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  1. New tier list: Dehaka Tier: Dehaka Everyone else tier: Everyone else and then Samuro Ragnaros tier: Ragnaros
  2. It is wall of text, but that's why I have tables. Most of the text is analysis on probability as well as where my model can fail.
  3. If anyone is interested https://gfe.gg/news/post/dbsmileys-hgc-update-4-26-17
  4. I sent you a friend request Lurama I should be on tonight if people want to co-op it up.
  5. I'm still super super skeptical of this game (Bioware Montreal is not very good, and the facial animations look downright awful), but I'll play it for the multiplayer alone, so I bought it.
  6. Ah...See...that's not how I played Dragon Age Inquisition early...kappa.
  7. Anyone else playing on getting Mass Effect: Andromeda on PC? (I can do PS4, if more people plan to do that, but PC will eventually have mods, official or otherwise, so I prefer PC) Wanna form a co-op group for the horde mode?
  8. Hey guys, Usual Suspects is looking for two players for Season 5 of Chair League. I wanted to recruit primarily within Madcast this time around, as I think at this point going "out of house" has demonstrably resulted in poorer results (primarily from a fun standpoint). To this end, we are looking to fill an assassin role and a flex role (with emphasis on off warriors). If anyone is interested, let me know. Currently we are practicing Monday/Wednesday 8:30-11 ET, but that is flexible-ish.
  9. Trivia has been snowed out, so I'll be making an appearance
  10. I won't be able to make it. I'm at a conference in Seattle, and I have a workshop tomorrow evening that overlaps with this time.
  11. We go live tonight at 10p.m. ET https://www.twitch.tv/halorin
  12. Make sure you're starting at about 6:30, not at 0. Doing this weekly to cover North America's HGC.