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  1. Yay, good luck on full membership status Snep!
  2. He looks awesome. His Illusion ultimate looks awesome, it's two of my favorite things combined: mellee assassins and The Lost Vikings!! Can't wait to try him out.
  3. Lorenzo

    Schedule change

    I miss you brother, best of luck to you :D.
  4. Hello everyone, as some of you already know, I was able to get into Diamond Rank in Hots today. I was absolutely thrilled once my promotion match had finished. I sincerely would like to thank everyone in the community for how they shaped the way I play and the way I improved thanks to the weekly Dojos and as well as the team league teams that have formed. In case any of you are curious, I was as low as Silver 2 this season and now I am in Diamond 5. I've played 373 games of HL with 207 wins and 166 loses. My most wins heroes is Greymane at 56-38. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. This is not to say I have all the knowledge in the world, just hoping to spread some of the information I've acquired from playing way too much :D. And again, thank you to everyone in the community.
  5. Smiley best stalker! Thanks for finding this, I'll edit this comment once I've done some analysis on thier gameplay.
  6. Welcome Regall, best of luck on your candidacy!!
  7. Rise of the Butcher!! I can go HAM again!!
  8. I watched the whole thing. I now feel motivated enough to get out of bed and take another shower to hopefully purge myself of what I just saw.
  9. Just a note, GM has Alpha Killer and Executioner on 16 as well as Relentless Predator and Eager Wolf. I've found that in a majority of my games as GM, by 16 I would have already picked up max stacks on Wizened Duelest. At max stacks, I can 100-0 nearly any hero and so the additional damage from Alpha Killer or Executioner seem a bit wasted at 16. So I normally pick Relentless predator on T6 because despite us having Archimedes with cleanse, I find that reduction in CC time is far more valuable since I'll be a priority target for CC once I dive in Worgen form. And as a final note on GM's T6 talents, Eager Wolf is a must pick for me on BoE because he can solo burn an immortal while the rest of the team runs interference. Now as far as counters for double warrior, I can play Tychus fairly successfully given that situation. I've had a few games in HL where I had a flex last pick with dub war on the other team and had major success with Tychus. For double support comps, those are run to enable high value assassins, GM and Illidan come to mind. Another situation for dub sup is for high sustained fights on maps like Sky Temple and Towers of Doom. In the former example, hard counter for the high value assassin and heavy lockdown in terms of CC chain would be the way for us to counter it. While for the latter example, heavy burst focused on a single target would be our priority, dub sup can heal what's dead. Double siege is an interesting topic that may need another post since specialists have the most variance in their kits. A common trait of specialists that I see is their lack of escape, barring of course Sylv and Murky. So a heavy CC comp would work well against dub spec, or a comp that boasts a 2 man gank squad that can run interference on both specs.
  10. http://www.nexusmaster.com/maps This is a great website I use that has bulletpoint notes on all the maps of Hots. Figured it matches the thread topic.
  11. The Greymane nerf is making me feel nervous about his overall performance. The reduced damage on GFTT seems a bit harsh but their reasoning makes sense. I mostly used GFTT as a chase tool a majority of the time, the disengage into GFTT, and I found that the burst damage is useful but it's the auto-attacks that seal the deal. On the plus side, Marked's buff is pretty substantial in terms of initial damage output. My only wish is that they kept the reactivation leap on it.
  12. Welcome VertigoStep! Looking forward to seeing you on the Nexus.
  13. The Lost Vikings have to be my favorite heroes in terms of gameplay mechanics. Their functionality is just super fun to play with. I'm one of the weird ones and I like the micromanagement that TLV entails. Lore wise, I'd have to go with Artanis. The Legacy of the Void campaign got me surprisingly emotional when it came to Artanis's struggles.
  14. Its going to sound nitpicky but are we going to focus on main healer supports or will we include utility supports like Tassadar? Otherwise, sounds like a fun Dojo.