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  1. If you're having slow download issues (when you normally have faster downloads) you can switch the source Steam is using. To do this you go to Steam -> settings -> downloads. Then change the download region to something different, usually a region that is currently experiencing night time (low demand on Steam resources). For gaming it would be a higher ping, but for DLs it won't be an issue.
  2. I enjoy settlers and would be down to play sometime!
  3. Should be set to 1XP now
  4. Okay, my list will be fairly smaller since I haven't had a huge amount of farming done... The main things I'm missing are: Journeyman Pick BP, was around 190% dmg Apprentice Hatchet BP, ~150% dmg Apprecntice Longneck BP ~170% dmg App. Crossbow BP, ~165% I also had 200 darts crafted in my smithy and about 500 narcotics in my inv. About a total of 700 spark powder, a few K of charcoal, a few K of gun powder. Not too worried on the saddle BPs at this point.
  5. Just bumping this as it appears that the TS server is down at the moment. Please keep all TS related comments in here and don't start new threads as people start to get online after work and what not. There is a discord server available but I do not have the ability to link an invite to it for use in the meantime.
  6. The full name is: 9/8 AberrationPreperation 2Xp 4H 8T 10Br - (v268.255)
  7. To join this one, it is easiest to add it to your steam servers. To do so, open up steam and at the top click on view then servers. On the favorites tab, at the bottom right, click on Add A Server. Simply input the server address with port and add it. Now it will show up under favorites in game in Ark. It's something like AberrationPreperation, I can check the full name in a little bit here.
  8. To be honest, having a newborn on the hands here leaves me with limited time to play. That being the case I likely won't play on an official server because things take way too long. Even on the server setup by Thholyghst it takes nearly an hour to tame a decent level pteradon. I'd be lucky to get that much uninterrupted time most days, and that's at 5x tame I believe... so it would be nearly 5 hours on an official server.
  9. Added my name, will update preferences later when I have some time.
  10. So now you must go and pee in every body of water that contributed... and I think that's roughly all of them in the world. It is a daunting quest, but seeking true vengeance always is!
  11. Interested to see what they have in store now and to see what the story behind it all is...
  12. My background is an undergrad in biomedical engineering and a masters in neuroscience. Currently I'm working as the Sr. Scientist in the lab I'm in as a defense contractor. We focus on intelligent systems, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. My side focus in the lab, given my background, is neuromorphic computing architectures, these are very low power and on-demand architectures as compared to traditional CPU/GPU setups. You can read about the DARPA project called Synpase if you want to get some insight into that.
  13. As in Monster Hunter proper or a semi-clone like Dauntless is? Having not played Monster Hunter, I'm told that the general idea behind both is similar.
  14. Currently I am getting an https error. Every time I load a page it says that it isn't secure and I have to click through to load the page, rather annoying at the moment. I'm assuming that it's probably just a security certificate that needs to be updated.
  15. Apologies for not seeing this earlier. @MadCast: Stan I did have some issues connecting on Saturday. Looking back at their logs it does appear that they did have the server go down. Then when they updated with a patch it required I download the entire game again. Didn't take as long as the first run around, but it still downloaded it "all." Other than that I've have a little lag but nothing terribly crazy or too serious. The chat system doesn't work, sadly, but that could always be for the better Always welcome to add me in game, Lurama is my name there as well.