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  1. Hey Munsa! Do you know if the card game is similar to Looked like it might be fun.
  2. Just so you don't think I've forgotten you guys! And no... I didn't drop off the face of the earth to become a LOL champ... see you around Christmas =)
  3. Just going to leave this here, as I will be unable to attend. Cheers!
  4. Was going to link this vid but you beat me to it lol.
  5. From what I could see of Mercy, the only real difference is that her resurrect is now an ability on cooldown that only resurrects one person (it is no longer her ult), and her ultimate charges faster, and gives her an additional resurrect outside of the cooldown of her normal ability. I'm not sure if the ultimate is limited to one resurrect, or if it can resurrect two people. Most of what I gathered about its use was from watching Blizzcon. From what I could tell, the only real change in playstyle is essentially that Mercy now resurrects players a lot more often, rather than saving the resurrect for team multideaths or wipes. Did I miss anything?
  6. They did say that the difference between skilled players and non-skilled players would be what is primarily used to determine MMR. Obviously deaths against will always be a factor, but the example they gave was Kerrigan. They stated that the damage output of a great kerrigan and a mediocre kerrigan didn't alter significantly between players. What did change was how much much CC each of the players was able to provide for their team. This is why each hero would have different metrics for determining what makes a good versus a bad player, and I believe that it also takes specific maps into consideration, since different heroes might be used differently on each map.
  7. It appears that wins/losses will still affect MMR, but that the extent to which they affect MMR is dependent upon your performance. Internal testing has shown that skilled players should increase in MMR at twice the current rate, and perhaps even faster. It will of course be dependent on the heroes you play (each hero will have differently weighted criteria tied to performance).
  8. With the introduction of ranking based off of individual skill rather than win/loss, there should be no more reason for good players not to rise to the top. I can't wait to see how this pans out =)
  9. Great to hear that season 2 is equally good, I loved the first season. Going to be watching the second season this week.