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  1. Grats =)
  2. 2 Minutes to game. Woot!
  3. Great! One of the admins should be along shortly to give you the spiel on Candidacy. Cheers!
  4. Great to hear! See you this afternoon =)
  5. Welcome =) We have a thriving LOL community, plenty of folks who play D3, as well as a lot of D&D aficionados. We have a couple of D&D 5e games on the go right now using the website Roll20, and there is usually a GM or potential players looking for a group. We also have a number of military folks kicking around these parts. And who doesn't love Frosties?! (Dolphin, they are like thick ice cream milk shakes, or soft serve ice cream in a giant cup, that are served by the fast food chain restaurant Wendy's). It's probably a good thing I don't live near a Wendy's.
  6. And here was me thinking that all gutters were merely tributaries flowing into Jenny's mind.
  7. Welcome =) One of the admins will be along shortly to give you the spiel on Candidacy =)
  8. Please tell me you at least wore kilts and claymores while doing so.
  9. Ah, then I completely do not understand changing your game play in order to permit a pentakill. I would understand if there was an in game bonus, be it an aesthetic reward or XP/gold beyond what is normal, but otherwise it just seems like you're risking your success in the game for a meaningless vanity.
  10. Is there an in game bonus for chain kills?
  11. Looks like it would be fun. For that price don't see how I could pass it up. Sounds like a cross between darkest dungeon and final fantasy I.
  12. This is not the dual wielder you are looking for.
  13. Is that a LOL hero? =P
  14. I would've tossed you a like, but you didn't spell it Xul. I've had a lot of fun the past week playing Diablo in double (even triple) warrior comps. I think it's the Prime Evil skin that just takes it over the top.