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  1. Congradumalations!!!
  2. I've only had 1 Penta (that I can remember anyway), and it was in a Ranked Team match. Top Lane Teemo, Season 3. You don't mess with my yordles
  3. Depends on the roll, but currently: Assassin (burst) - Li Ming Assassin (sustained dmg) - Valla Support - Kharazim / Lucio, but really Kharazim Tank - ETC Bruiser - Artanis Artanis is a new favorite of mine since his recent changes, and ETC will always be here to stay. Otherwise, fairly Nephalim heavy. I'm sure @MadCast: Munsa is most displeased...
  4. I may chime in here and there to join in the shenanigans / festivities. Go ahead and add the username ShihanSanjo
  5. I'll give this a shot, you got me more than interested, Munsa.
  6. I didn't realize you were that desparate to have someone put you out of your misery. I suppose I can be merciful (if my current plans for tonight fall through >.< if they don't, though, next week for sure) That depends: did he get shutout in an impromptu agni kai? Oh wait, he did. So yeah, more than likely this will happen. #neverlettinggo
  7. Don't mind me, just collecting my diamonds...
  8. Damnit Gregor, you beat me to it!!!
  9. Admins seem to be celebrating a little early. Maybe they have a gameplan? Or they're thanking their stars that I'm casting and not playing? My bet goes to the second option, since it's the safest.
  10. Any updates on who will be casting? Haven't heard back on the matter yrt, so wondering if anybody knew?
  11. I would love to partake in all 3! Also, If you want a shoutcaster for HoTS/LoL (I could fake Overwatch), I am available ^.^ Will toss a message
  12. Sent requests to you guys. For anyone else down the chain: SW-6879-5994-0471
  13. For anyone who will roll in my squad, I will be livestreaming. You have been forewarned 👿
  14. Anyone looking for an extra bag- err, body I mean? Would love to get a character to 70 Friday night.
  15. It sounds like you must have a love for all things romantic, Grish. Must be the apple of everyone's eye! Sadly, as one could conjure these gift baskets on a whim, you came across a beautiful individual who wants nothing more in the world: Chocolate. The very thing you happen to be allergic to. You thought five or six would be enough, but this person wanted more... more.... more...... so much more.... too much more...... and suddenly, you found yourself stuck in a room full of chocolate to the point where the only place left to summon the bittersweet delicacy was to replace the air in your lungs with the poison. But hey, at least you get to die in the same room as your latest love. As for my superpower, I would have to say it's the ability to distinguish between the truth and the falsehoods of one's words. A human lie detector of sorts.