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  1. Looking for Overwatch comp crew

    Ego? ME!? Never. Salty?.... workin' on it. You know me from HoTS, though I handle other games differently.
  2. Looking for Overwatch comp crew

    Good to know about Mercy, thanks for the heads up. Note to self: Less Healie, more Wheelie (Junkrat, here I come!)
  3. Looking for Overwatch comp crew

    I may be picking up Overwatch casually again now that I've caught a D2 bug... and by casually, I mean still aiming to improve and pushing to the limit. 😂 I'm out of touch with the changes to certain characters, but I have Junkrat, Roadhog, Reinhardt, Mercy (noticing a trend yet?), Ana, and Widow/Hanzo under my belt when I played before. I'll group for some quickplay games to see how things progress! Edit: Yes I know I'm digging this up a little, but still interested if anyone else is!
  4. Season 12 the season of builds! Thursday night race to 70!

    Season Update: 1 week in and here's where I stand. Monk - Ulianna's - GR75 Next: Witch Doctor ('bout damn time xD) Greatest Disappointment: finding the Horadric Hamburger and being told the harsh reality that it's a dagger transmog and not a fist weapon. #missedOpportunity
  5. MadCast Welcomes: Aeryx!

  6. PAX East 2018

    Had to stop what I was doing at work just to join the queue But I got passes for all four days!
  7. Season 12 the season of builds! Thursday night race to 70!

    Also I'm so sorry, I just noticed this part xD. You do know MadCast has moved to Discord now, yes? You'll be able to find me there!
  8. Season 12 the season of builds! Thursday night race to 70!

    @MadCast: Sotarkadin Barbarian may be a good one. DH is always a go to, and Witch Doctor will probably be a go to as well. They also did some bug fixing with Necro that's really good for him overall.
  9. Season 12 the season of builds! Thursday night race to 70!

    Sweeet. I'll probably be starting as the season begins, but I'll be investing some time into the season this time around. The damage-ups are looking oh so juicy, and I may have laughed a little harder than I should at the monk's buff on Ulianna's Strategem (from double damage to 777% on seven-sided strike xD).
  10. Season 12 the season of builds! Thursday night race to 70!

    I'll be levelling a monk this season as well, so maybe we'll catch each other. Season begins Thursday rather than Friday?
  11. Performance Based Ranking

    .... *sigh* is the saltiest HoTS player going to have to return? Having said that, I'm down for playing some draft to get back into form.
  12. Free Starcraft II Coaching and Lessons

    I wouldn't mind a little tutelage sometime down the road. I'll message you with some info!
  13. Pokemon Ultra Sun + Moon

    Don't know about you guys, but I'm a pretty big fan of the Pokemon games. The past couple generations of Pokemon have been a blast to play imo, but this is the first "reboot/sequel" I'm pretty hyped for since they redid Gold/Silver. Is anyone else looking to pick this one up?
  14. Community Game Night: Trivia Murder Party

    Lo siento, Sotar ;=; The next time we do something like this, I can see about it starting later or lasting a bit longer!
  15. Community Game Night: Trivia Murder Party

    If you missed the community night, have no fear! An epic highlight shall now appear! Thanks to everyone who showed up, whether it was on Discord or through the live-stream! It was great to see you all there (and some newcomers as well )!