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  1. Something I found stumbling through youtube that I have been enjoying lately.
  2. Finally finished my first play-through of the campaign. It was a blast. Sitting at 95% completion, as while most the quests are interesting, I have a lot of unifnished tasks that I do not feel like completing. To that end, while playing I should be in Teamspeak from now on and ready to jump into Co-op if people are up for it.
  3. Bought, early accessed as well, having a blast. 2clueless on Origin. Be up for multiplayer most likely on the weekend, going to be too busy exploring and having fun in single player during the week after work.
  4. The Witcher series is good one. Three games, and they each get successively better. Third one is incredible; so much to do, and all of it feels rewarding in one way or another. Also what I would say fits your description of open world. The first and second, not so much. Mass Effect 1 and 2 are also on Steam. Third only available through Origin. Excellent Sci Fi RPG/Adventure game. Second is the best of both. Second is the best installment of series, although from a certain point of view it is rather linear. As a disclaimer, I tend to favour more linear experiences. "Open world" unless done right, is both overwhelming and exceptionally boring for me. Mystery is, well, a complete mystery to me. Not quite sure what you mean by the term. Maybe give Antichamber a shot?
  5. Had to be someone, Prince. Hopefully next time you'll be able to mix it up a little, before being hung/slaughtered.
  6. Any wolves want like to explain how you guys decided on kills? Just curious what your motivations for your choices were.
  7. YES! YES! OH YEAH! WOOHOO! Thank you to all the corpses that made this possible, and think you for everyone for believing in me. I could not have done this without you! .. Man, if Jobotoo had been a villager, I don't want to know what would have happened. Jeeze. Edit: Thank you to everyone for believing in me!
  8. Same to you, Stan. I mean, seriously, this is absolutely insane.
  9. You two (Agent and Jobo) are making this so very hard..
  10. Not to imply that I am ungrateful for the support, Sotarkadin, but would you mind terribly sharing your thoughts on why you are agreeing with this vote?
  11. That is redundant. ALL of us are going to say that. So have myself, Jobotoo, and Sotarkadin. At this point, this is basically also a redundant statement. The only person that did not at this point is Stan. But I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for the moment since he was the *second* to vote for Razorback. Look up three posts from that. Razor was part of my suspicious group as well. But here you do have a point: at least you have made some suspicions know. But Jobotoo.. Here are my thoughts on people at the moment. Stan has been vocal, he has called people out. Recently deceased and trustworthy people seemed to have decided to trust him, and if he is so cold hearted as to throw his fellow wolf under the bus without seeing how the vote would actually turn out, well.. he did miss the Bookworm vote, but it was early in game, and as Khaos pointed out his work schedule is hell, so I can see him not keeping his eyes glued to the happenings if the day looked non-eventful. Tenuous, but at least plausible and visible. Sotarkadin is a hell of a wild card. For both wolves, he voted early. I think that clears him. But his single minded fixation on Stan may mean that he has just completely thrown the game to hell and doesn't care, and counts on his insane ravings to keep him from being suspect until the end. For me, it is working. Maddening, but working. ThatAgent and Jobotoo. The Yes-Men of the group. "My vote is Khaos and Lister's" You each should adopt that as your epitaph. Stan as well to a lesser degree, but that is beside the point right now. Not a toe out of line. Perfect "in-sheeps-clothing" material, hence under the most suspicion at this point. Are you both innocent stooges, or is one of you sweating right now? We tried hanging Jobotoo once, and failed by a hair. Decided to try shaking the tree of the other. Found it. All right. Consider me swayed for the moment. In honour of Sanjo's last wish.. UNVOTE ThatAgent VOTE Jobotoo
  12. I do have an idea. I'll post about it more once I get home from school. But here is the main subject of it. VOTE ThatAgent Thoughts?
  13. Sotarkadin, your single minded tenacity and out right zeal to hang Stan is maddening. Absolutely maddening. Again, you could be right, but your pursuit of this kill is blinding me to the rest of the game. And NOW you are hinting at being the vigilante? This is too much. Five of us are left, one of us is the wolf, and all I can think about is hanging you to get some needed peace and quiet to actually think, and to prevent you from doing anything rash at this point in the proceedings.
  14. I am curious, where is your fascination and desire for death, now, Kajyu? Before you seemed all for it, to able to sit back and watch the chaos of the game unfold. But now.. are you afraid with your death, the game will end?
  15. Two of the quiet, behind the scenes people are stepping up and leading the charge. Great to see. I am basing my vote in the fact Razorback didn't vote for her when the village nigh turned against her to begin with. VOTE Kajyu On my phone, so no fancy quoting, but go back to take a look at page 11. Razor had a wonderful opportunity to show some village solidarity and vote Kajyu but didn't take it. Unlooked for compassion by a puppy, or trying to protect an ally?