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    New Zealand
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    My interests mostly revolve around gaming, however, I also enjoy motocross and ATV. There's also those times where you're just interested in lazing and watching some TV shows :)

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    My name is Kingsley, I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I have been a gamer since as far back as I can remember (Mostly PC), I usually just play casually but looking to get into more competitive play. If you're ever in New Zealand and want to hang out or anything, I'm sure we could make a plan :). Feel free to add me on BNet @ Brokiqnz#1323.
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    Systems Engineer
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  1. Skyllr

    Intro - Dabe

    Welcome , hopefully it's as good as you hear it is!
  2. Skyllr

    Into - Wink

    Welcome to the community
  3. Welcome Smiley! , good luck with the candidacy! and grats with the Ph.D!
  4. Welcome Shadow, I'm sure you'll find many HotS players here. Feel free to join us on TS Also, I thought the grammar was pretty good
  5. Welcome, good luck with the candidacy
  6. This writer/producer has fun killing off main characters I swear x_x , but at least it's usually unpredictable and intense =P
  7. Welcome! . Hope to see you around
  8. Hope I'm not too late to the party O_O . Happy Birthday, Munsa!
  9. Skyllr

    Intro - Kaleo

    Welcome! . I'm sure you'll pick up and get better in the HotS QM games pretty quickly. We do have quite a community for HotS, feel free to join in anytime. See you around!.
  10. Welcome! Hope you do end up enjoying your time here with these fantastic people! See you around.