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  1. Welcome! It was good to meet you earlier!
  2. I guess that means that I consider them a culinary ballad of bread, meat, and condiment.
  3. Welcome! Hope to get some games in with you soon!
  4. Hey all. During my offline/sparing single player time I've been playing the hell of of this village sim/tower defense/god game called Rise to Ruins. It has a really impressive world map and perks system that keeps me coming back, as well as consistent updates. The dev does a good job of interacting on the discord that the game links you too as well. If this is something you like, let me know! I'll talk strategy with you!
  5. Glad this went well for you. I look forward to -possibly- attending the next one.
  6. Hey Optifreak. Glad you posted an intro, and I hope you enjoy your time here. One of our Candidate Coordinators will be around to get you started on that Full Membership process. I am not sure which account to add you on, which account will you be using to play more with MadCast folks? Edit: Looks like one 'em already got to ya.