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  1. Hello all! I apologise to all of you. Specifically Stan. Stan im really sorry. I have been out of town and I specifically told you that I thought I would be in a place with a stable enough internet connection. (I was attending a wedding at a hunt camp, closest city was Kapuskasing, Ontario) Not only didn't it have internet, it didn't have cell phone reception either. I should have just said that I don't know exactly what is going to be there, and to cancel unless I got back to you otherwise. Please don't kick me, *begs* And give me another chance. Again im really really sorry. I know that you lose sleep to run these. I am done travelling until probably Feb.
  2. Stan and group.. I will be traveling tomorrow and I will not be of the road in time for DND tomorrow. I am so sorry about last week. I will be there next week though.
  3. Welcome Welcome!
  4. It appears that I am late to this party ... however... *perks an eyebrow and raises three fingers tentatively to be counted among the interested*
  5. If you want to get it printed out on photo paper let me know and I can send you a higher resolution picture
  6. Congrats!!!!!!!!! You can be my bff
  7. *rubs her shiny gold plated belt which reads #1 WWF style championchip style belt with gems and all sorts of gaudy things* You love me.. I'm number one, of course you love me. I love me too, so the feeling is mutual
  8. BAAL!!!! Right on! All hail our new god! Oh wait, sorry... I think Disma still holds that job title
  9. If anyone wants to become lineart... post your pic!
  10. I dissapeared for a while as I got busy with dancing and a few other things in my life. My mom passed of cancer in April, was in a minor car accident and so forth. I have been lacking the motivation for art lately but I am gradually coming back. I thought I would post some.
  11. Seeing as i navigated to the right spot in the forums (yay go me!) i will be here this afternoon
  12. Hi Stan, if you are around I know its short notice but have been away this week.  Perhaps we can get together .. you said something about doing a private for .. i forget if it was perception or for persuasion.  But i would love to do something like that


  13. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I still cannot find the server! Whether I just put in PDX or Cluster or pvpve or the whole thing, nothing comes up for me. I have checked official and unofficial and non dedicated and show password protected. I have always had trouble finding servers though so I am sure this is my fault.