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  1. Atlas

    They have also dropped the initial price by 5 bucks. I'll be bringing a few friends along for the ride that I played Ark with in the past.
  2. Linux Experiment

    It comes down to if that group has the funding to pay for the licenses. For most it has been reserved for running on their servers primarily, I find CentOS to be the most similar to red hat though, so it kinda works in the end.
  3. Linux Experiment

    In terms of gaming I don't have much experience with Linux. I know Steam has made a push for some cross-OS compatability, and maybe that'll help with Warframe. Much like yourself my Linux experience comes primarily from work but our machines are setup as a Linux (CentOS or RHEL) as the base OS with a Windows VM for those that need to use Windows for whatever reason.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving MadCast!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Suixide!
  5. Battle For Azeroth: Thoughts!

    I found it to not be engrossing. Meaning that it was great the first time through the content but there wasn't anything that kept me wanting to come back to it week to week.
  6. PC Build Contest!

    At the point I was putting this together 2500 CAN converts to 1908 USD, so here's the build: Note: the RGB strings that can be placed inside the case (using magnets). Remote control for changing colors as desired. Will be visible through the tempered glass panel. I'm assuming decent cord management will be performed by whomever puts this together. I did not include monitor or peripherals.. if those are desired just say so!
  7. MineCraft FTB IE 2.6 Server

    I doubt this one is still up and running. I know a few folks around that could likely set something up. @MadCast: RacerDelux comes to mind.
  8. Coming back to Desinty 2

    Silver is used to buy stuff from the Eververse lady. She's to the right of the Postmaster. All of it is primarily cosmetic stuff. However there are some boxes there that can give you items and those items will be based on your current power level.
  9. BIG NEWS!!!!!!

    Congrats and best of luck. If you find yourself at AFRL, AFIT, or WPAFB feel free to give me a shout! Obviously there's loads of airfields across the country, but just in case
  10. Season 15

    I'm rolling the DH this time around.
  11. 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    There's still $100 left on my matching offer. That ends TONIGHT at 11:59pm.
  12. 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    I will match any donations coming in over this weekend (starting now and ending 11:59pm EST on Sunday) up to $250.
  13. Mediocre Shoutcasting?

    To be honest, there wasn't much shouting happening. Outside of people wanting to face check bushes I think you did just fine. I don't play much in the way of LoL and I was still tracking most of what was happening. Assuming you're not aiming at the folks that are super noobish to LoL you're good to go. If you want to aim at the newer or more noobish players I would suggest adding in some comments as to why you would want to go for this item over another, or what the item they're building will be good for.
  14. Battlefield V

    My understanding is that Oct 11 is the initial release date that they targeted but they will actually be releasing a little over a week past that. Deluxe pre-order PC on 16 Oct, EA/Origin Access members 18 Oct, then finally the release on 19 Oct.
  15. My BF1/EA/ORGIN experience

    I'm totally with you there. At the very least they should be able to refund the difference if you were to opt to purchase it at full price. However, you could consider waiting for BFV. I have a suspicion that those of us that were playing BF1 heavily lately will be picking that up after we're sure it isn't going to be an EA flop.