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    Hello I am a pacific northwest native, I am medically retired from the Army. I play Almost anything so if you have a game you would like more people to play let me know and I will check it out. I may not be the best at games but I will always try and I am a fairly fast learner.
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    Retired Army
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    MadCast: UnusedCaveMan42
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  1. Welcome! Hope to see you online soon!
  2. Welcome, and I can't wait to play some games!
  3. Player Name: Unusedcaveman Level: 30 Rank:? Preferred Roles: Middle, Top. I am signing up as a free agent. I am not willing to captain.
  4. Thank you! I have missed my hammer.
  5. I believe if you pay into it you can play now.
  6. Hello Everyone, I am back from my extended LOA and I would like to become an RFM again. I originally stopped being one because of some RL things that settled far faster than expected. I want to be helpful to the community as a whole, I will be on a higher variety of games from now on (MineCraft, FortNite, etc.). I would like League of Legends to be my focus but I would like to help out other games as well. Thank you for your consideration Shenaniquin
  7. So far the two I'm stuck on are FortNite and SkyFactory 3 MineCraft mod
  8. I cannot wait for MHWorld but Dauntless looks promising as well.
  9. I used to play the warhammer 40k table top and yes it is very expensive. If you want to get into it i would recommend trying to buy someones army that has quit. Also make sure you have a good shop with tables to play on. Gamesworkshop occasionally puts on learning events as well and they supply all the needed items
  10. We should set up a time to hunt together
  11. I just got this while on vacation it has been awesome. I just hit rank 3 in single player but I basically just started haha. I need to beef up my insect before I make too much of a fool of my self! FYI my friend code is 3282-2619-3832
  12. indeed!
  13. I play this one all the time, sadly you have to port forward or use hamachi.
  14. Heimer, Nasus, and Poppy but I usually keep my mid lane pretty diverse in terms of mages.