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  1. I will make sure to send you a friend request. Welcome. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  2. Welcome! Is BakedZD your in game name for LoL, or do you go by Panda?
  3. That's awesome. Thanks for showing it off! If it's not an issue, would you mind sharing how much you saved by making it yourself?
  4. It's encouraged. Welcome, I look forward to playing with you!
  5. 12 bucks for Slay the Spire is worth it. Amazing game.
  6. I am surprised you don't talk about Karthus or Kayn here. Even Jarvan, with all the popularity he has had recently.
  7. I've been told I have puppy class this evening, so I'll see you all after that!
  8. Askren was taken to the hospital shortly after the match. Probably the only match I've seen with that level of 'wow'.
  9. Its a day by day process. 😅 Thank you, Prince. I really appreciate the well wishes.