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  1. Man. League is a money sink that I don't like to discuss.
  2. Some fun flex clips for you! See me fail, then see Ryze fail. See Maesen and I fail, and then see our godlike Braum support the hell outta our team. Finally, see how corridors can be fun!
  3. I already like him more than you. Welcome, Fishdeeck. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  4. Qft. STS is one of my favorite games of all time.
  5. I wonder how they can take the concept and similar art influences and avoid a copyright claim or two. It looks neat though!
  6. I'll always respect a Mean Girls reference.
  7. Did you get the poetic shirt that was to the right of the Nathan Pyle art?
  8. Excuse me, sir? Scott Pilgrim Vs the World happens to be my favorite movie. Metric is also a great band, but I agree; the Clash at demonhead rendition was much better.
  9. Hey, @HeyNowCloud. You rock. But you know that already. I'm super happy to see you post here, and apply for membership. Good luck in your candidacy!
  10. Rather than necro the old thread(s), I'm letting anyone interested know that there will be a game coming out on September 30th called Cube World. Click the Cube World link to learn more about the game! When I played the alpha in 2013, the game had a bit to it and was super fun. Now, the Closed Beta comes out tomorrow morning, and is available to all Alpha supporters. If you are on tomorrow, and had supported this game since alpha: Come join me for the game. You might even see a wild @MadCast: Junodavidw. You can get your account and alpha granted steam key here:
  11. I will make sure to send you a friend request. Welcome. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  12. Welcome! Is BakedZD your in game name for LoL, or do you go by Panda?
  13. That's awesome. Thanks for showing it off! If it's not an issue, would you mind sharing how much you saved by making it yourself?