart and Mr.Perfect). He recognizes his age might be a long term issue so he doesn't mind putting young talent over, so long as he remains respected and is given his dues.
  13. Sure I'll have them in your inbox sometime in the next day or two!
  14. Hey! That's awesome, Brood War memories 🤗
  15. I would LOVE to be in on this, Pro-Wrestling history and such is one of my hidden hobbies, well not so hidden anymore but hey. Friday or Saturday works for me in the given time frame. If I'm accepted I'll be the Technician!