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  1. I do freelance website design and I can get a site up site up pretty easy for you so you can add in your own images & copy. I can also make it very similar in design to some of your examples. Sent me a message and we can talk further about it to discuss a budget and time frame.
  2. So far this game has been great and its been fun playing with everyone If anyone wants to play and I don't already have them as friends my Nintendo friend code is: 3454-5536-2071
  3. welcome Hiaman, I just reinstalled LoL so maybe I'll see you in a game.
  4. Welcome dude, I am just installing this game again after a looooong time off from it so maybe I'll see you on!
  5. Welcome and hope to run into you in HoTS
  6. @MadCast: Cookie Ergo Proxy seems cool. I only watched 1 episode so far though haha, very Ghost in The Shellesc
  7. Thanks MadCast: DanKnee for the Danmachi sugestion, it was great. Just finished it. To bad it's only has like 13(ish) episodes
  8. Welcome VertigoStep. Awsome another Canadian, I'll see you in the Nexus!
  9. Welcome Raven, hope to run into you.
  10. I agree with what you said exactly @MadCast: neillium! Great post.
  11. Welcome ! I have been playing a little for HoTS lately and hope to see you around.