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  1. If you're anything like Blame, then I have yet another person to fight over Lulu support... greeeaaat.... XD Welcome! Looking forward to playing with you!
  2. I could care less about any other highlights this weekend: Oakland calling a "Seattle" audible near the goal line with Lynch in the backfield was THE play of the week.
  3. Aside from the TMI... xD Missed opportunity to segway into Slap-Chop. You had one job, Candy.
  4. Welcome, Nemesis! It's good to have you around! I'm more of the FFXIV player myself, but I generally play a bunch of the games you listed. Feel free to reach out for a game or two if you ever see me around on TS3.
  5. It doesn't mean I like your sadness... it means I am feeding off of your suffering and it is exquisite. 👌 All in all, the Giants and their fans don't bother me. Buffalo fans and Baltimore fans, however, hold a special place on my list And List, damn did Hunt deliver for you. XD
  6. True, but a loss is a loss. We've always had trouble with the Chiefs, but not like this: not with Brady throwing poorly in the first 3 quarters and our "op secondary" dropping assignments like it was high school. We sucked the big one as defending champs.
  7. Best o luck!
  8. So I'm going to jump on the newbie bandwagon here. The only experience I have with Bungie is when they were still the developers of the Halo franchise. I am a mediocre FPS/3rd-person shooter player at best, with my forte being in Splatoon 2. For someone who will be traversing this territory for the first time, how much prior knowledge (story and gameplay) will I need to acquaint myself with in some fashion? Is there a game or franchise that the concepts and/or gameplay feel similar to?
  9. Wooo! Congradumalations!
  10. ... someone must have called him bacon recently...
  11. Wait... this was in "early release" all this time? I thought this was already released months ago xD shows how much I know, eh?
  12. Welcome! I will definitely take any critiques I can if you'll give them While I'm more of a Mid/Top laner in LoL, I am a support/assassin main in HotS (Kharazim saves for days). Lookin forward to seeing you around!
  13. In my own opinion, if you are signing up for a format that works in Bo3's, you should always anticipate to be playing all 3 games. That means scheduling your matches so that you are able to dedicate that maximum amount of time or finding a sub to play the last. Maybe some break time between games (like 10 minutes) to unwind, let the previous match soak in, and move forward might help in this regard. But as for the Bo3 format, I believe this the better option.
  14. Congradumalations!!!
  15. Wednesday looks like the best option for me, though thursday could work as well. Friday-Monday I will be on the opposite end of the country for Prime.