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  1. The bloodlust changes..... Rehgar Bloodlust + Illidan/Butcher + Abby Hat Build + Tass = A good time...
  2. Is absolute FIRE!!! I'm only half way though it right now but damn this is prob his best work yet.
  3. I can help ya Ben.. I made my own, let me know what you're looking for next time you find me on. I need to make a new one for myself anyway.
  4. This was a lot of fun... we need to do it more often in my opinion.. once a month or ever two months or so.. it was nice seeing such a good turn out!!
  5. #facemelt... that 2nd game... I swear finatc had it..... wow what a game.. that root from malf was the game winning play that secured that for ballistx
  6. I had a feeling the king was going to join soon but Rag!?!?!?! WHUUUUUUUUTTTTT!!! HE looks so fun!! The king looks amazing too, some great heroes to come to the nexus soon!!
  7. Sunday - Wednesday I'm down! 8 est or 9 est is a good starting time for me.
  8. Good Video... Watch it.. Love it.. Live It!! 8 Things
  9. I mean... that's one way to separate church from state.... #pun
  10. Ask and y'all shall receive!! I hope you all enjoy. This is a 45 min set from a DJ competition I was in a few weeks ago. Finally got the recording and uploaded to share. CLICK HERE FOR LIVE RECORDING!!
  11. All characters will be available to play!! Sweet.