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  1. I unfortunately do not stream from a second PC, so I am a little unfamiliar with it. However, from what I have heard, you really do not need as much power (or even a fraction of it) in places where you would if you were streaming and playing on the same PC. My best guess would be to focus on CPU, your ethernet output/input (hardware, cables, and confounded ISP restrictions), and maybe a tiny bit on your GPU. But ultimately, especially if you are going to want to record while you stream, you should invest in a couple of solid state drives. Have a smaller one for your boot up, apps, daily use, etc., then have a larger one for your recordings. Did I say larger? I meant FRIGGEN MASSIVE!!! If you want lossless recordings at incredibly high quality, your file sizes are going to be stupidly ridiculous... if you're using the software for a youtube episode... I really wouldn't recommend recording while streaming, especially since you can download your streams off of twitch now. But these are my ramblings, nothing more. There's actually a nice guide on dual-pc setups for OBS on their website. Really easy to find.
  2. I sorta want to have 4 Necromancers on the same spot and have each take a screenshot so we can truly see just how many corpses the servers create in a single game xD. Honestly, I may go witch doctor this season. It's one I havent tried playing all that much and I'd like to give it a whirl. May default to monk later, though :P.
  3. Season 11 starts this evening at 8pm EDT! I will be looking to grind out level 70 quickly tonight if anyone else would like to join me. If you are looking to join me, please be ready to roll by 8pm EDT, as once I start I will not be stopping :P. Details on Haedrig's gifts for the season as well as rewards are posted below for anyone who wants to plan their first character (highly recommend monk because of the set plus I'm biased xD)
  4. Hey, any of you guys pickin up Splatoon 2? I'llbe streaming it Day 1, so if you wanna join in you're more than welcome!
  5. It isn't every day I post to promote something or give recommendations, but if any of you haven't already heard or seen this, you should stop living under a rock and check out Games Done Quick (GDQ) on Twitch! This is a week-long, nonstop marathon of speedruns raising money for charity (Doctor's Without Borders). There are some spectacular runs being done this year, as well as the return of some crowd favorites like Super Metroid, Banjo Kazooie, and Chrono Trigger. It's these events that make me want to continue to learn speedrunning (here's hoping I can solidify the tricks for Paper Mario TTYD sometime soon), and even you may want to pick up a speedrun yourself. Regardless, it's fun to watch no matter what time of the day or timezone you're in, so check it out over here! I'm bringing special attention to this event here for one specific reason: you guys are my family, regardless of how well I may know you or how well you know me. Late last year, my uncle was found to have a tumor in his liver that was too large to operate on. I'll save you all the depth of the story, but unfortunately he passed away a few months ago in April. This year, I will be making a healthy contribution during GDQ in honor of my uncle and the legacy he leaves. While Doctor's Without Borders doesn't primarily focus on cancer research, as a Sinatra fan my uncle would always "do it [his] way," so I will be following the same semantics and giving to where I feel it can be used the most. I will also be looking to join the ranks of those who participate in Extra Life: a 24-hour streaming event to raise money for children's hospitals. Even if you are not able to donate, please take some time to check out GDQ and support the community. Check out the line-up / schedule here! Schedule highlights chosen by personal interest/nostalgia/popularity (all times EDT): Sunday (7/2) Diddy Kong Racing (6:53 PM) Monday (7/3) Okami HD (1:11 AM) Crash Bandicoot (10:03 AM) Mirror's Edge (7:34 PM) Donkey Kong 64 (9:44 PM) Tuesday (7/4) Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (11:34 AM) Banjo Kazooie (1:04 PM) Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver (4:19 PM) [intrigue just due to the level of precision and planning] Wednesday (7/5) Super Meat Boy (10:35 AM) / VVVVVV (11:05 AM) [BOTH ARE RACES] Mega Man X2 (5:17 PM) [RACE] Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (6:58 PM) Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (10:53 PM) Thursday (7/6) Ratchet & Clank (6:48 AM) Jak II (8:13 AM) Portal (1:50 PM) Chrono Trigger (4:15 PM) Tetris: The Grand Master (9:27 PM / 10:07 PM) [8-WAY RACE / 2 PLAYERS - 1 CONTROLLER RACE] Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (11:00PM) Friday (7/7) Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (12:09 PM) Super Mario Series Warpless Relay Race (4:49 PM) Metroid Fusion / Super Metroid (7:54 PM / 9:54 PM) Final Fantasy VII (11:04 PM) Saturday (7/8) Diablo 2 (10:26 AM) Dark Souls 3 (12:21 PM) Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (6:04 PM) Earthbound (10:04 PM)
  6. I was going to stick to the grand reveal at the end, but he had Smooth Mcgroove on in the background, so I watched the chunks load. Friggen... Incredible... 0.0
  7. Pretty hyped to see how this translates from Diablo 2's Necromancer. Pretty sure I found my secondary class for seasons... you know, because monk will always be my bae 😍
  8. I'll join a group gathering if/when there is one! I am sneaky, though
  9. I use this graphics card (though slightly different version from EVGA). Can stand by this 100%
  10. "Pants are an illusion, and so is death." Legit been stuck in my head for years. XD
  11. Congradumalations!!!
  12. I've only had 1 Penta (that I can remember anyway), and it was in a Ranked Team match. Top Lane Teemo, Season 3. You don't mess with my yordles
  13. Depends on the roll, but currently: Assassin (burst) - Li Ming Assassin (sustained dmg) - Valla Support - Kharazim / Lucio, but really Kharazim Tank - ETC Bruiser - Artanis Artanis is a new favorite of mine since his recent changes, and ETC will always be here to stay. Otherwise, fairly Nephalim heavy. I'm sure @MadCast: Munsa is most displeased...
  14. I may chime in here and there to join in the shenanigans / festivities. Go ahead and add the username ShihanSanjo
  15. I'll give this a shot, you got me more than interested, Munsa.