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  1. There are a few fights that require teams to be split, so I split them initially and used those same groups throughout the instance, including this fight. We didn't have any problems with that initial split since it really is just a matter of having equal numbers in the groups for this fight. I don't really recommend using your defensive cd's (nor healing cd's) during the Barreling Impact. The much better place, in my opinion, was using them for the first roar that shortly follows the Barreling Impact. The roar hurt a lot worse, and there's another roar coming a few seconds later. This is when you get the raid healed up quickly or raiders are going to start dropping.
  2. As a healer, this type of potion is incredibly useful. I keep a stack of these as well as Mana Potions in my bags when raiding. In fights where healers can rotate through the channel, the Leytorrent Potion will be better. When there simply is no time to allow for a channeled effect, then healers make do with a Mana Potion, though it doesn't replenish as much mana. You can only use one or the other, so each healer has to weigh the pros and cons on every boss fight and, sometimes, every pull. If your healers don't require either of these potions because they finish the fight with plenty of mana, then the raid leader brought too many healers!
  3. Congrats, Lorenzo! Climbing that ladder seemed too daunting for me, given the amount of matches it looked like it would take. Enjoy your end-of-season rewards!
  4. Now that my order hall campaign is over, I think this will be great in just keeping these missions chugging, especially when I'm out of town.
  5. While you can gather and craft most things starting from level 1, you gather/craft more efficiently at higher skill levels in Legion, so it does make sense to go in at max level, unless you really don't care about professions. Also, there are the equivalent of daily quests for your professions, but you can't do them unless you have a decent skill level (which I *think* may be 300, but I can't remember, and there was some disagreement between beta-testers on the exact number). If you have already boosted a level 100 or are changing crafting professions, remember that you can use the WoD catch-up mechanics to level up pretty easily right now. When I checked how much it would cost to powerlevel JC, for example, it was around 7-8k gold a week or two ago. I saw somebody on my server selling a 1-700 tailoring kit for 10k, as well. Happy demon hunting!
  6. Yes! We had targets on almost every mob's head, a plan for how to handle their different abilities, and every cooldown and drop of mana mattered. I've gotten gold medals in all of the challenge mode dungeons in Mists and WoD, and while those types of speed runs have their place, they just don't rise to that level.
  7. I saw some beta videos of the Mythic+ dungeons; they reminded me of the pre-nerf Cataclysm dungeons, and those were some of the best times I've ever had in a dungeon. I felt like I was in a 5-man raid.
  8. This is an incredible resource, thanks!
  9. I've been healing on a resto shaman since Wrath of the Lich King; they're a fun and versatile class!
  10. Actually in WoD you were (and are) able to scale between 10 and 30 except in Mythic which is set at 20. This system is exactly the same in Legion. I'm not sure if you know this, but people from different servers are also able to quest together outside of dungeons. One of the players will be temporarily phased onto the other server. The only barrier they still haven't changed is that Horde and Alliance still can't play together (other than Mercenary Mode PvP, of course), and no cross-realm Mythic raiding of the current tier.