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  1. probally really late with this but i liked it and just found it video
  2. that works too, we could give all those present at the time of the drawing a number and there yah go
  3. I was thinking, from the servers ive been on in the past there have always been weekly or bi-weekly drawings for (10 diamonds, horse armor, rare stuff). It would go by all the names whitelisted (assigned a number) and put into a drawing, the prizes would also be assigned a number and put into a drawing and given to the winner only if present at drawing event time and date. Let me know what you admins or everyone thinks.
  4. lol true sotar must be confined at all times, and ty
  5. yah very much agreed a theme would have helped a lot, and it think it would have made it more aesthetically appeasing, but eh. lol i still dont know how my build became so dark XD, it was meant to be epic looking at first, but then when i had to downscale it...it became so evil looking. Evil enough to be a jail i guess XD
  6. lol yup someone put that in the comments too XD
  7. Alright alright last one pg-13 ....beware of the bad worrrrrds Luigi's Ballad
  8. ...hour 4...i believe the leader is beginning to suspect something... XD
  9. lol i dont know why that sounds so wrong XD
  10. as always if someone else already posted this i apoligize i didnt see it, and if they didnt I hope you find it neat like I did stoplight game
  11. IM OFF NOW i wanna help ...probally too late now though
  12. np, and yah a sign would have made a world of difference XD
  13. dont know if you guys have seen this yet but i thought it was neat video here
  14. I can understand that, like i said i wasnt rude i just thought i was ugly and didnt like that it was tied into my build. You could have told me and i'd of lit it up like i did , or anything but random cobble, even wooden fence would have made me happy, i hate cobbble fence .