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  1. If you two (or anyone else) is wondering why there seems to be no award encompasing the outreach and support that Red provides to our community: She already has the highest honor we can award her. The Legendary Hero award. Otherwise we'd be setting the bar too high to keep up to her and all the awards she'd be getting.
  2. No you wont I am unfortunately not able to be present tonight due to office obligations. Please enjoy!
  3. Thank you for the feedback. I know that Support works hard to ensure everyone enjoys the event. I hope to see you continue to attend.
  4. Gotta keep it sharp to be on the same level as some of these other admins.
  5. Hey all, Baal is currently fighting his router a la deathmatch style. I will be hosting the Funday this evening. Be in Discord before 9 EST for your spot!
  6. It was that @MadCast: CoachRivers guy that nominated you for being such a swell guy.
  7. Putting her top seems to be the way to go, and I think you have the right of it here, Waz. Keeping Kayle on the island with TP and corrupting potion let's her accelerate the leveling process and work towards that late game. Since 16 is the goal, pick her with a team that excels early game and reap the benefits to come.
  8. Thank you for posting, Baal. To the rest of you: prepare to lose, and to have fun doing it.
  9. Welcome! I'll get you started. You are now a candidate for Full Membership. When in Discord, please wear the [C] tag, as in [C] Craiden23 . Additionally, you now have access to #candidates-chat. Please find a Candidate Coordinator (myself or @MadCast: Mike) for a full introduction and initial question and answer session. In one month the Senior Full Members will vote on your membership. Should you pass, you will become a Full Member. You will then be required to wear the MadCast name tag, in your case, MadCast: Craiden23 . Should you fail, you may reapply and the candidacy period will begin again. A few tips for a successful candidacy: Please familiarize yourself with the MadCast Code of Conduct that all community members must abide by. Check out the New to MadCast section for other bits of useful information! Be active on the forums! Check it regularly and participate when possible. If you find something interesting then share it! Chances are someone else will as well. Being active on the forums is an important habit to learn, and is one of the main criteria noticed during your candidacy. Join us on Discord! Even if you don't have a mic, you're welcome to listen in. Being active on Discord and playing with other members is the best way to be noticed around the community! Discord Server: Use the #candidates-chat text channel to quickly get access to the entire network of current Full Members to ask any questions you may have, or to get eyes on your thread! can be found here. Use the same name on the forums, Discord, and in-game when possible. If not possible, make sure people know who you are! We rely on feedback from our members when evaluating Full Membership and they can't post comments for you if they don't know who you are. Join the MadCast Public Group to make it easy for us to contact you, and for updates on Steam. If you have questions regarding your candidacy or the process to become a Full Member, please attempt to contact current Full Members via #candidate-chat in Discord first. If your concern has to do with conduct or issues with another player, feel free to reach out to an admin. Last but not least, the requirement for you to even be eligible to be voted on can be found here.
  10. Welcome! I'm glad that that appeals to you, I hope MadCast continues to be a place that provides that for you. As the man said: Let us know if you want to start the process of becoming a member. We can help you if you have any questions!