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  1. if there is room Dakvar is dps and i would love to do some ops!!
  2. hey everyone i just wanted to tell everyone that i was sorry for my actions in the forums , i acted like a little bitch, baby,and like someone not worthy to be in the MadCast community. i went above and beyond extreme , i do except full responsibilty in my actions,and any and all repercussion. the way I went about seeking information was childish u called for. I know there are proper channels that one can go through if there has been an injustice and I avoided them all by going straight to the forums with my issues, a single issue for me turned into a problem for everyone in the MadCast community and for these actions I am sorry. once again I feel is important that I apologize to Every member of the MadCast community. I am sorry that you had to whiteness my immature actions, and I hope that with time I can regain any respect back that I may have lost!
  3. call it a mistake all you want, but every one of my toons that clarified that they were my toons were kicked from the guild but the one toon I haven't played in a while that didtn say it was mine is still in the guild??? something seems fishy!! and my comments, my oppinions, my frustrations are insulting to you? you can act all calm like nothing is the matter, this is just a mistake to you. to me this is very important!! all the (officers) rfm,sfm,and some fm, I don't get why your all trying to reassure me that this is common mistake that all someones toons on BOTH GUILDS end up being kicked, I honestly don't see this as a mistake and yes I do take it personally
  4. Thank you that means a lot!!
  5. i do see what you are saying and what you mean , however i was on my toon in the guild yesterday and all my toons had in the comment next to them Foxytina and all my toons were marked as candidate so its not like you cant miss it and this is the worst part, i had toons in both sides imp, and pub that are no longer in them, however the one toon that didnt have Foxytina by it is still in the pub guild, so now i really feel like someone has it in for me and this community isnt feeling like a community anymore with bullshit like this going on! as i said previously if this is a prank or a troll then this has gone to far
  6. so once again i am here and i try not to create all sorts of topics but... this one pisses me off to the max. my name is Foxytina,Dak'Var and i thought i was doing ok in the guild but some underhanded bullshit has gone down, and i am no longer a member of this guild???? WTF.....i have spoken to a couple of people and the comments Guild clean- up arose. really i am on both those toons just about everyday almost all day seeing as how i have no job and am disabled. yes i have mad a couple of toons with names like( cox'uker, Ilova'Gudfach) but to go as far as remove all my toons and to do so when i am offline is low and complete bullshit i have recived no emails on this site as to what if any problems might be, no one has spoken to me, other then the comments "we have been having alot of problems with foxy lately" but what are those problems??? this has gone way to far if this was a prank or a troll, this isnt cool
  7. Good luck my friend i hope you get this!!!
  8. just wanted to hop on here and wish everyone a wonderfull day!!
  9. Hey guys Foxytina here with an idea to level our social up to ten. i would like to get a guild event to run flashpoints, and other events that incorperate social levels. in some cantina's there are social vendors that will sell amazing and fun items, including a full set of the slave girl outfit for very little credits, it will also act as a way for us to get to know one another and come together as a whole as a family and a gaming community I look forward to seeing if I am not the only one to want this. if you do want to do this please post some times and dates that would work best for you so we can schedule these events
  10. Welcome Kassidy, i look forward to gaming and speaking with you more in the future
  11. yes I am ready to apply for full membership at this time
  12. hey im Foxytina (Brian), im 31 divorced, military vet (army) and a full time gamer i have 3 children all boys. i enjoy fishing, cooking,playing video games, writing, i am a very cool guy to meet, and a very mean enemy, i hope you all can get to know me over the next few years. i have played all sorts of games. my recent title include ( minecraft, swtor,GW2,WOW,firefall,warframe,skyforge,STO,ELOA,arch age,and sevral others. I like to hang out socialize and have a great time, I like making sound effects of Chewbacca, and I love who I am in life,if you want to know anything else just ask