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  1. Welcome =)
  2. By far the most fun I've had playing a support.
  3. I guess I will be playing D3 lol.
  4. Welcome. I try not to push your button too often.
  5. From his hearthstone abilities I would expect him to have some form of increased speed or mobility as well as an increase to damage when wounded, perhaps not quite as all in as Zul'Jin though.
  6. Ewww... Septune. Next thing you know it will be Septic. Also.... GRATS sNeptune!
  7. @MadCast: Cookie makes most of our banners =)
  8. I have to leave for work around 4:30pm PST, so I won't be able to attend a full session tomorrow. I'm certain that Figgy will drag my into all kinds of mischief in the 30 minutes I won't be there.
  9. Welcome!
  10. Welcome and Grats!
  11. Welcome =)
  12. Welcome =)
  13. Welcome =)
  14. Sorry to hear that Stan. Hope you feel better soon, food poisoning is no joke!!!
  15. Seeing as I am still recovering from the flu, I will not be sky diving tomorrow. The upshot is that I will therefore be available for the game Sunday =) Looking forward to it!