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  1. HoTS Special Comps

    You also have map-specific comps that mostly work just BECAUSE it's that map. The Medivac rush is an incredibly annoying (and nearly impossible to prevent) strategy on Sky Temple, but it sees the most success there because it is the largest map in the game (not counting Warhead Junction because to me, that map doesn't exist :^) ). There's also the double-specialist route on Tower of Doom where you split your lanes specialist-specialist-main unit (usually tank, burst/range dps and healer) and constantly shove the lanes, take towers early, and win teamfights strictly from talent tier advantage (which you will have so long as you don't get picked off). For as simple of a design compared to other MOBAs in the scene, HotS does have its moments that shine brighter than others. Having different play-styles to different maps is just one of them.
  2. MadCast Angel 2017

    I threw some into the pot just now via mobile and forgot to add a note. I can give whatever info you need to isolate the donation to put towards this!
  3. Winter Veil 2017

    The rewards are pretty easy to get this time around. I'm glad to see this over the "play 75+ games to get a small mount" ordeal.
  4. Intro - Imnuckingfuts

    Welcome to this side of the neighborhood, futs! Feel free to toss me an add and invite whenever you see me on! I've been super busy with work as of late, but hopefully my weekends will look better.
  5. Intro- Deluxxe20

    Welcome, Deluxxe! Feel free to add me in LoL (Sanjo). Hit me up for a game anytime you see me on.
  6. MadCast Promotes: Stan

    Well shoot... now he can kick me again.... Welcome back, Stan! Lookin' forward to working with you again!
  7. RFM Application: Stan

    Best of luck to you, Stan!
  8. Intro - Fox

    Welcomex Fox! Best of luck on your candidacy, and I hope to see you around for some LoL!
  9. Who do YOU main, and WHY?

    Top: Rumble - Forever and ever and always. Middle: Ziggs / Velkoz are the go-to's, but Syndra is a solid fallback for me. AD: Jinx/Ezreal/Ashe, though I haven't played AD in a while. Support: Lulu. 'Nuff said. Jungle: [ERROR 404] Bad Jungler Rumble was what got me into being a top lane main a few seasons ago (big Dyrus fan, so I learned a ton about myself as a solo-laner during this time). Ziggs has always just fit my playstyle, and I still have room for growth with him. Velkoz's damage output is insane if done correctly, but that requires trust in your team to peel for you (which in the case of soloQ.... yeah....). Lulu is just fun to play and offers so much in her base kit. AD is meh, so no real main to be found, but Ezreal was someone I could dominate mid with (when Dorans Blade into AP was a thing) and farm safely in bot.
  10. Looking for Overwatch comp crew

    Ego? ME!? Never. Salty?.... workin' on it. You know me from HoTS, though I handle other games differently.
  11. Looking for Overwatch comp crew

    Good to know about Mercy, thanks for the heads up. Note to self: Less Healie, more Wheelie (Junkrat, here I come!)
  12. Looking for Overwatch comp crew

    I may be picking up Overwatch casually again now that I've caught a D2 bug... and by casually, I mean still aiming to improve and pushing to the limit. 😂 I'm out of touch with the changes to certain characters, but I have Junkrat, Roadhog, Reinhardt, Mercy (noticing a trend yet?), Ana, and Widow/Hanzo under my belt when I played before. I'll group for some quickplay games to see how things progress! Edit: Yes I know I'm digging this up a little, but still interested if anyone else is!
  13. Season 12 the season of builds! Thursday night race to 70!

    Season Update: 1 week in and here's where I stand. Monk - Ulianna's - GR75 Next: Witch Doctor ('bout damn time xD) Greatest Disappointment: finding the Horadric Hamburger and being told the harsh reality that it's a dagger transmog and not a fist weapon. #missedOpportunity
  14. MadCast Welcomes: Aeryx!

  15. PAX East 2018

    Had to stop what I was doing at work just to join the queue But I got passes for all four days!