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  1. PUBG Shenanigans 14 March 8:30pm EST

    We will have access to a private server for this upcoming evening of shenanigans! Please plan to attend and have some fun times. Depending on the number of people we have, that'll dictate what game modes are better than others. Don't really want to do zombies with only a few folks Looking forward to some good times!!!
  2. Warhammer: Vermintide 2

    I've got it, totally down sometime - just hit me up! I've yet to play it much at this point but the few games I have played have been great.
  3. question about cube

    There are recipes you can look at in the cube once you have it. There's a book looking icon along the bottom, left if I recall right.
  4. PUBG event(s)

    Alright folks. I know I posted in discord last week that I wanted to try and put something together and it kinda fell through. This week we shall set it right and I'll be hosting some random play shenanigans for those who are around. Should we have more than 4 people we will split off into teams and just have multiple groups going at the same time. The big thing is to have a set time/day for folks to get their PUBG on so we can get some groups going! First event will be 7 March at 830pm EST!
  5. PUBG Shenanigans, 7 March @ 830pm EST

    This will be the first run of, hopefully, a continual event for PUBG. The fun shall start around 830pm this Wednesday, 7 March! Be there or get pistol whipped like Farve!
  6. HotS Weekly Events

    7pm Sundays might be a little tough for me to make, I have family dinner most Sundays around 530/6pm and the baby goes to bed around 730pm usually. I'll be there when I can though!
  7. Intro - Snolotus

    Glad to see you back at it!
  8. Introduction - Zeko

    I like the potency of your verbage. Good luck in your candidacy!
  9. Hunt: Showdown

    This is now available on Steam Early Access. I'm currently downloading it.
  10. Intro-BlueRose

    I'll consider that redeemed Welcome!
  11. HotS Dojo 2-16-2018

    They are now-a-days.
  12. Intro-BlueRose

    Likes dinos but doesn't play ARK? hmmm....
  13. Crippledcookie99: Introduction FM

    I'm not sure we can give you FM status... I mean you're one of the resident non-FMs after all! Glad to see that after a few years this is a place you want to be a part of. Best of luck in your candidacy, I'm sure Sneptune will make it a rough one =P
  14. PUBG looking for people

    There's a few of us that are usually floating around that you can catch at times. Myself, @MadCast: Daddy @MadCast: McCloven27 @MadCast: Sneptune @MadCast: bigdommer among others.
  15. Hunt: Showdown

    Didn't even know about it