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    I am a life long gamer started with the sega genesis and the screams of the tv yelling finish him as I won another game of mortal Kombat. I am fairly active study Premed Biology at the university of Wisconsin Oshkosh. I Pride myself in being a fairly well rounded gamer but with a high specialization in Strategy games. I am friendly and only bite when provoked ^_^ and by provoked i mean being harassed for months then i may kill you but up till then Your golden :D. I live a fairly active lifestyle on campus but always have time for games especially if I Have notice to make time for them, but like everything life comes first always.
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    Gaming, medicine, Deep water diving, mountain climbing, Rugby, Football, Basketball, other stuff
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    Full Time student UW oshkosh
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    MadCast: Poliar
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    MadCast Poliar
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    Mr ShadowMarine

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  1. I wants it will probably pick it up some time
  2. Ya i like to read through them as well haha
  3. Kotor, Warcraft 3: Reign of chaos, Halo 2. Ive Christend every single one of my computers (5) by playing through Warcraft 3: Reign of chaos Campaign in its entirety. Halo 2 Was so much fun when I was younger, Getting online with my friends and finding all the glitches. Trying to get to the scorpion gun and butterfly all the way to the top of weird places. Playing old school Swat and old school zombies So much Fun. As for Kotor I have beaten it 10 separate times. It never, ever gets old... in fact i might go play it again!
  4. For my players the key I have found is all the above stated with having fun and letting the players have their own freedom. But the biggest thing I would say for my games was that I tried my very best not to make numbers NOT the thing that people talk about. Obviously you need to roll but I always made rolls as secretive as possible. The players dont have to keep their rolls secret but i always made my rolls secret. It Does two things, 1: It allows you to control the ebb and flow of the narrative if you so wish. 2: It builds backup that 4th wall that is broken down every time a die is rolled. If the players don't know what they need to get it keeps it exciting and further more you can make them succeed or fail on your wish. It stops a lot of arguments and bad feelings at times! Just my two cents!
  5. Happy Birfday Jedi man
  6. Welcome. I feel as ive seen a thread like this before.. Cant remember where hmm. O well!!
  7. Lets be friends on there! It makes it way more fun lol Whats your user name on there?
  8. Wild finger pointing? It was obvious the whole time that butters and cindy were wolves u were the only one I dident have pegged and I thought the third could be mavrick. Logically they argued to save a man that they then condemned to death. That was very poor. From the beginning it was very obvious it was those two. I figured if we could kill the third before we hung butters then it would be a shoe in
  9. idk how i feel about this trailer in general ive had 3 seperate people ask if its a comedy right away
  10. SK is by far the hardest role. Ive won with them all except sk so far
  11. Hang poliar he doesnt know whats up!! Hang him now he screwed up! mhmmmmmm anyways back to town of salem!
  12. Hey remember when i called out all the wolves in a single turn and then got hung. I do...