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  1. I have no idea if it supports cross platform, but I'd say it is probably unlikely. I have the game for PC. As for when I'd want to play? I have a lot of free time, and am very flexible when I'd be able to. So for me it is more seeing what time other people have, and scheduling something.
  2. Stardew Valley had that 1.3 update that came out at the beginning of August. I was wondering if a group of people would like to do a multiplayer game sometime.
  3. Icarus, just so you know, only the host has to have the DLC. And for the record, I have all of it. And, yes. I plan to start this coming Tuesday. What sort of empires/races are you thinking of playing? Just asking out of excitement and curiosity.
  4. Then we can stick to the Tuesday time.
  5. To keep the going, and making sure everyone can make it to follow up sessions? It certainly does. Though, to ask, would you be available to a start up session sometime Saturday?
  6. I'm rather spontaneous, and quick on the draw. I'd be good to start this Saturday (or even tonight, but I doubt that is going to happen. XD) However, if looking for specific times, Tuesday 8pm EST would be fine for me. Anytime Saturday is good for me as well. (I'm also free many other days, but seeing what others might say.)
  7. I figured out how to tag myself.....but no idea what that will do or the purpose of it.
  8. Alright. Feel free to message me on discord, and we could get a game going.
  9. Recently, I'm feeling compelled to do some Stellaris Multiplayer. I think it would be fun playing a run of it, and rallying the players into a federation to take on the Galaxy, and the threats beyond it. Would anyone be interested in this?
  10. Not sure if you have gotten started on this or not, but it is definitely something I'm interested in doing.
  11. This goes to show there is definitely quite a bit of interest. Can certainly see about getting a multiplayer game together when it is officially released.
  12. On the official release of Stardew Valley's multiplayer update I'm looking to play it. I wanted to see here who might be interested to play together.
  13. If I see you around. Definitely would be willing to help with anything you want to work on.
  14. Been looking to do this for a while, but finally decided to go for it. I'm looking to go through Divinity: Original Sin in Co-op. If anyone is interested in doing that, let me know.
  15. I like the approach, and the amount of you can analyze the play in this approach. Piecing together a strategy is a puzzle that from the outside looking in, I find it fascinating. I would happily put in the time and dedication for something like this. It will be interesting to see what makes things 'tick' so to speak. Will be looking forward to when the times for this and the tasks are planned out.