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  1. getting chandler jones, dan connolly and edelman back for this game...advantage, Belichick and company!
  2. Well the beautiful thing about the PC, PS4 and xbox one versions is that if you already owned the ps3 or xbox 360 versions and created a player online, you can port your profile over to the new platform and not lose any of your progression. I did not want to have to mod all my cars all over again! so this is frickin sweet.
  3. So is anybody grabbing this January 27th for PC? I havent played with madcast peeps in forever
  4. Yep this, i suck at fps on controllers but im totally down if it ever comes to PC
  5. yeah definitely try to go for 6 piece firebirds with blazing hydra and blizzard apocalypse, amazing damage and very fast clear speeds...make sure to try to get %hydra damage on shoulders, chest and source and also high armor you will also need a serpent sparker wand so you can have 2 hydras up at the same time. tasker and theos would also be good along with any thing that boosts attack speed
  6. Sorry guys, but i am declining my too many other leagues to deal with this year
  7. there could also be a new condemn build for crusader, would be sweet to just spam condemn with a blade of prophecy. It would be like the EB wiz and wand of woh
  9. I done gone and did Far Cry 3!
  10. Meteora

    car talk

    Finally finished murdering out my car
  11. Meteora


  12. Im crying right now...why bliz why must you hate on barbs soooooooooo much! EQ barb got the nerf hammer the most in this patch by not allowing each earthquake to generate fury like the passive earthen might states. And then bliz had the nerve to call it a bug fix when they know it was a nerf.
  13. wow some of these %'s are crazy ridiculously low...makes sense though why all i get is hammer jammers and blackthornes when all i want are earthquake pants!