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  1. Any Garbage SC2 Players Want to Play?

    (re) Train me sensai ( @MadCast: MasterWonton ). (re) Awaken the SC2 inside of me!
  2. Intro: SoapGirl

    Hello and welcome! What is your preferred base to use when making soap?
  3. Should I Buy It: Rainbow 6 Siege

    I have it on PC as well. I'm always happy to join in time to time too.
  4. Who is good at PUBG?

    Or playing running simulator 2k17 and still dying to the circle because there was no car, or you took too long to loot, or you got pinned down outside the circle... and so on.
  5. Who is good at PUBG?

    For me it took repetition and finding what works for me. When solo I prefer more of a slow/safer start and to stick to the outskirts of the blue circle as it closes in. Squadwise I tend to prefer folks that are of a similar mindset, but I favor more of an aggressive team play. Mainly because folks are able to communicate and can clear areas much better.
  6. College Football Week 14

    I would have expected Auburn to have earned the #4 spot, personally. Granted they were a 3 loss team at that point... but they had ousted two #1 ranked teams and actually played in their Conference championship. If I recall correctly they had an early loss to Clemson who was likely top 4 at the time (and top now). Then a loss to LSU... but only by a few points while OSU lost to Iowa by a lot more than a few... Then their last loss was to Georgia who that had already beat earlier in the season and lets be honest, it's damn hard to beat the same team twice in the same season. Now I was also secretly holding out for a UCF bid for the spot, especially if you compare them to Alabama. At least UCF was undefeated and a conference champion...
  7. RFM Application: Stan

    Stan.. Stan... he's our man, if he can't do it... Great?! 🙃
  8. College Football Week 13

    I'm cautiously optimistic about OSU's playoff chances now that Alabama lost their game to Auburn...
  9. What servers do you play?

    There's a post from RacerDelux in the FM+ forum you should check out. It has info on how to get the mod pack he's using and the server info for the one he has hosted. Now that you're a FM you should be able to see it!
  10. Season 12 farming

    I'm always game for a good carry with some pleasant company of course!
  11. Sunday Afternoon Raid 11/15/2017 @ 6 PM EST

    Warlock 289. Put me as a filler as I have an engagement that runs up to about 6pm generally.
  12. Wednesday Night Raid (11/8 @9pm)

    Lurama#1152 Warlock/279 (278 if I use a RL instead of a pulse rifle)
  13. Destiny 2 Raid

    The Leviathan Raid hits PC today, woo!
  14. Discord Bot requests/suggestions - This one primarily uses soundcloud for the songs it plays. - This one primarily uses youtube instead.
  15. Discord Bot requests/suggestions

    Maybe one that can be used to request rooms to be made?