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  1. I'd be totally down for this!
  2. Sorry for the late reminder. Lets get 10 folks out and duke it out in the Nexus! We had a recently added new character and redesigned Xul to play around with. See ya'll there!
  3. Yay, congrats girl!
  4. Worst case I'll play with you
  5. I plan to be there, assuming my baby class goes fine
  6. I'd be open to picking up either of those as well. I could totally be down with some Cookie screams in Dead by Daylight 😈
  7. Hopefully it doesn't take too long for ya! Just a note, there's is an LOA thread for these kind of things as well. It is pinned in the FM penthouse section. I would link it here, but this is a public section.
  8. Welcome and grats!
  9. @MadCast: Epic @MadCast: Kajyu I'll volunteer as tribute to manage this candidate ( @Sneptune ). It'll be a tough road, I know... but I know how to properly incentivize this particular, soon to be [C]
  10. Will it be up at only given times or 24/7?
  11. Awesome to have you around and wish ya the best in the candidacy process Sneptune!
  12. <-- this guy is
  13. You could just simply have a boom box that has this on repeat:
  14. Missing out man!