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  1. Hey Saggitch, I know exactly the thread you are referring to, and thank you for reading everything we have available so closely. It's really encouraging to see newer arrivals take such an interest in our history. Long story short, that was how we operated on our previous website. Now everyone has access to the basic forum mechanics such as Avatars and etc. Thanks for double checking!
  2. Was looking forward to seeing this. Noted, and thank you for applying.
  3. Welcome friend, I'm glad you found the place. I look forward to seeing you around and hope you get a chance to show up to some of our League events soon! Also: Flattery will get you nowhere, and shame on you for clearly pandering. Jokes aside, let me know when you're interested in Full membership; the door is always open.
  4. Noted, and thank you for applying.
  5. D for days brother. I am all about Flash on D.
  6. Congratulations and well deserved!
  7. Congratulations and well deserved!
  8. God damn I love that second video more than I care to admit.
  9. 2 favorites. All time favorites.
  10. I would have a look at all three on the skin spotlights YouTube channel, then move from there. I think both hextech Annie and soulstealer Vayne are both only unlockable by those , shards so I would choose between those two.
  11. Twxster has failed to achieve the necessary votes to become a full member of MadCast. Twxster may contact an SFM for a brief explanation of the reason(s) his candidacy was unsuccessful. Failed [C]'s may re-apply unless banned. If successful on their second try, they become tagged full members on a probationary basis for 20 days, with probationary status converting to complete full member status on the 21st day barring Staff objection.
  12. Noted, and thank you for applying.
  13. Come join us for some Learning at 9:00 EST. We'll be implementing some different approaches, so be sure to show up and post feedback!
  14. Noted, and thank you for applying.
  15. That is an incredible amount of detail and voice acting.