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  1. I will make sure to send you a friend request. Welcome. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  2. Welcome! Is BakedZD your in game name for LoL, or do you go by Panda?
  3. That's awesome. Thanks for showing it off! If it's not an issue, would you mind sharing how much you saved by making it yourself?
  4. It's encouraged. Welcome, I look forward to playing with you!
  5. 12 bucks for Slay the Spire is worth it. Amazing game.
  6. I am surprised you don't talk about Karthus or Kayn here. Even Jarvan, with all the popularity he has had recently.
  7. I've been told I have puppy class this evening, so I'll see you all after that!
  8. Askren was taken to the hospital shortly after the match. Probably the only match I've seen with that level of 'wow'.
  9. Its a day by day process. 😅 Thank you, Prince. I really appreciate the well wishes.
  10. Welcome! Glad you found us. I play a bit of league and everything else. I've shot you an add, hopefully we get a game sometime soon.
  11. Start your day off right. Here's Munsa in France.
  12. Hello everyone. I have made some changes to our Discord Server. If you want to continue to use our server to your best benefit, please read this thread. You might notice that some of the Discord chats have gone missing on you. This is intended. All text channels on this server have now been made private, and accessible on an opt-in basis. We currently have 19 text channels on our server. Some that you could see before, others that were minimized by role subscription. We have now enabled role subscription to the entire server. This is to combat both the clutter caused by these text channels, and the ability of bots to attack our public text channels. This requires some action on your part in order to continue participating in our server's text channels. In order for you to see a game or section's text channels: you must opt-in to the proper role. You can do so by heading to the #welcome channel and reacting to the first post with the proper emoji. These emojis correspond to each section and will allow you to participate in those sections once used. You will not be able to participate in text chats if you are not subscribed. Once you have found the first post in the #welcome chat, you can subscribe to a role by selecting the corresponding emoji. You can also unsubscribe by removing your reaction emoji. For example: if you react to my post in the #welcome chat with the GEN emoji, you will be awarded the General role. This will give you access to all of our basic text chats. If you have feedback with this new system, please share any you might have below. If you are having issues operating our Discord and require assistance, please contact any Ranking Full Members, Senior Full Members, or Staff in that order. Thank you.
  13. I remember you talking about this, and how happy you were to be doing it. Glad you are still enjoying this, it looks great!
  14. Can recommend, have it on my switch.
  15. I dunno if any of you dudes sprechen, but this is a fun callback song for me. Also, their new song Deutschland is a trip.
  16. I'm sure I said it in another thread, but let me reiterate here: friends off. Ketchup only.