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  1. Twist my arm and I suppose I will...
  2. Oreos... I'm eating some oreos right now!
  3. The only way it really has an effect on the single player (apex missions) is by the crates you can collect from successfully completed missions. They generally award crafting materials, items, and credits. The multiplayer side doesn't really have an effect on the single player from what I can tell, unless you're doing the apex missions. The apex missions can, of course, be simply completed by using your apex teams; even the ones you can choose to play in multiplayer.
  4. I can't really share much yet, until it goes into beta, but I have been playing around in the past 3 Alpha Test session for this. What I can say is that they are really in touch with the community of folks they're making this game for. Still has a good bit of polish to receive, but again still in Tech Alpha.
  5. I feel like this will lead me to pick up Destiny 2 despite the fact I felt a little jaded out the door with Destiny 1.
  6. Yes they are. They are, of course, dependent on having enough people in attendance.
  7. I'm game and have recently picked up Armello as well. Sadly it'll be later into the evening before I'm able to get home and get online tonight
  8. Welcome, officially!
  9. So I had the chance to attend the GTC 2017 conference in Silicon Valley this past week (hence my LOA). I'm going to link several videos below from the keynote address. Hopefully in a few days I'll be able to pass along some links to the presenters, talks, and labs that were provided at the conference as well. Obviously it will be within the rights that Nvidia establishes for the content and the extent it can be shared. The opening to the Keynote address was an awesome video that gave you chills when seeing it on what must have been a 100 foot wide screen in HiDef: Here is a livestream from a 3rd party at the event: (I include this here because it is not editted by Nvidia and shows there were a few technical hang-ups and real-time things that occur, even for the pros). Here is a playlist setup from Nvidia for the keynote talk specifically: My personal favorite parts were the announcement of the Holodeck (not quite the Star Trek one though!), the demos surrounding the announcement of the Tesla V100, and Isaac. For those of you out there that want to get into GPU computing, part 10 has some great information about areas you can look to for cloud sourced GPU access.
  10. I think @MadCast: MT519 is heading up the arma server, shoot him a PM and you can probably get the details if you haven't already!
  11. So sorry to hear this That's a major bummer man! Was good to see ya this past weekend though!
  12. Best of luck!
  13. No, you suck... I mean, congrats! =p
  14. Ah but this is the HotS specific thread. If only FMs knew the difference.