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  1. i did that and it kept happening, so i restarted my pc and reset my settings, choose this again and it worked, but my mic still glitches disabled for like 1 sec here and there, no idea why. and thanks btw
  2. ok, im guna try to keep calm here, already had a hell of a day, anywoo, heres the prob, every time i log into ts, it disables my mic. i reset my settings and setup a new ptt, no matter what i do, it toggles disabled within seconds. kinda losing my shit atm because i wanted to play some overwatch with the community for once and cant get this solved...... any help would be much appreciated. feel free to ask whatever, i may have missed something, who knows, im on edge, lol.
  3. Junkrat i have 7, McCree i have 5, then i have less than an hour with each of the other heroes with a total of 16 hrs played.
  4. so i just worked an overnight shift and i plan on sleeping up til the release then ima no life overwatch for the next 2 days as mondays/tuesdays are my weekend atm. so psyched
  5. oh snap, infamous triple post!!!
  6. unless it's relevant to the fight, sometimes you need to call out situations that maybe not everyone is aware of.
  7. I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I don't think I got to play with any of you during the beta, but I plan on making this my main game for awhile, I need a break from swtor.
  9. sounds good, if they don't micro transaction the hell outta it i think i'd be interested in playing.
  10. I knew the scheme looked familiar, fkn nexon............... don't get me wrong, the game looks cool, but i know first hand that nexon is super heavy on micro-transactions. used to play Vindictus(also a nexon game), fun game, good story, but then you run into endgame micro transactions non stop, upgrading your gear has levels and going past a certain level can break or damage said gear, that is unless you buy trinkets from the shop to prevent this. want a specific dye on your armor, better buy a bunch of dye modules from the shop and hope you get the right one or you can go to the armor customize vendor and spin the wheel a billion times to try and get close to the right color. this looks to be f2p on release, and thats where i'll keep my stock in this game if I chose to try it out, learned my lesson last time. i hate to feel like a buzzkill because after watching the trailer i was like " omg, that looks pretty awesome " but then i saw the nexon banner at the end and my excitement got deflated.
  11. mgs(metal gear solid) on ps1, that was like 18yrs ago, whoa, so long ago.
  12. Welcome, it was nice chatting with you earlier, and good luck in your candidacy.