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  1. Season 12 farming

    I'm always game for a good carry with some pleasant company of course!
  2. Sunday Afternoon Raid 11/15/2017 @ 6 PM EST

    Warlock 289. Put me as a filler as I have an engagement that runs up to about 6pm generally.
  3. Wednesday Night Raid (11/8 @9pm)

    Lurama#1152 Warlock/279 (278 if I use a RL instead of a pulse rifle)
  4. Destiny 2 Raid

    The Leviathan Raid hits PC today, woo!
  5. Discord Bot requests/suggestions - This one primarily uses soundcloud for the songs it plays. - This one primarily uses youtube instead.
  6. Discord Bot requests/suggestions

    Maybe one that can be used to request rooms to be made?
  7. Discord Bot requests/suggestions

    I wanted to make a small request at adding a music room(s) with respective DJ bots. I have not had a chance to look at the DJ bots that are available yet, but once I do I can make an informed suggestion.
  8. Introducing: Thholyghst

    As he mentioned, he is my brother... for better or worse Best of luck to ya man, glad to see you decided to apply
  9. ARK: Day one full retail release.

    If you're having slow download issues (when you normally have faster downloads) you can switch the source Steam is using. To do this you go to Steam -> settings -> downloads. Then change the download region to something different, usually a region that is currently experiencing night time (low demand on Steam resources). For gaming it would be a higher ping, but for DLs it won't be an issue.
  10. Settlers of Catan?

    I enjoy settlers and would be down to play sometime!
  11. ARK: Day one full retail release.

    Should be set to 1XP now
  12. ARK: Day one full retail release.

    Okay, my list will be fairly smaller since I haven't had a huge amount of farming done... The main things I'm missing are: Journeyman Pick BP, was around 190% dmg Apprentice Hatchet BP, ~150% dmg Apprecntice Longneck BP ~170% dmg App. Crossbow BP, ~165% I also had 200 darts crafted in my smithy and about 500 narcotics in my inv. About a total of 700 spark powder, a few K of charcoal, a few K of gun powder. Not too worried on the saddle BPs at this point.
  13. Teamspeak Down?

    Just bumping this as it appears that the TS server is down at the moment. Please keep all TS related comments in here and don't start new threads as people start to get online after work and what not. There is a discord server available but I do not have the ability to link an invite to it for use in the meantime.
  14. ARK: Day one full retail release.

    The full name is: 9/8 AberrationPreperation 2Xp 4H 8T 10Br - (v268.255)
  15. ARK: Day one full retail release.

    To join this one, it is easiest to add it to your steam servers. To do so, open up steam and at the top click on view then servers. On the favorites tab, at the bottom right, click on Add A Server. Simply input the server address with port and add it. Now it will show up under favorites in game in Ark. It's something like AberrationPreperation, I can check the full name in a little bit here.