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  1. Hopefully that link works!
  2. On your 5000th post @MadCast Maday! Happy Birthday to MadCast and a proper congratulations to @MadCast: RedJustice and @MadCast: Epic!
  3. How has everyone been progressing? I finally got to get going and am sitting around the low 20s at the moment. Rolling a Scion with the aim of going Elementalist/inquisitor.
  4. I find your eidetic memory impeccable sir... and creepy...
  5. Do you know if alliance mates can still hurt each other in PVP areas?
  6. In terms of builds I tend to take a gander at this site: I then will adapt or tweak if I feel strongly one way or another.
  7. I have a Vive personally. Honestly don't know if I have any co-op games in VR aside from an archer based one. I'll have to take a gander, all of my stuff is Steam based atm.
  8. I know we are currently in the middle of a league right now for PoE. I wanted to get an idea of folks who would potentially be interested in doing some grouping in PoE during the current league or at the start of the next one. If there's anyone on the fence about playing PoE, let me know! I'm happy to share my experience and insight (granted I would not consider myself an expert at all)
  9. Thanks for the application and best of luck!
  10. Precisely, I post that to show the irony in the thought process that pineapple belongs on a pizza.
  11. Congrats my good sir, welcome to the club!
  12. Thanks for continuing to do this @MadCast: Scooba notes like that really help to drive the point home. I, for one, am proud to be able to be a part of a community that's willing to go that extra step like this!
  13. They have also dropped the initial price by 5 bucks. I'll be bringing a few friends along for the ride that I played Ark with in the past.