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  1. deploying

    what up, its yo boy, just wanted to let yall know I will be deploying on Thursday for 9 months. so its been fun but I'm out of here for a little while. been fun hopefully I don't die lol
  2. Intro: catperson96

  3. league of learning 8/10/2017
  4. friday night league recording gold+
  5. Friday Night League - Season I

    where do I sign up if its not too late to sign up
  6. league of learning recording. very very crazy games.
  7. Team Munsa's and Leoric
  8. Friday night league recording
  10. oh boy

  11. New Hero - Malthael

    true but you got to think, hes probably going to be banned....alot
  12. Fun Day Monday Recording sorry only have second recording, the first one decided it didn't want to record.
  13. Find Your Ranked Duo

    League of Legends Name: sithmacfarlane Rank: Masters (silver 4) Top Two Positions: Mid, top, jungle Play Style (Be descriptive! How do you like to play?): I do the ganks Hours Available (Use Eastern Time Zone): weekdays around of after 4pm, weekends for the most part all day Favorite Champions: talon, zed, reksai, the gator, malz Contact Me With (Skype, discord, league, etc - this is when you are not in TS): you will find me on za teamspeak
  14. League of Learning 6/01/2017 vid here it is boys, any questions or concerns lets myself or the admins know. gg ty you guys for coming.