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  1. I suggest we find a time to actually talk things over before you go spending $80 On powerlines adapters and other things that might not help
  2. 7 EST will work sounds like it will be a party.
  3. We could try to do this Wednesday if that isn't too short notice for yall. I got coven by the way and totally suggest it.
  4. Got em read em memorized em put em in an essay and paraphrased em But for real I have read and I accept
  5. What happened to "oh FM is for the birds."
  6. As a cable technician I can tell you with dsl all they will tell you is sorry. They can't do anything to make it faster because they are literally giving you all they have. However if you have a separate modem and router there are some steps to troubleshoot. Check speeds directly from modem with a direct hardline. That is all you will more than likely ever get with them. Turn off the router and modem and disconnect them. Turn on the modem and let it boot up Connect the two together Turn on the router and let it boot Alternatively there are WiFi range extenders or just get a second router and put it on the other end of the house and run some cat5 through the attic/crawl space If all else fails all you can do is change to a coax provider for better bandwidth. Do note there are always stronger routers. At those speeds you don't need a dual band you just need stronger single band
  7. Hots does have the resources as well, but in my experience the best way to get better is to play with people better than you. Anyone commenting only having seen the League of Learning side of things would think that they aren't learning anything because they aren't being they were just paired with people of the same caliber as them. I have voiced that concern with epic before to no avail, but that is a bit off topic. Dojo originally was one of the things that brought my skill level up a lot because we would go back and talk through each play. If I recall the only reason it fell apart some time ago was because of a lack of attendance for one reason or another.
  8. So when we gunna play?
  9. Don't yall just see us as gun totting western film peoples. Dress up as John wayne...or a monkey in a suit that always works.
  10. Make sure you name him covfefe...it has to mean something
  11. ToS has just come out with new content and I am trying to find out if anyone has played it yet.
  12. Discipulus


    I am the cable guy who fixes the cable things...when you realize your dog has completely chewed you cable line I am the one to call. I used to be a crew chief on the b-52 which was fun for a bit.
  13. Mike, just posting a follow up to see if the problem has been resolved.
  14. hes gunna be like tychus and illidan probs