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  1. We'z da FM's and you ain't. I can play.
  2. Since we're really just doing this to have fun we might point out that Smiley enjoys tanking, Lurama enjoys ranged assassins and I enjoy support. So we're hoping for people who enjoy bruisers and flex. We're trying for a more laid back fun approach so if you just find those roles appealing COME ON DOWN.
  3. I don't understand the Valla buffs. The rest of it looks good
  4. He looks like the blademaster from wc2/3. I guess that means no Grommash Hellscream
  5. I have read and agree to the terms of membership.
  6. I remember just how amazing it was when I first bought Diablo and there was a service in it for finding and playing with other people. For my earlier games like quake and Decent we needed a third party websight that people posted their ip's on for you to find and join.
  7. I hope blizzard goes back to their 2 week rule to patch new heroes. This panic patching does not seem to be working for them.
  8. Overwatch can hold it's head high right now. Both tracer and Sarya are strong and impactful heroes.
  9. I agree, I joined another group before this one, but after having played 1 game with others in 2 weeks I left. I gave up on hots for a while because I find it dull by myself. I lucked out in finding this group and it's been a blast. I love the lack of elitism in here. I believe that anyone new or vet should have an equal chance to throw there lives away to save mine.
  10. Being a malf/chen player I am loving these patch notes. I'm not so screwed when I'm supposed to heal and morales/bw get picked/banned.
  11. That gosugamers page was a nice read, thanks for the post.
  12. I actually feel like this game is too punishing for mistakes in the late game. I won a game recently after having lost all of our buildings and the only reason we had an opening was because orbital bfg killed a keep for us. We made many many many more mistakes then their team but at the end their healer ran up to kill our core ahead of his team, a mistake. With that one mistake we killed him before his team arrived proceeded to win the following team fight at kill their core. But I felt that we did not deserve that win, we made far more mistakes that game they just happened to be earlier.
  13. I just used netflix to catch up on Gotham.