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    Video games (i.e. Heroes of the Storm, Castlevania, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Touhou, etc.), Magic: The Gathering (mostly Cube and Commander), Japanese Mahjong, Puzzles (i.e. Sudoku, Crossword, etc.), Badminton, Biking, Cooking, Baking, Science (especially Biology, Botany, and Health), Philosophy, Writing, Reading, Fan-fiction.

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    Just an ordinary introverted casual player of various video games. Generally, I find that I really enjoy activities that involve some form of creation. Although I am a coffee and tea enthusiast, I appreciate and enjoy 8+ hours of beauty sleep whenever possible.
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  1. Congratulations!
  2. Good luck.
  3. Congratulations! Now does everyone get free candy as a celebration?
  4. The most sound reasoning from the developer's comments, second only to doling out buffs to a hero for being a pretty chill guy is "All shall suffer." HEROES OF THE STORM BALANCE UPDATE — MARCH 28, 2017 BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT 3/28/2017116 We just released a new patch for Heroes of the Storm in order to apply a few bug fixes and balance changes. Heroes ASSASSIN MULTI-CLASS SPECIALIST SUPPORT WARRIOR Gall Varian Murky Tassadar Arthas Ragnaros Probius Cho Tychus Leoric Return to Top Assassin Gall Abilities Shadowflame (Q) Damage from 125 to 135 Talents Level 1 Keep Moving (Z) Increased Movement Speed duration increase from .5 to 1 second Level 4 Double Back (W) Bonus damage to non-heroic targets increased from 100 to 200% Level 20 Psychotic Break (Passive) Now allows the use of Gall’s Heroic Abilities. Return Ragnaros Stats Basic Attack damage decreased from 180 to 171 Abilities Empower Sulfuras (Q) Damage decreased from 201 to 191 Sulfuras Smash (R) Cooldown increased from 60 to 80 seconds Talents Level 13 Resilient Flame (Passive) Cooldown increased from 10 to 15 seconds Armor bonus decreased from 50 to 40 Return Tychus Abilities Minigun (D) Damage increased from 2 to 2.5% Max Health Talents Level 4 The Bigger They Are (D) Damage threshold decreased from 40 to 35% maximum Health Return Multi-Class Varian Stats Base Health increased from 2150 to 2322 Base Health Regeneration increased from 4.48 to 4.84 Abilities Taunt (R) Health bonus reduced from 40 to 30% Talents Level 4 Warbringer (E) No longer increases the slow amount of Charge Cooldown reduction increased from 6 to 8 seconds Level 13 Juggernaut (E) Damage reduced from 5 to 4% of a Hero’s maximum Health Specialist Murky Talents Level 1 Egg Hunt (D) Cooldown reduced from 6 to 3 seconds Fish Eye (D) Vision bonus increased from 200 to 300% Level 4 Tufferfish (W) Bonus damage increased from 35 to 50% Level 7 Slippery When Wet (E) Movement Speed bonus increased from 40 to 50% Now also reduces the cooldown of Safety Bubble by 2 seconds Level 13 Fish Tank (Passive) Armor duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds Level 16 Wrath of Cod (W) Damage increased from 10 to 15% of maximum Health Return Probius Abilities Worker Rush (Z) Cooldown reduced from 40 to 30 seconds Now automatically activates when Probius is in the Hall of Storms Warp in Pylon (D) Cooldown reduced from 14 to 12 seconds Warp Rift (W) Range increased by 15% Slow amount increased from 20 to 25% Photon Cannon (E) Damage increased from 95 to 105 Duration increased from 11 to 13 seconds Null Gate (R) Range increased by 12% Cooldown decreased from 40 to 30 seconds Talents Level 4 Turbo Charged (Z) Cooldown reduction reduced from 20 to 10 seconds Level 13 Aggressive Matrix (D) Damage bonus increased from 20 to 25% Shield Battery (D) Shield amount decreased by 13% Level 16 Interference (W) Duration increased from 3 to 5 seconds Quantum Entanglement (W) Duration decreased from 3.5 to 3 seconds Return Support Tassadar Abilities Plasma Shield (Q) Duration reduced from 8 to 5 seconds Life leech increased from 20 to 30% Archon (R) Damage reduced from 175 to 166 Splash damage reduced from 87.5 to 83 Talents Level 1 Khaydarin Resonance (Q) 15 Regen Globe quest Bonus Shield amount increased from 15 to 20% 30 Regen Globe quest No longer increases duration of Plasma Shield Now lowers the cooldown of Plasma Shield by 3 seconds Level 4 Khala’s Embrace (Q) Bonus life leech increased from 40 to 50% Level 20 Shield Battery (Active) Cooldown reduced from 75 to 60 seconds Warrior Arthas Stats Physical Armor decreased from 15 to 10 Talents Level 16 Remorseless Winter (E) Root duration from decreased from 1.75 to 1.25 seconds Return Cho Stats Basic Attack damage increased from 120 to 130 Cho’s Basic Attacks now apply and refresh Consuming Blaze Abilities Consuming Blaze (W) Healing amount increased from 30 to 40 Basic Attack reapplication on Heroes now extends to all targets currently affected by Consuming Blaze Upheaval (R) Damage increased from 100 to 175 Talents Level 1 Fuel for the Flame (W) Minion quest reward increased from .2 to .3% amount healed Hero quest reward increased from 2 to 3% amount healed Level 13 Runed Gauntlet (Passive) Heroic Cooldown Reduction per Basic Attack increased from .5 to .75 seconds Return Leoric Stats Basic Attack damage increased from 138 to 150 Abilities Skeletal Swing (Q) Damage increased from 116 to 125 Talents Level 16 Renewed Swing (Q) Bonus swing damage increased from 50 to 80% Return Bug Fixes General Season 3 reward portraits have been updated to read “2016” instead of “2017”. Fixed an issue that could cause players to stall when Zarya was affected by certain attack speed modifiers. User Interface The observer user interface will now display Core health on Towers of Doom as raw numbers instead of as a percentage. Fixed an issue that could cause the observer user interface to fail to show Heroic ability cooldowns. Fixed several minor issues with button alignment and questing talent indicators in the observer user interface.
  5. Come join us at 9 PM EST for a combination of matches ranging from standard drafts to wacky games with a spin added to it. Hop in the Heroes channel at TeamSpeak.
  6. Thank you for applying. I appreciate the context given in this post. Very well-written I might add. Best of luck with your application.
  7. I agree on the entertainment part. He did get some donations out of it, so I guess it is a success.
  8. Hello and welcome Wipzzlol.
  9. Hello and welcome Master_Farmer. MadCast has Heroes related events on Tuesdays (Dojo/In-houses at 9 PM EST) and Saturdays (ARAMS at 9 PM EST). Very well. You are now a candidate for full membership. When in TeamSpeak, please wear the [C] tag as in [C] Master_Farmer. In one month the Senior Full Members will vote on your membership. Should you pass, you will become a full member. You will then be required to wear the MadCast: Master_Farmer tag. Should you fail, you may reapply and the candidacy period will begin again. You have been assigned the following FM+ to mentor you through the candidacy process: MadCast: Kajyu. Please attempt to contact your mentor in the next few days. They will be looking for you as well. They will be your primary resource for community related questions and will have a mid-candidacy check in about two weeks into the candidacy period. A few tips for a successful candidacy: * Please familiarize yourself with the MadCast Code of Conduct that all must abide by. Check out the New to MadCast section for more useful information! * Be active on the forums! Check it regularly and participate when possible. If you find something interesting then share it! Chances are someone else will find it interesting as well. Being active on the forums is a good habit to learn, and is one of the main criteria noticed during your candidacy. * Join us on TeamSpeak! Even if you don't have a mic you're welcome to listen in. Being active on TeamSpeak and playing with other members is the best way to be noticed around the community! Teamspeak 3 Server: * Use the same name on both the forums, TS3, and in-game when possible. If not possible make sure people know who you are! We rely on feedback from our members when evaluating full membership and they can't give positive reviews for you if they don't know who you are. * Join the MadCast Public Group to make it easy for us to contact you, and for updates on Steam If you are having a problem please attempt to contact your mentor first if they are available. If not please contact an RFM or SFM. If a Staff member is needed the admins will consult them. A list of admins can be found at this link. Last but not least the requirement for you to even be eligible to be voted on can be found here.
  10. Hello and welcome Weirdly. Best of luck in your candidacy.
  11. Hello and welcome Maudert. Best of luck in your candidacy.
  12. In an attempt to beat the Guiness world record for fastest travel around the world, you sent your powers into overdrive. You were able to beat the current world record by a large margin, but you ran so fast that your mere human flesh couldn't handle it. You bones, muscles, organs, and skin separated centrifuge-style. My super power is the ability to grow and control any plant life at will.
  13. Hello and welcome Deathtoll321.
  14. Your power has attracted every scientist in the world and have decided to perform highly unethical experiments on your body for the sake of finding a cure... until your body breaks down from all this "research". My new super power is telekinesis.
  15. This games seems interesting... I'll bite. Your cooking is so delicious that everyone who ate it are so dissatisfied by every other food that they die of starvation. My superpower is the ability to talk to animals.