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  1. Sweet! Sorry for the long reply. Anyway I'll post my Friend code here and some link below on how to get started on MH. Also post your Friend code so I can add you ASAP. Also dont be afraid to whisper me when I'm on when it comes to MH. I'll be gladly to help you out as much as I can Nintendo Friend Code: 0533-4528-8242 Gaijin Hunter: He does a lot of MH content including some tutorial on how to play the weapons and other important aspects such as gathering and canteen upgrades. Arekkz Gaming: Another Youtuber that is a MH fanatic and also other shooter games. Kiranico: A database site on all MH. Can be a bit slow but lots of information on quest, items, weapons, armour (its Canadian spelling for armor :P) and more. I will be available on June 8 (late) and June 9 and 11 for this week. But most of the time I'll be free on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday to help out those in need.
  2. So... How many times did Anub'rak got his health and health regen got changed again? This is getting silly if you ask me....
  3. Well... Its another Assassin.... At least the alternate skin looks cool. http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/heroes/zuljin/#?skin=warlordOfTheAmani Other than that here is a link for the talents if you guys are interested. http://www.gosugamers.net/heroesofthestorm/news/42693-zul-jin-talents-revealed-ensare-voodoo-shuffle-let-the-killing-begin-and-more
  4. Not going to lie but having comms and letting us talk about draft when we did the in-game didn't feel like a HL match at all. I felt that if we did it without comms, force to draft in order and force to use text and pings to communicate would serve better practice.
  5. Incoming Orange Updates!!! Battlegrounds Haunted Mines Grave Golems: Summoned Grave Golem Attack Damage increased from 110 to 140 * Summoned Grave Golem Stomp Damage increased from 60 to 150 * Assassin Ragnaros Talents Level 1 Shifting Meteor (W) Quest requirement increased from 50 to 75 Heroic target hits *
  6. Since its so 'hard', so 'OP', so 'IMBA' to the point people ask for nerfs here is a 'cheat' on how to handle the impossible. Enjoy. P.S. I swear do most random people I play with on QM have a Masters Degree on the Prometheus Academy of Running Straight?
  7. Here is a video of me, Mastodon, Ternity and candyinmyvan playing Heroes' Brawl Haunted Mines in the PTR.
  8. I still like the fact that there is a silent contest on who stays alive between me and Cookie and the similar numbers of death between Sonya/Varian (19) and KT/Samuro (11).
  9. Gotta have that ETC for the initiate. Also Thrall will work too with earthquake. Who am I kidding bloodlust+ Artanis is the way to go!
  10. UPCOMING HEROES OF THE STORM BALANCE UPDATE — DECEMBER 6, 2016 BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT 12/5/201622 HEROES ASSASSIN MULTI-CLASS SUPPORT SPECIALIST WARRIOR Falstad Varian Brightwing Nazeebo Anub'arak Gul'dan Kharazim Diablo Li-Ming Stitches Samuro Tyrael Zeratul ASSASSIN FALSTAD Abilities Flight (Z) Cooldown increased from 45 to 55 seconds Talents Level 20 Epic Mount (Z) Now reduces Flight cooldown to 30 seconds Return GUL'DAN Abilities Rain of Destruction (R) Cast range increased by roughly 10% Return LI-MING Talents Level 7 Calamity (E) Now only deals damage to Heroic targets Return SAMURO Abilities Wind Walk (E) Cooldown increased from 12 to 13 seconds Bladestorm (R) Damage per second reduced from 250 to 235 Talents Level 1 Way of the Blade (W) Critical Strike bonus damage reduced from 25 to 20% Level 4 Mirage (Q) Spell Block mitigation amount reduced from 50 to 40% per charge Return ZERATUL Talents Level 1 Shadow Hunter (E) Cooldown reduction upon quest completion increased from .75 to 1 second Level 4 Grim Task (Passive) Ability Power stack bonus increased from 4 to 5% Maximum Ability Power bonus increased from 40 to 50% Level 13 Mending Strikes (Passive) Healing reduced from 40 to 35% Level 16 Void Slash (Q) Damage bonus increased from 40 to 50% Return MULTI-CLASS VARIAN Abilities Lion's Fang (Q) Mana cost reduced from 60 to 50 Slow amount increased from 30 to 35% Parry (W) Cooldown reduced from 10 to 8 seconds Heroic Strike (Trait) Bonus damage changed from Physical to Spell No longer heals from Second Wind, and now benefits from Ability Power Taunt (R) Health bonus increased from 50 to 60% Mana cost reduced from 40 to 20 Talents Level 1 Lion's Maw (Q) Slow increased from 40 to 50% Level 4 Warbringer (E) Cooldown reduction decreased from 10 to 8 seconds Level 7 Live by the Sword (W) Duration bonus increased from 20 to 40% Cooldown reduction decreased from 3 to 2 seconds Level 20 Vigilance (R) Cooldown reduction increased from .75 to 1 second per Heroic Basic Attack Return SPECIALIST NAZEEBO Abilities Corpse Spiders (Q) Missile speed increased by roughly 20% Talents Level 7 Toads of Hugeness (E) Bonus per hop increased from 15 to 20% Maximum bonus increased from 60 to 80% Level 16 Soul Harvest (Active) Ability Power and Health bonus increased from 4 to 5% for each enemy hit Maximum bonus increased from 20 to 25% Return SUPPORT BRIGHTWING Abilities Phase Shift (Z) Cooldown from 45 to 55 seconds Return KHARAZIM Abilities Breath of Heaven (W) Increased the Movement Speed bonus from 10 to 15% Talents Level 1 Iron Fists (Trait) Damage bonus reduced from 125 to 110% Level 4 Earth Ally (Active) Cooldown increased from 30 to 45 seconds Level 7 Heavenly Zeal (W) Movement Speed bonus increased from 25 to 30% Return WARRIOR ANUB'ARAK Stats Base Health increased from 2120 to 2226 Health Regeneration increased from 4.4 to 4.6 per second Return DIABLO Stats Diablo's Basic Attack has received responsiveness improvements Return STITCHES Talents Level 13 Flea Bag (Passive) Cooldown reduction increased from 3 to 6 seconds Return TYRAEL Abilities Sanctification (R) Cooldown increased from 80 to 100 seconds Return BUG FIXES Heroes and Talents Kharazim: Fixed an issue that caused Kharazim's final hit during Way of the Hundred Fists to deal more damage than intended.
  11. Well... Chromie players must be excited with the trait buff. Time loop level 8 sounds scary already. Non-cleanse Solo support and Auriel is going to have a bad time with this. My fear for the pyroblast buff is that is going to encourage more bad plays with this changes since it is more flashy than the phoenix. Auriel finally have the crown showing to all allies is a great update since you cant tell if other Auriel players actually put in crowns on people. Regar changes are interesting. Level 7 for the totem movement is a good change since I dont see a reason to pick it when I play him, also bloodlust with lifesteal on 10 is very nice. It seems from what I gathered for Artanis is going to be a good solo (hopefully similar to Thrall and Zagara tier) and the swap is finally happening. Glad to see the Dehaka changes, gotta test it on the PTR to see if the changes can make him solo tank viable. Also love the level 20 where you can get essence from hitting heroes. Diablo... Oh Diablo... how I wish I can test you right now... By the looks of the changes he might be able to solo tank, but with Malfurion running amok it will be difficult to pick him for certain. Also changes on Hero and Team League will be interesting. Hopefully this will liven up the Team League and encourage people to try it out rather than people to wait a long time for a match.
  12. Unfortunately I wont be able to play on this day due to real life commitments but I should be available to observe. If you have room I would like to co-cast with you when I am available.