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  1. My son and I got Charmander as our first Pokémon. We also caught Pikachu, Venonat, Rattata and Raticate. We got level 3 and a medal but then my battery ran low so our Pokémon journey ended. But we are going to do it again.
  2. Hi Everyone, So this Season I have been playing mostly wild with a tempo warrior deck. It have got me the rank 10. I am now rank 12. On standard I have a pirate warrior that is pretty fun but I find the meta to be harder than wild....Enjoy!
  3. I personally don't drop real money on pixels, but I have 1800 gold saved and climbing. By time the expansion comes out I will be able to buy around 30+ packs.
  4. Awesome guides! When I have time I will watch them all.
  5. Well we have 3 of the 4 corners of the greatest nation on earth covered. We just need Maine now.
  6. That was awesome...Someone should definitely shot call like that on stream....I know we have military peeps.
  7. So it took me all yesterday to grind out a lvl 20 character...And how fitting it was lvling a paladin to get a paladin. If you use the dungeon finder it makes it real quick. I was able to go from 17 to 20 in less than an hour....1 through 17 however was a long grind.
  8. Glad to hear it. Yeah you even were higher rank than me last night. I got to rank 8 with the tempo mage then when the meta switched I fell like Icarus when getting too close to the sun. I am currently rank 14. I guess the 3 strongest decks as of late are midrange druid, zoolock and secret paladin.