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  1. Good luck =)
  2. My sarcasm meter just done busted.
  3. I foresee numerous azmo first picks in HL next week, by people who don't realize they are playing a mega buffed version of azmo in this Brawl. Le Sigh.
  4. I'll be revisiting this thread with a character tonight... it's going to be the sorcerer from the D&D game I didn't recently play =) There's a link to the character in the forums, but I'll create a better description in accordance with your requirements =)
  5. Also, that muted thing in TS is only while you are in the top channel, or in the AFK channel. You shouldn't be muted in any of the others that you join.
  6. Welcome =)
  7. You have time to look for a gaming community on your wedding anniversary. Seems like you'll fit right in!
  8. We have an Overwatch Community? I kid, I kid... No. Really =P
  9. Best of Luck Prince!
  10. Welcome to OVERHOTS! This is incredible! I think I will be spending some time in the beta to tonight. This can't come out fast enough! That said... if you were going to pick up a skin or mount on sale, now might be the time to do so it since it sounds like all skins and mounts will have 3 colour variations that will be purchased separately unless you own it before 2.0. Even if your hero isn't high enough level to access all of the colours in a skin or a mount, as long as you own it prior to 2.0 you will receive all 3 colours when 2.0 comes out. On the other hand, all skins and mounts will be available using in game resources so if you don't want to spend money, it's best to wait. Regardless, I will probably try to pick up a few more master skins before 2.0, since they just cost gold and I have plenty of that.
  11. Grats =)
  12. Grats =)
  13. Good Luck =)
  14. I've stayed in a hostel on the north shore and wouldn't recommend it. Got eaten alive by bugs, no idea what kind. I'm afraid I haven't tried any of the resorts or other accommodations because I was visiting onboard a ship at the time, and stayed onboard when I wasn't up at the north shore. On another note... I recommend checking out Hanama Bay if you like the water. It's a coral reef and you can snorkel or just swim and there's tons of sea life, including sea turtles. If you're a weak swimmer don't go far from shore because there can be a fair bit of undertow. I had no issues with it, but I'm a strong swimmer, and I did have to drag one of my friends back in to shore when he started to tire out fighting the undertow. He may have also had a few too many to drink. If you're used to snorkeling, and wearing fins, you should have zero issues. I also visited a shrimp truck on the north shore and it was absolutely fantastic. The surfing is also good, but watch out for coral =)
  15. Yep... even Grubby can have an Icarus moment. To be fair... it made his stream a lot more entertaining for a few matches so... success?