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  1. Exterminate Annihilate Destroy
  2. I'm guessing Nova Scotia or Newfoundland... it would probably be a bucket of salmon if he was on the other side of Canada =)
  3. Yeah, pretty sick looking machine. If that's what skynet looks like, where do I sign up?
  4. Welcome =)
  5. Hi folks, I've been playing single player Divinity OS:2, and while I like the game, I long ago moved on from truly enjoying single player games. I also feel that this game in particular has some real replayability if you are part of a regular group, as you can play completely unique characters each time. The surprise might be gone from the encounters, but how you achieve your goals could be completely different each time (or at the very least, how your character does it). I particularly like the differences between alive and undead characters, as they bring some interesting class combinations to the table. However, playing single player doesn't allow you to explore the breadth of these options, since your companion races and personalities are fixed. My main issue here is that I like to play a character that I've created from the ground up, with a firm concept in mind. Multiplayer does not permit this unless you have a group of friends who start playing together and keep playing together. It's much like a D&D campaign. On that note, I'm wondering if anyone is willing to commit to joining me in this endeavor? As far as I know, you cannot start a multiplayer game of this nature without four actual players. Unless you want to have one of those slots revolve between random people when others cannot make it, you need to play as a 4 person group every time. This requires a lot more commitment than, for example, Baldur's Gate/Neverwinter Nights, but could have amazing dividends if folks are willing to commit to the long haul. I am looking for 3 other such people. The beauty of this is, even if you have another group, there's no reason you cannot be part of multiple groups, aside from actually having time to commit to playing with both groups and the ability for them to not interfere with each other's "sessions", much like a true D&D campaign. I am not able to commit to a set schedule (I'm a shift worker for probably the next year or more, doing 5 days on, 5 days off, and alternating between nights and days). It's hell to arrange for set timings with a schedule like that, but I would be willing to try and play any time the four of us are around. It's not quite as bad as it sounds since due to my remaining leave stored up I'm only working ten days out of every thirty until April, but still. If there's some way to play the game with fewer than four, I would also be willing to attempt that (maybe even an iron "lone wolf" mode with only two players), but I don't know if that's even possible, and it would lose a lot of the dynamic I'm looking for. The main thing is, I don't want to have to micromanage a group of 3 NPCs in single player all the time, I want it to actually feel like the D&D campaign that Divinity 2 attempts to emulate. Listening in on Munsa's game the other night was a lot like listening in on a D&D session. I love the concept, I just need folks who are up for starting a group (or second group =P) with me. TLDR: Single player is fun to play around with concepts, looking for real live folks to make this game the blast it should be, arranging subsequent play sessions for our group pretty much every time we finish playing a session. Cheers!
  6. Just a reminder, we're playing today in 30 minutes!
  7. Welcome back =)
  8. I also received that error when I tried to log in a few moments ago.
  9. Unfortunately, Mercy is likewise my gal of choice by a significant margin (about 30x more time spent playing Mercy than all other heroes combined). Maybe some of the folks who played in the last FM vs Admin would be up for it though.
  10. Hey Lunalesk, add me on Steam if you like. Should be able to find me under MadCast: Fangelix (my alter ego =P)
  11. Picked it up, if anyone wants to start a second group (Stan?).
  12. My Internet just died. Posting from my phone. Hope it's up before the game! Edit: 1:47 PM and still out. Apparently a good chunk of the city if not all of it has dropped off. Hopefully Shaw can bring it back up soon.
  13. Miz Black shares these goals, but also considers this an excellent opportunity to test her developing infiltration skillset.
  14. I'm going to be posting pics here of my base, aka my home, in ARK. Feel free to add your own!
  15. Didn't know about the freezer, and forgot about the salt being located there. I had to kill about 4 to 5 wyverns to keep this tame happening, next one will be a lot easier =)