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    Hello I am a pacific northwest native, I am medically retired from the Army. I play Almost anything so if you have a game you would like more people to play let me know and I will check it out. I may not be the best at games but I will always try and I am a fairly fast learner.
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    Retired Army
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    MadCast: UnusedCaveMan42
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  1. Intro: Icarus Swarm

    Welcome and glad to see another table top fan in the mix.
  2. Introduction- tacobellah

  3. Intro: Support Welfare

    Welcome! can't wait to see you in game!
  4. LoL - Patch 7.21

    .....Galio does so much damage, get ready for auto bans. I like the other changes though.
  5. Monster Hunter World

    Monster Hunter is finally coming to the next generation of games! Is anyone else extremely excited about this game? Also I think I am waiting for it to come to PC what about y'all? If anyone doesn't know what Monster Hunter is about its a mechanic driven combat game focused around large beasts, dragons, and other strange things. You gain "power" by slaying these beasts and making new armor and weapons from the things you acquire from them. Also here are the two main trailers!
  6. League of Learning 10/19/17

    League of Learning will be at 9 PM EST tonight! try to be there about 5 to 10 minutes early.
  7. Intro - Aeryx

    Welcome! Hope to see you online soon!
  8. Intro - Simaniac

    Welcome, and I can't wait to play some games!
  9. MadCast League Season II

    Player Name: Unusedcaveman Level: 30 Rank:? Preferred Roles: Middle, Top. I am signing up as a free agent. I am not willing to captain.
  10. MadCast Promotes: Shenaniquin

    Thank you! I have missed my hammer.
  11. Dauntless - Founder's Alpha

    I believe if you pay into it you can play now.
  12. RFM Application: Shenaniquin

    Hello Everyone, I am back from my extended LOA and I would like to become an RFM again. I originally stopped being one because of some RL things that settled far faster than expected. I want to be helpful to the community as a whole, I will be on a higher variety of games from now on (MineCraft, FortNite, etc.). I would like League of Legends to be my focus but I would like to help out other games as well. Thank you for your consideration Shenaniquin
  13. construction games

    So far the two I'm stuck on are FortNite and SkyFactory 3 MineCraft mod
  14. Dauntless - Founder's Alpha

    I cannot wait for MHWorld but Dauntless looks promising as well.
  15. Warhammer Table Top

    I used to play the warhammer 40k table top and yes it is very expensive. If you want to get into it i would recommend trying to buy someones army that has quit. Also make sure you have a good shop with tables to play on. Gamesworkshop occasionally puts on learning events as well and they supply all the needed items