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  1. So i gave in Epic

    Life has been so busy lately sorry i have not been around as much. But i downloaded LOL last night so i could play withe madcast crew once again. Just need to be taught the ins and outs of the game. Look forward to trying thsi out with the players in league. Thanks
  2. Garrosh Hellscream - Spotlight

    Can not wait
  3. New Hero Spotlight: Stukov

    Really enjoying this hero
  4. New Hero Spotlight: Stukov

    That shove across the map was hilarious
  5. HotS - Events Discussion Thread

    I oersonally think the Dojo got away from it's personality as a teaching method for younger players became more of a themed battle royal. But my RL been bust some so i have not bee able to attend maybe this has changed.
  6. New Hero - Malthael

    Finally another Angel from Diablo. One of my favorite characters in blizzards worlds. MF Pallytime theorcrafting video
  7. intro Dolphin

    One of the cool kids
  8. Admins vs FMs Triathlon

    I cant be there this Sunday but next Sunday I maybe able too
  9. Admins vs FMs HotS

  11. Admins vs FMs HotS

  12. Hanamura: Heroes' First Overwatch Themed Map

    Looks like fun Jungling will be important
  13. Hero Maps Likes

    Maybe a bit dated but thought it was cool:
  14. Back to HotS

    Welcome back the game is great
  15. Understanding the Draft Part 1 by CavalierGuest

    This all great but what fustrates me more is most people do not even care about this part of the game just play what ever they like. When you are the only one trying or learning I feel bit lost