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  1. Anyone looking for an extra bag- err, body I mean? Would love to get a character to 70 Friday night.
  2. It sounds like you must have a love for all things romantic, Grish. Must be the apple of everyone's eye! Sadly, as one could conjure these gift baskets on a whim, you came across a beautiful individual who wants nothing more in the world: Chocolate. The very thing you happen to be allergic to. You thought five or six would be enough, but this person wanted more... more.... more...... so much more.... too much more...... and suddenly, you found yourself stuck in a room full of chocolate to the point where the only place left to summon the bittersweet delicacy was to replace the air in your lungs with the poison. But hey, at least you get to die in the same room as your latest love. As for my superpower, I would have to say it's the ability to distinguish between the truth and the falsehoods of one's words. A human lie detector of sorts.
  3. Burfday! Make it a good one if you haven't already!
  4. Secret Fireside Party @ PAX East. Drinks were had and voices were done. @MadCast: Munsa
  5. You know whats funny? I totally forgot that this falls on PAX ;-;. I'll reach out to you after the weekend about what was discussed and my thoughts
  6. So my current living situation is starting to take its toll, so I'm looking into apartments in Massachusetts. The sad thing about MA (and nearly everywhere Northeast US or West Coast) is that rent is just... well... [insert assumed meme here]. Unfortunately, all of my friends are in every state but MA at this point, but my new job is here so here I must stay. If anyone would be interested in living in an apartment up here, let me know! I hope to be moving by May once funds build and more places become available. This is more of a general inquiry and looking for roommates that I at least know a little bit about rather than strangers.
  7. I am good for 8:30 or 9:00 I'll see you there!
  8. I'll be down for this, and I'm open to any time you so desire.
  9. I CALLED JOBO SO HARD!!! xD GG WP everyone! Glad to see a village victory in my lifetime! xD
  10. So this game just came to my attention today. I'm sure people have seen it around (or maybe you haven't), but honestly I like how it looks and feels. \ It's Monster Hunter to the core, but throw in developers from Riot Games, Blizzard, BioWare, and Capcom and put it on PC. Go out and hunt giant "Behemoths" (*cough*monster*cough*) to gather materials to take on stronger Behemoths. For a game in its alpha stages, this is pretty darn impressive. Caution: may be very grind heavy, but for those of us who have played WoW, Diablo, etc., it shouldn't be out of the norm. Oh. And did I mention it is free-to-play? May be "pay-to-win" given the background of the developers, but this may be something we should give a try. Closed beta invites may be coming soon!
  11. It's only bad if she is supplying the content online... but she is sorta supplying... but not really... gaaaahhhhh, head hurts. I would be down for this in general, but I am out to dinner with old coworkers this saturday.
  12. Then I'll let you dictate who I look into tonight, Khaos. Who shall I divine? Unfortunately, any plan needs the pieces to line up to be successful. The first plan was sprung too early by Bookworm's contradiction, and this plan fell on deaf ears. I'm not sure what more I can do to appease anyone while trying to keep innocents I find safe.
  13. List, I will be looking into your role tonight. You better be ready for what comes tomorrow.
  14. If Lister is indeed the doc (OR WHOEVER IS THE DOC PROTECTED ME LAST NIGHT), then I am as good as dead tonight. I really do not like the looks of this "Hey screw you guys, I'm the doc!" since there's no way to prove it unless if I look into her role. Here's what I see: List is doc / Protects herself tonight / Wolves kill me List is doc / Protects someone else / Wolves kill me OR List List isn't doc / Real doc protects me tonight / Wolves kill someone else or attempt to kill me List isn't doc / Real doc protected me last night so must protect someone else / Wolves kill me or safely kill someone else Not liking my odds at all. UNVOTE LISTERFIEND VOTE JOBOTOO