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  1. Team for Ranked Matches

    I'm always happy to jump in when I'm around.
  2. Gaming Slump

    Part of the reason I've been playing Ark a bit more lately. Even running around solo and still enjoying the sh*t out of it. Granted I'm on a modded server with fancy dinos and such
  3. Discord: Role Changes & Privileges

    A most excellent update, thanks guys!
  4. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    I'm inclined to keep my vote as it is. I haven't seen quite enough to compel me otherwise. We're going into night 3. I'm assuming that the first two nights the Doc would have logically protected themselves, so tonight they would be a ripe target and defenseless. If the psychic is still out there, I'd encourage them to look into Stan or Prince. Of the two I'd prioritize Stan. I'm hoping you would have already looked into me given the hub-bub during the day phase yesterday. Doc, your call is the best one here. It's a real toss up at this point. Vig, you see where the dice lay. I only hope you choose wisely.
  5. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    How does one defend themselves for RP in a game like this? Vote as you like but you have yet to explain why you're no longer casting your gaze towards those you mentioned as being of interest at first. I've already stated that I'm a villager and nothing more than that. Obviously there's no way to prove that without my death. It may benefit the rest of the village that I simply be hanged because the wolves wouldn't dare take me out of the picture because it's taking significant attention away from them. Right now we have a 1 in 3 chance to kill a wolf. My vote still stands with Icarus. VOTE Icarus I'm basing this on the fact that he has yet to cast any vote or really engage in the discussion at hand. I'm admittedly leary of Stan as he could be pulling off some impressive subversion if he is a wolf but he has at least been consistent and engaging. EdgeQueen is in the same boat as Icarus and for similar reasons, although she has voted at least. Dad - seems to be laying extremely low, that's something suspect to me. Sotar and Caster - do you guys have any thought here? I really don't have much of a feel for Mike, Luna, or Prince quite yet.
  6. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    Right now the odds are playable. There's a 1 in 4 chance to find a wolf randomly (hanging or by the vigilante). A 1 in 6 that the vigilante kills the doc or psychic. Just under 3 in 4 chance to kill a villager
  7. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    At this point we have the following: EdgeQueen - voting Icarus Stan - voting Lurama Sotar Mike Luna - voting Lurama Icarus Dez (Dead, not a wolf) Caster Lurama - voting Icarus Prince Quanta - voting Lurama Hyndesyte - voting Lurama Naru (Dead, not a wolf) Dad This means we have 12 people remaining, 3 are wolves and potentially there's still a vigilante, doctor, and psychic. Currently we need 7 (50% +1) to hang, right? @Stan - Previously you mentioned suspecting Icarus and Mike the most at the start, yet you've logged your vote towards me. What is the determining factor here? If it's in regard to the RP at the start here, my bad, I was just posting to have a little fun while we were waiting for the first night and to see what sort of hints/flavor text folks would toss out there. There's usually a decent bit the vigilante, doc, and psychic can do in their intros that can potentially lend a hand in picking up on who is what role without saying specifically that. I'll out myself as a mere villager in this case so you don't potentially try to construe what I've said in the RP to hint otherwise. Upon re-reading it I can understand where you're coming from and that's not my intention at all.
  8. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    I warn you that you'd be making a grave mistake and will ultimately be leaving yourselves short handed, regardless we need to start to get this village talking more.
  9. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    Stan, my good sir. I can understand your suspicion of me for merely being new to your community but I am merely a man who deals in information and provides modest accommodations and food. Unfortunately I do not have much to work with but I'm inclined to agree with the feelings towards Mike and Icarus. VOTE Icarus
  10. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    *hearing the slam of the inn door, Lurama emerges from his bunkroom* Ah, good morning to you Quanta, what has you in such a hurry? I haven't had a chance to start the porridge this morning, just give me a few minutes and I can whip you up a fine bowl. You were talking about having an ill feeling yesterday, is that still the case today? Icarus - I'm sure you found your accommodations suitable last night? Would you like some warm porridge as well or have you already helped yourself to some of the perpetual stew that I leave warming on the fire? *Lurama starts preparing some porridge.*
  11. Dauntless Open Beta - 24 May 2018 Let me know if anyone wants to jump in and play! I've been playing around in the closed beta for a few months now and enjoy the game, but it's certainly more fun with other folks! Groups go up to 4 folks at one time.
  12. MadCast Welcomes: RopesAreRad

    Congrats! Side note... I like ropes too.
  13. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    While the Moose is the fabled creature of the local wilds, no one has seen one in many many years. I would be willing to entertain payment plans or deferred payments if you should need it, however I feel that my prices are plenty reasonable. Then again, as a warning... I have heard that the town folk do not look favorably upon indebted individuals. As a bounty for those willing: l'd be more than willing to tap into my supply of Canadian Maple Syrup to use in a glaze for that rumored delicious meat.
  14. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    Sober folks call me Lurama. However, that's apparently too tough for the drunkard and they tend to mispronounce it Llama so I go by both these days. You can find the inn just off of the town square, there's a nice large sign on the front that looks like a hairy horse with a long neck, it is in fact a Llama. I call the inn the Spitting Llama. I fashion it a place for folks to kick back and shoot the breeze in the tavern space and to catch some Zs in the upstairs bedrooms that are well insulated to dampen the sound of the late night visitors. Look forward to having you as a guest!
  15. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    Good morning my fellow MadCastians! I certainly hope you enjoyed the feast prepared by me and my staff. Please feel free to come by the recently renovated and remodeled Inn and stay awhile and eat!