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    Gamer for a long time now. First MMO was EQ2, fave game of all time: dungeon keeper 1 (by bullfrog) :O
    Double IPA at Trader Joes for the win!
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  1. Intro-Kusenryuujin

    YAY!!!! My fave noob! Welcome! lets play games!
  2. Whats your favourite book?

    Windup Girl (Paolo Bagoluchi) Low Town (Polansky) Wheel of Time Series (Jordan) Year One (Roberts) Amped (Wilson) A Brief History of the Dead (Brockmeier) The Black Jewel Series (Bishop) Firefly (Piers Anthony) and on and on. Those are the ones that come to mind first.
  3. Discord Suggestion

    I wasn't sure where to put this so this seemed like the most appropriate place. (I am sure I missed the proper place for it, apologies in advance) I am wondering if it wouldn't be useful to have a text channel to post memes in instead of spamming general chat with them. Thoughts/suggestions?
  4. Discord: Role Changes & Privileges

    This reply is directed toward the SFM and the Staff as a suggestion on Discord. With all the new and different things that are happening might we consider a Role in MadCast that is separate/diff from RFM/SFM (or add it to either role in general) but something of a Janitorial/maintenance kind of thing. No powers really other than just making sure everything is tidy in Discord. An example (besides making sure that the channels that are not originally put there by management) might be managing pinned messages. (IE, in one of the main chats, we could make sure that old pins are removed, and current pins are current. (IE: When an important message comes up (for example BigDommer is streaming, or an important vote, or thread comes up). Another example could be to make sure that channels aren't moved higher/lower on the list than where they normally would be. It would also be an easy way to generate and direct traffic to the forums. But it is a bit high maintenance but easily doable.
  5. Discord: Role Changes & Privileges

    I am so pleased with our super villain Hypno @MadCast: Epic and our whole team/community!
  6. Dawn of War Club for Gentlepersons

    Is this the warhammer series? I have Warhammer 40k DoW 2, but I don't think I ever played it
  7. MadCast Promotes: RedJustice

    YAY FOR RED! I am excited for all the drinking games!
  8. Learning ADC (Just for fun)

    I typed out a whole big thing, but realized you weren't asking for general ADC advice There are lots of great ADC's around
  9. RFM Application: CoachRivers

    Def! We need people to represent all the different areas of MadCast
  10. RFM Application: RedJustice

    It's been lots of fun getting to know you. +1 for speaking your mind!
  11. Intro: Kruhl

  12. It takes a village ??

    At the town hall meeting last night, I heard something that made me think. @MadCast: Epic said something to the effect that he joined MadCast when he was really young. (I forget just how young but teens I think) and he said that being in MadCast and starting to take on roles of more responsibility within MadCast really made him readjust how he acted. I thought it was a really great thing to realize, that we are as a community in some way shaping generations of upcoming adults. If I had a child, I don't think I would have any problem exposing them to MadCast. On a bigger scale, traditionally youths would be introduced to adults through their parents, via parents work acquaintances, family, and friends. It gave them a chance to observe (for good and for ill) all the different ways that are acceptable and unacceptable to act around peers. Society is changing (again, for good and for ill) and the internet, gaming, and different communities are where youths are spending a lot of time, which means they pick up their social skills HERE I wonder, if in the future we will see people who have been in the community for a long time, inviting thier children as they come of age enough to be responsibly play with others, will be introduced into our community. MadCast through the Generations!
  13. Post MadCast Town Hall 5/2/2018 - Thread

    I would like to be around and offer help when/if brainstorming, idea implementation, integration, update stuff starts happening. I am a decent workflow planner, and organizational manager.
  14. TownHall Notes (5/2/2018)

    Wow! A lot of work went into this Red! <3 Appreciation! Give this woman another award! Make one up if you have to!
  15. Tabletop LFM / LFG Thread

    I am pretty interested in your one shot campaigns as you mentioned last night Stan (at town hall meeting)