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    sculpting, art, painting, drawing, cement

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    Gamer for a long time now. First MMO was EQ2, fave game of all time: dungeon keeper 1 (by bullfrog) :O
    Double IPA at Trader Joes for the win!
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    rehabbing house to sell
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    inky fingers, cunning clawz
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  1. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I still cannot find the server! Whether I just put in PDX or Cluster or pvpve or the whole thing, nothing comes up for me. I have checked official and unofficial and non dedicated and show password protected. I have always had trouble finding servers though so I am sure this is my fault.
  2. I am trying to find this server but no luck
  3. So I have been looking at Eve Online for like a million years, give or take a few decades. In Mid November there is a change and they are introducing some limited classes as free to play. What I am wondering is if anyone plays, or if anyone will be playing when the expansion hits
  4. I adore you, girl. THE FULL PACKAGE!!! Welcome to MadCast and good luck!
  5. Played arams with this guy, had lots of fun!
  6. Played ARAMS tonight, had a blast. ONE COMPLAINT... wouldn't let me win D:
  7. I love 'clubbing' with this guy He has a hard head though!
    Fun guy, good streamer and good LEAGUE PLAYER! (yeah! LEAGUE!)
  9. I always did like rift. Sorry Clueless, I hadn't realized dojo was tonight... So tomorrow
  10. I just got an invite to play in open Alpha for this game. It looks a lot different than our typical games, it is sort of moba-ish, but also (simultaneous) turn based. Each turn is 30 seconds (but that amount can be modified for faster play time) long (And by that my understanding is that everyone is choosing an action each 30 seconds). I am downloading it right now. I am out for the day, but FRIDAY 9 PM CST I am going to be trying to learn this game. It would be cool to have some company.!input.action?dd=1
  11. Welcome to the community! It was fun playing Arams with you! Look forward to more
  12. <3 Great player, lots of fun, look forward to playing wiht you in the near future
  13. GIRL GAMER POWER GO! Welcome~!
  14. Look forward to more games with you!