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  1. Someday... someday they will fix the skewed lightsaber blades.
  2. how long is the closed beta scheduled to last? I'd be interested in trying it out.
  3. TP Bundles are finally available, and the price of tokens have been reduced by 50%. You can purchase 100 TP for $9; 310 TP for $27; or 530 for $45, and 30-day tokens have been reduced in price from 198 TP to 99 TP.
  4. Interesting to see Vaylin's armor available.
  5. As much as I enjoy using discord I have to agree with Quanta. I don't feel it meets the needs of a group the size of MadCast. The channel navigation and the lack of a text chat being tied to specific voice channels can make things confusing for people trying to hop on and play with a specific group of people. I also understand where Emaxxy is coming from, though. TeamSpeak is very segmented and it's very easy to find the people/channels you are comfortable in and stay there. Discord seems to give more commonality to the chat, but I think TeamSpeak allows for that as well, but only full members and above are allowed to use it, and it's mostly reserved for announcements rather than as a forum for conversation. If, collectively, MadCast decides to use Discord I think it can be made to work, and I understand the fact that it being a free service makes it very attractive, but I think TeamSpeak is better suited to a group as large and diverse as we are.
  6. I'm glad that Mercy is always useful.
  7. @MadCast: CloudWinfield Are you on the Orsha or Klaipeda server? I think @MadCast: Lucemiya has a character on Klaipeda. I have several on Orsha, as do a few people from swtor.
  8. To be fair, it's not just family, it's also the Baja 500, and one of the best steak houses on the planet.
  9. Gonna be honest, my interest in playing SWTOR is pretty low right now. I'd be willing to be alternate, but I probably am not gonna be very interested in even raiding much in the near future.
  10. Same, I posted a few links to videos that ended up as hyperlinks until I went in and edited them with the proper embedding.
  11. The times as a sorc when I need to actually worry about force recovery are pretty few and far between... with that being said, though, there are plenty of times where suddenly I can go from full to nearly empty, and the way our force recovery ability works we have to prime it with crits from Innervate, or it actually costs more force to use than it recovers (it slows down force recovery and costs health if you don't use it with the buff from innervate.) Most likely what will come of this is that I just spend a cooldown after every innervate using the force recovery ability.